9th & 10th Grade Program

The earlier you start strategizing for the college admissions process, the more successful you’ll be. Our experts will help you choose your high school classes, plan your testing strategy, bolster your extracurriculars, and more.

Our results speak for themselves. Our students are more likely to get into top schools, and it doesn’t stop there.


Families guided through the competitive college admissions process


More likely to gain acceptance to a Top-25 college (Class of 2024)


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How It Works

Meet your advising team. You’ll be matched with experts from our network of over 300 experienced college advisors. They’ll work with you to design a personalized admissions strategy tailored to your needs.

Start the admissions process right. We’ll walk you through every aspect of the admissions process, helping you make the most out of your freshman and sophomore years while planning for the future.

Access round-the-clock support. Have a question about a grade, class, or opportunity? Our advisors respond to all communications within 24 hours. Never feel alone in the admissions process again.

Plan for the future. With support from our team, you’ll always know what’s next in your college journey. We’ll help you create your testing strategy, build your college list, find extracurricular opportunities, and more.

You’ve got questions about the college admissions process. Our team of admissions officers and experts have answers.