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Acceptance Rate 9%
Acceptance Deadline January 1

Rice University Cost

Rice University Tuition

Rice University is one of the nation’s top ranked private universities. The school strives to make tuition and other Rice University costs affordable to its diverse student population. 

What is the Rice University tuition? Below, we’ll explain the Rice University tuition and fees, Rice University costs, and the Rice tuition calculator to give a clearer idea of the potential Rice cost. 

Rice University tuition and costs

The Rice University tuition is $57,210 yearly. The average Rice University costs are slightly higher. With other Rice University fees, room & board, books, and personal expenses, the total Rice cost jumps up to $74,100 per year. 

Sound like a lot? Well, don’t panic yet. The Rice University tuition is proportionate to each student’s family income. The Rice cost for each family is meant to be accessible. So, the average Rice cost for families receiving aid is only about $18,000 yearly.

What is Rice University cost of attendance?

The Rice University tuition is $57,210, however, the cost of attendance varies based on each student. For example, students living on campus will obviously pay more than those who don’t. 

Check out the Rice University cost of attendance for 2023-2024, which includes Rice University tuition and fees. 

What are Rice University fees?

Rice University fees are the extra costs that a student will have to pay, apart from the Rice tuition. Students and their families should take into account both Rice tuition and Rice University fees to get the big picture of the Rice University cost of attendance. 

Some required Rice University fees (both required and optional) are outlined here. These explain the full Rice cost more in-depth. 

Using the Rice tuition calculator

No idea what all of that means in relation to you? You’re not alone. Use the Rice tuition calculator to figure out how your possible financial aid package would affect your Rice cost. 

Remember that Rice University tuition is designed to be accessible to a diverse group of exceptional students. Basically, they’re well known for giving financial aid. 

The Rice Initiative, started in 2018, gives scholarships to students with family incomes between $130,000 and $200,000. These scholarships cover at least half of the Rice University tuition, making the total Rice University cost of attendance much lower for qualified students. 

Exploring Rice University tuition and fees: how much will attendance really cost?

How much will the Rice University cost of attendance really be? To figure that out, think about the Rice University tuition and fees together. 

Check out the Rice tuition calculator to get a personalized estimate of what your Rice University tuition would likely be. From there, we recommend investigating the Rice University fees in addition to using the Rice tuition calculator. 

Rice University tuition increased by $3,110 for the 2023-2043 academic year. However, the university strives to maintain a Rice cost that is feasible for students from a wide variety of backgrounds. 

The Rice Investment will continue to offer at least full Rice tuition to families with a yearly income lower than $75,000. Remember, the average student pays $18,000 yearly after financial aid packages.

Rice University tuition and fees: Final Thoughts

At first glance, Rice University tuition and fees may seem inaccessible. But don’t disregard the Rice University cost of attendance as unattainable until you’ve done a little more research. Use the Rice University tuition calculator and explore the Rice University fees to see if the Rice University costs are personally feasible. 

The Rice University tuition is on the high end, however, it’s lower compared to other top-ranking private universities. With its many financial aid packages, the Rice University costs strives to be accessible to high-achieving and motivated students from a diverse range of income levels. 

Average Cost* $16,076
Average Total Aid Awarded $57,375
Students Receiving Financial Aid 45.83%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Rice University Academics

Student Faculty Ratio 6:1

Rice University Majors

Most Popular Majors
  • Economics
  • Information Science
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Cognitive Science
  • Psychology
  • Sport and Fitness Management
  • Architecture

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