Duke University

Durham, North Carolina
www.duke.edu 2138 Campus Dr., Box 90586, Durham, NC, 27708

Duke University Admissions

Acceptance Rate 6%
Acceptance Deadline January 3

Duke University Cost

Average Cost* $32,459
Average Total Aid Awarded $62,270
Students Receiving Financial Aid 38.33%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Duke University Academics

Student Faculty Ratio 6:1

Duke University Majors

Duke Majors

Every student applying to college should compile a list of college majors. Knowing which college majors you want to study can help you choose the right school for you. 

There is no overall list of “the best college majors.” Each applicant will create their own unique list of college majors. So, the best college majors for you will likely differ from every other applicant. It’s essential that you identify your unique skills and interests, so you select a college major that’s right for you. 

As you think about majors at Duke University, bear in mind that there are 105 Duke majors and minors in total: 53 Duke majors and 52 minors. Below, we share guidance on how to choose the right Duke University majors for you. 

Find more information on what it’s like to study at Duke, regardless of the Duke majors you choose, here

What is a college major and minor?

As you think about your Duke majors list, you may wonder “what is a college major?”

College majors are structured programs of study built around a particular discipline. Remember that each student will have their own list of best college majors. There is not one list of college majors that works for everyone. 

Now that you have the answer to “what is a college major?”, you’ll find a full list of college majors here. Additionally, check out the list of college majors most popular with Gen Z here.

Reviewing Duke University majors

Students can take Duke majors and minors in Duke’s two undergraduate schools—Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and Pratt School of Engineering. You can combine Duke majors and minors in both schools. For example, if you select one or two Duke University majors at Pratt, you can still explore other Duke majors and minors at Trinity. 

Find the full list of Duke majors here

Best college majors: what is Duke known for?

Once you have your list of college majors, you’ll want to find schools which specialize in those college majors. As such, you’ll want to know which Duke majors are best known. 

The most popular Duke University majors include: Computer Science, Public Policy Analysis, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics. 

Political Science is another one of the notable Duke majors. Indeed, famous businessman J.B. Pritzker got a bachelor’s in Political Science from Duke in 1987. 

Combining majors at Duke

As you compile your Duke majors list, you may wonder if you can combine majors at Duke. In fact, 83% of students have multiple Duke University majors. Remember, your Duke majors can be in completely different fields of study – the choice of one college major will not limit you to certain Duke University majors for your second major. 

Some universities will not let you combine college majors. So, majors at Duke are very unique because you can have more than one. 

Duke University majors: what to consider when choosing your major?

As you finalize your Duke majors list, remember there is no “best college majors” list for everyone. This quiz will help you determine which majors at Duke will be your best college majors. 

Finally, keep an open mind when deciding your college major (or, if you attend Duke, multiple college majors). So, keep in mind that you can get creative with your Duke majors, should you end up attending Duke. As Duke says, education is about exploration!

Most Popular Majors
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Political Science and Government
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering
  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology

Duke University Online

Offers Online Courses No

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Duke University Students

Full-Time Undergrad Enrollment 6,883
Part-Time Undergraduates 23

Duke University Advisors

Stephen Irving
Yale University
I graduated from Yale in 2019 with a degree in Psychology am passionate about education. After graduating, I worked in both renewables and education before going back to school to pursue a Master of Management at Duke University. I specialize in writing and helping students create a consistent and coherent narrative to effectively share their story through their application.

Also Accepted to

Feven Alemu
Duke University
Hi! My name is Feven, and I graduated in 2018 from Duke University with a Bachelor's degree in Public Policy and Global Health. I'm an Atlanta native and prospective law student at Emory University. I'm so excited to start working with you on your admissions journey!

Also Accepted to

Arianna Lee
Dartmouth College
Hello, my name is Arianna! I got admitted early to Dartmouth College's class of 2016, and I was pre-med with a major in Neuroscience and a concentration in English. I have experience mentoring over 100 students through the application process to both undergraduate and graduate schools. Students that I have tutored have been admitted into Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth (Tuck School of Business), Columbia (Medical School), Brown, Princeton, UMich, MSU, CalTech, USC, UCLA, Stanford, and Berkley (to name a few!). I can help you get into a school that will highlight your passions! I am a Questbridge Scholar and was a Gates Finalist for anyone that needs support on scholarship or financial aid. I look forward to working with you!

Also Accepted to

Arbre’ya Lewis
Duke University
Hello, my name is Arbre'ya Lewis. As a first generation, low-income, minority student, I recognized early the incredible power that comes with the resources & knowledge of a college advisor. In 2018, after graduating from Duke University, I became an advisor at a high school in Durham, NC so I could be that much needed resource for local students. After serving as the advisor for over 800 junior & senior students from 2018-19, I left for graduate school. My time at Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University allowed me to pursue my other professional interests as I obtained my Master's in Public Health. I currently work full time as a Health Communications Specialist, with a focus in cancer prevention. I'm driven daily by my desire to pursue equitable health & education for all. On that note, I am the founder of P.O. Purpose, Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering minority students to pursue their purpose through higher education. I have found incredible value in being intentional and thoughtful throughout the college admissions journey to ensure you make the best choice for yourself. Over time, I developed a knack for mentoring and walking students through the best options considering their individual wants & needs. As a communications specialist, I'm pretty savvy with essay editing too ;)

Also Accepted to

Andrew Worrell
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Hello! My name is Andrew and I am a graduate student pursuing my Master's of Public Policy and Juris Doctorate. I have a bachelor’s degree in Global Economic Studies with a concentration in Latin American studies and a minor in P.P.E from UNC-Chapel Hill. After graduating with my B.A. in 2014, I accepted a position with the College Advising Corps where I spent four years working with students as they navigated the transition from high school to life after graduation. Afterwards, I worked at financial services firm before returning to graduate school. In my spare time you can find me working on my jump shot, hiking, exploring new food, or trying to convince myself to run a marathon.

Also Accepted to

Andrea Cooper
I studied Romance languages and Latin American Studies at Harvard University and am currently working in research for a human rights-focused nonprofit.

Also Accepted to

Abdalla Osman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Hello! I am Abdalla and I am a recent MIT grad. I studied mechanical engineering and energy studies and currently work in the renewable energy field. On campus I was a lead engineer in the MIT Solar Electric Vehicle Team and an undergraduate researcher in the Nuclear Science and Engineering department. In my free time I enjoy practicing Judo, playing soccer, and being in nature. I look forward to working with you through your college application journey!

Also Accepted to

Sarah Sculco
Duke University
I recently graduated cum laude with Highest Distinction from Duke University. I have a background in philosophy, public policy, ethics, science, and law. While in college, I interned in the Law and Policy section of the Environment and Natural Resource Division at the US Department of Justice. I also conducted research on political polarization. In 2019, I applied to philosophy PhD programs and law school; I was admitted to Harvard Law School, Columbia Law School, Duke Law School, Georgetown Law School, Cornell Law School, and Michigan Law School as a Darrow Scholar (full-tuition scholarship). I will be pursuing a fully-funded joint JD-PhD in philosophy at the University of Michigan. I specialize in pre-law tracks and programs, and I am able to advise those with the ultimate goal of attending law school. I also specialize in advising students interested in the humanities more generally. I'm passionate about helping students identify which colleges are a good fit and developing essay ideas, while guiding them through the tricky application and financial aid process.

Also Accepted to

Marisa Peryer
Yale University
Marisa graduated from Yale University with a degree in biology and science history in May 2021. She considered herself a born-again premed while on campus—juggling her role as a first-year counselor with freelance journalism in her spare time. Marisa was also the editor in chief of the Yale Daily News Magazine, and her writing has appeared in CNN, Popular Science, Salon, the Columbia Journalism Review, among others. She has coached students through the application process for four cycles, and students she has mentored have been accepted to top schools, such as at Stanford, Yale, Princeton, and Columbia. Marisa thoroughly enjoys watching students grow and become more confident in their applications, and she looks forward to joining you in the college admissions process!

Also Accepted to

College Testimonials from Clients Who Were Accepted to Duke University

Jennifer Lawrence
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gabe was absolutely wonderful as an advisor. He was very thorough with both grammatical and content edits in my essays, as well as very knowledgeable whenever I had questions about the process. I primarily needed CollegeAdvisor for assistance in crafting my essays and activity descriptions and didn’t really make use of any of the offered webinars/workshops; I also had my college list already picked out when I came to CollegeAdvisor, so I didn’t receive much help there either, but Gabe did help me do some research on schools that I was applying.

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