University of Virginia

Charlottesville, Virginia -, Charlottesville, VA, 22903

UVA Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate 21%
Acceptance Deadline January 1

UVA Tuition

The University of Virginia tuition differs based on your status as an out-of-state student or an in-state student. As a public college, the University of Virginia offers a lower tuition rate to residents of Virginia. The UVA tuition will also differ if you are enrolled at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. This is UVA’s four-year residential liberal arts college located in Southwest Virginia

However, the UVA tuition is only one component of the overall cost of attendance for undergraduate students. The UVA tuition does not include the cost of housing and food or books and supplies needed for classes. In addition, there are UVA tuition fees to plan for. The UVA tuition can also differ across on different colleges or schools. 

There are many UVA financial aid options to help students manage the cost of the University of Virginia tuition. UVA is committed to meeting 100% of calculated need for all in-state and out-of-state students accepted to UVA. The competitive UVA acceptance rate reflects their commitment to providing students with an affordable, quality education. This means that many students will not pay the full price of the University of Virginia tuition. 

How much is University of Virginia tuition?

For the 2023-2024 academic year, the UVA tuition is $15,324 for in-state students and $52,254 for out-of-state students. The UVA tuition fees are $3,484 for in-state students and $4,166 for out-of-state students. Combined, the total UVA tuition and fees for in-state students comes to $18,808. Out-of-state students can expect a much higher total at $56,420.

The UVA tuition can differ based on what your major is, as different schools and colleges have different tuition rates. For the breakdown of the UVA tuition cost per college, students can find the most updated information here.

Students at UVA Wise can expect a lower UVA tuition. For in-state students, the tuition and required fees are $11,656. For out-of-state students, the UVA tuition is $32,540. For students interested in a smaller learning environment, UVA Wise provides a more affordable option. 

More information on the UVA tuition and required fees can be found on UVA’s Student Financial Services website. This page will give students the per-credit cost of the University of Virginia tuition. You can also find information for each undergraduate and graduate program and the types of additional fees you may encounter. 

Other UVA Tuition Fees

In addition to the University of Virginia tuition, students are responsible for a number of UVA tuition fees. For the 2023-2024 academic year, mandatory fees at UVA were $3,484 for in-state and $4,166 for out-of-state students. These fees include a technology fee, student health fee, university transit fee, as well as a student programming fee. Students can learn more about the other fees included in this number on the UVA website

UVA tuition and mandatory fees do not account for other costs associated with attending college, including housing and food. The University of Virginia tuition and cost of attendance breakdown estimates these costs of living. Depending on where you elect to live, additional costs can range from $19,012 to $21,052. Some additional costs will be billed directly by UVA, and some of these will be non-billed expenses to plan for.

What is UVA out of-state tuition?

The UVA out of state tuition is $52,254. With the mandatory fees, the UVA tuition becomes $56,420 for out-of-state students. Remember, UVA is a public college, so residents of Virginia benefit from a less expensive University of Virginia tuition. While the UVA out of state tuition is more expensive, there are many UVA scholarships for all students to pursue. According to the UVA Admissions office, 35% of students are attending UVA thanks to need-based financial aid. 

Out-state-students may also be subject to a higher UVA tuition increase year after year. In general, tuition costs increase each year for many schools. Out-of-state students may also find higher costs associated with room and board and traveling to campus from home. While the UVA tuition and associated costs may be higher, that shouldn’t prevent students from applying. Those concerned about the cost of college should be sure to apply for financial aid when submitting their application. 

Exploring the UVA Tuition increase

As with many colleges, the UVA tuition has steadily increased year to year. However, the UVA tuition increase has not impacted in-state students as much as out-of-state students. Recently, UVA voted to lower the in-state UVA tuition increase from 3.7% to 3% for the 2023-2024 academic year. Additionally, a portion of the UVA tuition was rebated to in-state students during the 2022-2023 academic year. 

When thinking through how to pay for the University of Virginia tuition, it’s important to factor in UVA tuition increases. Tuition costs won’t necessarily be locked in for all 4 years, so it’s important to plan ahead. Exploring UVA scholarships and the UVA Admissions website can help with financial planning. 

How much does it cost to go to UVA for 4 years?

A student’s individual UVA tuition cost will depend on a number of factors. Coming from in-state or out-of-state will determine each student’s baseline UVA tuition and fees as well as their housing options. The UVA tuition will also change over four years, impacting the overall cost. While a 3% increase seems small, that can amount to thousands of additional dollars.

The amount of UVA tuition a family is responsible for depends on the UVA financial aid they qualify for. UVA is committed to meeting 100% of financial need. So, a family’s income will play a big role in how much UVA tuition they pay. U.S News breaks down the average cost of UVA tuition cost based on family income. 

UVA Tuition Takeaways

The University of Virginia tuition offers an affordable option for in-state students. However, the UVA out of state tuition reflects the more common high cost of college. The good news is, UVA’s commitment to providing financial aid brings down the cost of UVA tuition. With the competitive UVA acceptance rate, it’s important for prospective students to research the UVA tuition and fees. That way, you can be prepared to cover your cost of college. To help you with the research process, check out CollegeAdvisor’s UVA panel and our resources on college application deadlines

Average Cost* $22,006
Average Total Aid Awarded $33,214
Students Receiving Financial Aid 34.47%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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UVA Classes

Student Faculty Ratio 15:1

UVA Majors

For students wondering what to major in at UVA, there are many exciting UVA majors for students to pursue. 

The University of Virginia ranking is #25 nationally, and the school is the #3 top public university in the nation. The UVA acceptance rate is also quite low at 21%. Regardless of what students choose to major in, this prestigious university will provide an academically rigorous and fulfilling college experience. 

UVA majors span many different subjects. They allow students to specialize in disciplines from Middle Eastern and South Asian languages and cultures to electrical engineering. 

At UVA, students can pursue many fields of study. From the UVA history department to the UVA economics department to the UVA physics department, students have no shortage of options. 

For some University of Virginia majors, students must take prerequisite courses. Many UVA majors also require separate applications. This is common among college majors, and most students are able to pursue whichever of the UVA majors most interest them.

For students who do not know what to major in, the UVA majors offer plenty of breadth.

How many majors does the University of Virginia have?

There are more than 75 UVA majors for undergraduate students to choose from. 

The University of Virginia majors are separated into different types.  Some students in UVA majors with GPAs over 3.4 can pursue a Distinguished Major. These programs consist of advanced courses as well as an undergraduate thesis. 

UVA also offers interdisciplinary programs like African-American and African Studies, American Studies, or Comparative Literature. These are still UVA majors, but they are administered by a committee rather than a department. 

What majors is UVA known for?

Some UVA majors have garnered recognition for their strong academic offerings and renowned faculty. Almost 52% of UVA classes have fewer than 20 students, allowing for closer mentorship with professors.

Some of the most popular UVA majors include the liberal arts and sciences, general studies and humanities, social sciences, engineering, business, and marketing.

The popularity of UVA majors changes over time. According to the UVA Magazine, the most popular college majors for 2012 graduates were politics, interdisciplinary (like Irish studies or medical ethics), economics, psychology, and commerce. 

Complete UVA Majors List

Looking for more information about potential college majors like UVA history, UVA economics, or UVA physics? Here’s the full UVA majors list:

Aerospace Engineering African American and African Studies American Studies Anthropology
Archaeology Architectural History Architecture Astronomy
Interdisciplinary Studies Health Sciences Management Biology Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Classics
Cognitive Science Commerce Comparative Literature Computer Engineering
Computer Science  Dance Drama Early Childhood Education
East Asian Languages, Literatures and Culture Economics Electrical Engineering Elementary Education
Engineering Science English Environmental Sciences Environmental Thought and Practice
French German German Studies Global Studies
History History of Art Human Biology Jewish Studies
Kinesiology Latin American Studies Linguistics Materials Science and Engineering
Mathematics Mechanical Engineering Media Studies Medieval Studies
Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures Music Neuroscience Nursing
Philosophy Physics Political and Social Thought Political Philosophy, Policy, and Law
Politics Psychology Religious Studies Slavic Languages and Literatures
Sociology Spanish Special Education Speech Communication Disorders
Statistics Studio Art Systems Engineering Urban and Environmental Planning
Women, Gender & Sexuality Youth & Social Innovation

Can you double major at UVA?

Some students read the UVA majors list above and are intrigued by multiple disciplines. Students who are unsure what to major in should know that UVA allows students to double major. 

To double major, students must complete Declaration of Major forms for both University of Virginia majors. They also must submit at least 18 credits in each major. 

For many students, choosing between college majors can feel overwhelming. Within the University of Virginia Majors, students can follow different interests and take classes in multiple disciplines. The University of Virginia majors offered fall within different academic schools. According to UVA students, these academic schools feel very cohesive. 

UVA majors and minors

The school allows students to pursue many University of Virginia majors and minors. A minor is a secondary field of study that students pursue alongside a college major. 

Many college majors also give students the option to pursue that course of study as a minor. This means that they won’t take enough classes in the department to qualify for a full University of Virginia major. However, students will still focus more on that subject than others. 

Many UVA majors also function as UVA minors. For instance, UVA history, UVA economics, and UVA physics each allow students to pursue their programs as either University of Virginia majors or minors. However, some areas of study are only available as minors: American Sign Language, data science, global studies in education, health and wellbeing, public policy and leadership, and real estate. 

UVA Majors – Final Thoughts 

The University of Virginia ranking of #25 nationally makes it one of the best colleges in Virginia. Additionally, the UVA acceptance rate is 20.7%, which makes it a most selective university. This means that all UVA majors will provide students with a world-class education at one of the nation’s premiere schools. 

As one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., UVA offers many exciting courses of study. The University of Virginia majors offered cover a wide variety of subjects, and students can pursue many different disciplines. 

For students looking for more resources on how to get into UVA, CollegeAdvisor is here to help. From successful UVA essay examples, a breakdown of UVA scholarships, and our guide on how to get into UVA, CollegeAdvisor has the resources students need to tackle their college applications. 

Most Popular Majors
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Biology
  • International Relations
  • Psychology
  • English
  • History
  • Political Science and Government
  • Information Science

UVA Online

Offers Online Courses Yes

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