11th Grade Program

Your junior year is a crucial time in the college admissions process. Our experts will help you build your school list, identify extracurricular opportunities, choose engaging essay topics, create your testing strategy, and more.

Our results speak for themselves. Our students are more likely to get into top schools, and it doesn’t stop there.


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How It Works

Build your extracurricular strategy. It’s not which extracurriculars you do—it’s how you do them. Our experts will help you find ways to bolster your extracurricular profile so you stand out from the crowd.

Develop your testing plan. Learn how to maximize your testing potential with help from our top-scoring experts. We know the best test-prep strategies and the scores you need to get into your dream school.

Get stellar recommendations. Few students understand how crucial teacher recommendations are to college admissions. At CollegeAdvisor.com, we help you build strong relationships with your teachers so they can call you “one of the best” in their letters of recommendation.

Create the right college list. In today’s admissions landscape, a solid college list is more vital than ever. We’ll help you build a well-balanced school list so that you will be happy with your results—no matter what.

You’ve got questions about the college admissions process. Our team of admissions officers and experts have answers.