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Meet Our Advisors

Our 140+ advisors graduated from the nation’s best universities, so they know first-hand what it takes to stand out in the admissions process. CollegeAdvisor.com's admissions experts include Marshall Scholars, Fulbright recipients, first-generation college students, professional actors and musicians, startup founders, doctors, teachers and more - all rigorously screened and trained to support students and families on their college journeys.

Lauren Lynch, MSW
Smith College
Former Admissions Officer

Lauren served as an admissions officer at Williams College, directed college counseling at an elite DC-area private school, and worked for a decade at a major national college counseling firm.

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Pam Walton
Smith College
Former Admissions Officer

Pam has worked in the Admissions Offices of both Colgate University and the College of the Holy Cross. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Smith College.

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Nate Budington
Williams College
Former Admissions Officer

For almost a decade, Nate was a college admissions officer at Williams College. His work included evaluating domestic and international applications and participating in decision-making for ED and RD.

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Grant Riew
Harvard University
Former Admissions Officer

Grant is a first year medical student at Harvard Medical School. He graduated with a degree in Human Evolutionary Biology & Economics from Harvard College in 2019.

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Zoe Reich-Aviles
Yale University
Former Admissions Officer

Since graduating from Yale in 2016, Zoe has guided more than 60 high school students through the college application process, from building a smart school list to crafting highly unique essays.

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Katie Chiou
Brown University
Former Admissions Officer

Katie is a rising senior in Brown's Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME) concentrating in medical anthropology. She specializes in BS/MD applications and interview preparation.

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What Our Clients Had To Say

James W.

CollegeAdvisor.com provided me with all the resources and advice that I needed to succeed during my college application process. What would’ve been a hectic process on my own turned into a methodical, efficient procedure due to my advisor’s knowledge and experience. CollegeAdvisor is also unique in the way that I had access to all of the advisors on the network, an opportunity I used extensively to receive more personalized feedback from alumni of schools I was interested in. My advising sessions covered everything, from planning a school list to tailoring essays for certain scholarships. I would recommend CollegeAdvisor to anyone who wants to have a calm and structured application period

Yonas G.

Attending Bowdoin College in 2020

The support I received from CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) was personalized, unique, and supportive. The advisors made sure that my voice was heard through my writing and assessed me on different aspects of the essay like grammar, diction, organization, and so on to make my essay the best it could be.

Tracy S.

Parent of Zoe Simon, Princeton '24

We could not be more pleased with the guidance that CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) provided our daughter during her college admissions process. We were very impressed that she was able to benefit from the perspectives of a number of counselors instead of being limited to one person. Most importantly, with the excellent feedback she received on her essays, she was confident that her voice came through in her application and that she was presenting her most genuine self. The counselors took the time to know and connect with her in a way that many of her peers who used other services did not receive. We are delighted that our daughter will be attending Princeton University this Fall and that she had many wonderful universities to choose from. Thank you CollegeAdvisor.com!

Shresta K.

Attending University of Pittsburgh in 2020

I like how easy CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) made the college process. College essays were one of my biggest concerns and my advisors made the process simple and effective.

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