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Admissions Packages


  • 1 Admissions Coach on your team
  • 10+ Hours of 1-on-1 Video Chat Advising
  • Unlimited access to Webinars and Workshops
  • Common / Coalition App Editing
  • Supplemental Essay Editing for up to 2 college or scholarship applications


  • 1 Admissions Coach on your team
  • 20+ Hours of 1-on-1 Video Chat Advising
  • Unlimited access to Webinars and Workshops
  • Supplemental Essay Editing for up to 6 college or scholarship applications


  • 1 Former Admissions Officer, and 1 Admissions Coach on your team
  • 30+ Hours of 1-on-1 Video Chat Advising
  • Unlimited access to Webinars and Workshops
  • Supplemental Essay Editing for up to 9 college or scholarship applications

Ivy Plus

  • 1 Former Admissions Officer, and 1 Admissions Coach on your team
  • 40+ Hours of 1-on-1 Video Chat Advising
  • Unlimited access to Webinars and Workshops
  • Supplemental Essay Editing for up to 12 college or scholarship applications
of clients are accepted to at least 3 of their top 8 choices
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Who are CollegeAdvisor.com Advisors? What makes them so great?
CollegeAdvisor.com advisors include former admissions officers and graduates or current students from top universities in the US. This means that they have recently been in your shoes, can tell you all about student life at your prospective schools, and are high achievers who will pass their expertise to you. We also have former admissions officers on our team, which means that you will get firsthand insight into how you can win the college admissions process. Ultimately, CollegeAdvisor.com advisors are well positioned to become your ally throughout high school and into college apps. They will help you turn a stressful process into a positive, personal growth experience.
How does CollegeAdvisor.com specifically help me increase my chances?
The average high school counselor to student ratio is 1:482. This, unfortunately, means that most students get very little personalized mentorship from their school counselor. At CollegeAdvisor.com, we provide expert-level, rigorously-trained advisors who will mentor you one-on-one. We help you make all the right choices at critical junctures—from which test to take, to which extracurricular to pursue, to how to tackle a challenging essay. Standing on the shoulders of giants, our students rise above the pack and land in the most selective schools in the nation.
Is this just for applying to Ivy League schools?
From community college, to state schools, to the Ivy League, our mission is to help you turn your college dreams into reality. We believe in higher education for all, and while we have high success with elite school admissions, we have the expertise to support you in whatever endeavor you set for yourself.
How do video calls and essay editing work?
Video calls can be scheduled with your advisor of choice at a time most convenient for you. You can also submit your essay to your advisor of choice, who will return your work with detailed comments, in-line suggestions, and a CollegeAdvisor.com Scorecard mirrored after the admissions office.
What CollegeAdvisor.com services are available for free?
We offer a free, powerful web app designed to help you keep track of your applications, view all essay requirements, and track progress. In addition, we host free webinars, from student panels with current students at T20 universities, to how to use application portals. In addition, if you choose one of our advising plans, our advisors will respond to your emails and questions quickly, typically within 24 hours, and completely free of charge.
What makes CollegeAdvisor.com different than other companies?
CollegeAdvisor.com believes in both quality and affordability. That's why our plans start at $49 a month, an unbeatable price in the traditionally expensive college consulting industry. On top of that, for every three paid customers, we offer one inner-city school student free college consulting. We pride ourselves in the low cost, high quality service we offer our students.
Does CollegeAdvisor.com help with applying for financial aid or scholarships?
We have advisors specializing in financial aid and scholarships. They have experience applying to and winning national scholarships with less than 1% acceptance rates, and have negotiated financial aid packages to make attendance at their dream schools possible. After all, affordability must follow acceptance when turning a college dream into reality.

Admissions Package Comparison

Ivy Plus

Advising Team

Access to Bullseye Network
Personal Admissions Coach
Secondary Essay Specialist
Former Admissions Officer

Level of Support

1-on-1 Advising Sessions
10+ hours
20+ hours
30+ hours
40+ hours
Small Group Classes
Up to 20 hours
Up to 25 hours
Up to 25 hours
Unlimited hours
Common / Coalition App Editing
Supplemental Essay Editing
Up to 3 universities
Up to 6 universities
Up to 9 universities
Up to 12 universities
Merit Scholarship Essay Editing
Up to 1 scholarship
Up to 2 scholarships
Up to 3 scholarships
Up to 5 scholarships
Number of Mock Interviews
1 interview
3 interviews
3 interviews
5 interviews

Don't just take our word for it.

Iyanu D.
Recently accepted to Yale, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, and Brown
My experience with CollegeAdvisor was amazing. As an international student balancing various application cycles, I entered the US cycle quite late. However, when I reached out to CollegeAdvisor they were still willing to support me with their program and helped through everything step by step. They were very accessible, reliable and helpful. Then I was matched with my mentor. I could not have had a more dedicated, inspiring and talented person and mentor to help coach me through my essays. She helped me realise my best fit schools and find my authentic voice through my passions, experiences and challenges. She encouraged me to weave them together through my essays which made them stand out. She went above and beyond to support me through the stressful time and I am so appreciative of how this program supported me into getting into some amazing schools. I can't believe it! I want to thank the whole CollegeAdvisor Team for helping students like me have a chance at actualising their academic potential at inspiring institutions.
Sofia N.
Recently accepted to Brown University
Working with CollegeAdvisor was amazing. As an international student who was not very familiar with the American university system, having the advising team made me feel confident in my applications and in the essays I submitted. They helped me put my best self forward, both on paper and with my interviews. My advisor was my cheerleader when I needed it the most, and she knew when to push me and when to let me rest. Lastly, a distinctive feature of CollegeAdvisor is the ability to chat with students who attend the universities I wanted to apply to. They helped me with things like motivation when hearing about how amazing their school was and how great certain classes are. They also talked with me about other aspects of college applications such as ideas for my school specific essays. I believe knowledge is power, and with CollegeAdvisor I always felt that I was encouraged - as it was so available and therefore easy - to research and learn about schools and the logic behind admissions. And at the end of the day, it worked! I got into my top choice school!
Kurt E.
Recently accepted to Brown, Stanford, and UCLA
I feel that getting one-on-one advising really sealed my application together. As a student who comes from a disadvantaged community, combined with the fact that I had no family members who attended a US college, I was lost in the writing process. Before getting an advisor, I never really knew the "hidden rules" that applicants should try and follow like having a theme with your essays, or how to write in the college essay style writing. After months of Zoom sessions, I feel that my advisor really helped me amplify my voice through the essays in an intelligent, yet personable way.
Avery M.
Recently accepted to Boston, UCLA, USC, Villanova, and more!
My experience with CollegeAdvisor was excellent. My advisor, Carolyn, was always available for help and kept me on track with a well planned out timeline. She helped me refine my essay ideas and was fantastic when it came to editing and helping me clarify my ideas through my writing. My college application experience would have been much tougher had it not been for CollegeAdvisor. I definitely recommend!
Raine B.
Recently accepted to Dartmouth College
CollegeAdvisor.com is a phenomenal network of diligent individuals who have gone through the college application process and are willing to facilitate the process for high schoolers. I was paired with an amazing advisor, Rouhin Ghosh, who helped me with my essays and aided my planning process for my college applications. He made me appreciate the value of CollegeAdvisor, and I would definitely recommend them to any student looking to bolster their college admission chances.
Kalyani V.
Recently accepted to UCLA, Columbia, George Washington, and more!
CollegeAdvisor's tremendous resources and committed advisors helped make the application process stress-free. I was able to customize the service and create the environment in which I work best. Through hours of essay editing, not only did I grow as a writer but I became more self-aware, learning the value of my experiences. As a look back, I am proud of all the work my advisor, Zoe, and I were able to accomplish together.