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University of California – Los Angeles Majors

Ranked as #20 on U.S. News Best Colleges list, UCLA continues to be a popular choice among students nationwide. With an undergraduate population of about 30,000 students and over 130 UCLA majors and 90 minors to choose from, it’s no wonder UCLA has caught your eye. 

There are many UCLA undergraduate majors to explore, and students are encouraged to follow their passions when choosing their areas of study. With no shortage of options in the list of college majors at UCLA, you’re sure to find something that suits you. 

In this guide to UCLA majors, we’ll outline what a college major is. Then, we’ll discuss the UCLA undergraduate majors, explore the best college majors for you, and offer tips on how to choose your future college major.

What is a college major (and minor)?

We’ve discussed some details about UCLA majors, but what is a college major, exactly? Surely you’ve heard the phrase tossed around, but before we dig into UCLA majors and minors, let’s discuss the basics. 

A college major is a student’s primary field of study in college. Generally, the college major you choose will account for 50-75% of your coursework. You will most likely be required to complete a thesis or other capstone project on a chosen topic within your college major. 

Now that we’ve answered the question of “what is a college major,” you may wonder how important your college major choice is. How much will it affect your future? The college major you choose will largely dictate your future career path. While it’s possible to find work outside of your field, you’ll generally have the most opportunities after graduation if you stick within that area. 

College minors are important to your education as well. A college minor is a secondary field of study where a student undertakes considerable coursework. However, unlike a student’s college major, a minor does not require a thesis or capstone project. 

Basically, UCLA majors and minors will greatly influence your UCLA courses. Make sure that you love what you study—after all, it will take up most of your time.

What are the top 10 majors at UCLA?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the UCLA majors? Let’s check out the most studied list of college majors at UCLA. That way, you can see what UCLA undergraduate majors most students are opting to study. 

U.S News lists the most popular UCLA majors as: 

  1. Social Sciences
  2. Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  3. Psychology
  4. Engineering
  5. Mathematics and Statistics
  6. Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies
  7. Visual and Performing Arts
  8. Computer and Information Sciences
  9. English Language and Literature

Notice anything about this list of college majors? We do. The most popular UCLA undergraduate majors are quite diverse. In fact, these UCLA majors span across humanities and STEM disciplines. If one thing is guaranteed, UCLA majors and UCLA courses offer their students variety. 

Check out the full list of college majors at UCLA. 

Other UCLA majors and minors to consider

UCLA majors are typically grouped under different schools of study within the university. Basically, the college major you choose will determine which school within UCLA you will attend.  

UCLA majors span 8 different schools.

  1. The College houses the majority of the UCLA undergraduate majors, with about 100 majors split among four categories: Humanities, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences. Students who apply to the College don’t have to declare their UCLA majors or minors yet if they have not solidified their college major choice. 
  2. The School of the Arts and Architecture houses UCLA majors that give students practical training with a broad liberal arts education. 
  3. The Samueli School of Engineering is ranked as one of the top ten engineering schools in the country. If you want to go into engineering, consider UCLA’s engineering program.
  4. The Herb Alper School of Music, while only recently established, is already one of the top music programs around. Students can get a Bachelor’s in music education as well to expand their career options. 
  5. The School of Nursing is top-ranked and well-known for its faculty research and publications. 
  6. The Luskin School of Public Affairs focuses on education and public service in their UCLA courses. The school is broken into three departments: Public Policy, Social Welfare, and Urban Planning. 
  7. The School of Theater, Film, and Television combines traditional theatre with technologically advanced stage and film production. This is a leading program worldwide. 
  8. The Graduate School of Education and Information Studies is a leader in the education field. They focus on urban education and train teachers who prioritize social justice. 

Students’ UCLA courses will fall within one of the above schools, depending on their chosen UCLA majors. 

Can’t contain your study interests to only one of these schools? No problem. Between UCLA majors and minors, you can hit all of your intellectual interests. There are over 90 minors to choose from at UCLA in a variety of disciplines. Check out the full minors list to enhance your UCLA courses. 

Choosing a college major

There’s certainly no lack of UCLA undergraduate majors for you to choose from. But, how do UCLA majors impact the admissions process? 

Firstly, it’s perfectly acceptable to apply to a university undecided. In fact, most students do just that. The UCLA majors that applicants choose do not impact admissions results at UCLA. However, if you declare a major when applying, it should be consistent with your candidate profile. So, don’t emphasize all of the science fairs you’ve won and then declare music as your college major. 

Check out all the details surrounding choosing UCLA majors as a freshman. 

Now, how to choose from all the UCLA majors? Think about your interests, passions, and strengths as a student. How do those align with the UCLA majors? Look at potential career options stemming from different UCLA majors. Do those careers match up with your future goals? Remember that the UCLA undergraduate majors greatly influence students’ UCLA courses. Find a major that interests you, as it will be a big part of your life. 

No clue which UCLA major to choose? Take this quiz to see what college majors could be best for you. 

What are the best college majors at UCLA for you?

So what are the best college majors for you? Choosing your top UCLA majors is a very personal decision. However, with such a wide variety of majors at UCLA to choose from, your options are endless. Maybe the UCLA majors that interest you don’t make the most popular list. That’s okay! 

UCLA majors range from Engineering to Performing Arts. There is no typical UCLA student or major. You should follow your passions and interests when deciding between UCLA majors and minors. 

If you’re still stuck, enlist the help of the people who know you best: parents, counselors, and friends. 

UCLA undergraduate majors–Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve touched on the basics of majors and minors, popular UCLA majors, and how to choose the best college majors for you, what are your next steps?

Well, if you’re curious about UCLA majors, then you’ve probably at least started the application process. Maybe you’ve even gotten some acceptance letters (congratulations!). This is where the fun begins. 

Choosing your college major is an exciting process. Indulge your passions and intellectual interests when deciding the best college majors for you. Remember, with so many UCLA majors (and college majors in general) to choose from, your options are endless. 

CollegeAdvisor.com can guide you in your college journey. From preparing for the UCLA admissions process to finding the right UCLA major for you, our experts are here to help. 

UCLA Majors

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