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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Cost

UIUC Tuition

As a rapidly growing university, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tuition will be a key consideration for  both in-state and out-of-state applicants. UIUC is one of the top ranked public universities, coming in at 46th in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2022 rankings. So, let’s break down the UIUC costs, including UIUC tuition cost, UIUC housing rates, and the UIUC cost of attendance. 

How much does it cost to attend UIUC?

UIUC cost of attendance includes the UIUC tuition cost as well as other university fees, such as UIUC housing costs. For an Illinois resident, the estimated yearly UIUC cost ranges from $33,000-$38,000 range. For an out-of-state resident, that UIUC tuition cost will increase to a range of $51,000-$59,000 yearly. 

The UIUC cost of attendance includes UIUC housing, books and supplies, and other expenses. If that number  seems high, remember that financial aid packages are given to families who demonstrate need. Meaning, UIUC costs will change based on an individual student’s University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tuition contribution. 

The UIUC tuition calculator can provide a clearer idea of an individual’s expected UIUC tuition payment and other UIUC costs. 

UIUC tuition: In-State vs. Out-of-State

As is usual with public universities, the UIUC tuition payment is lower for in-state residents than it is for out-of-state residents. The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tuition for in-state residents starts at about $33,000 yearly, whereas out-of-state UIUC tuition payments starts at $51,000. 

Because of the large variation between in-state and out-of-state UIUC costs, many students opt to go to public universities in their own state since it’s more affordable. However,  remember that universities like UIUC offer financial aid packages and scholarships to their students, which mitigate some aspects of the UIUC tuition cost. 

Using the UIUC tuition calculator

With the general University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tuition explained, keep in mind the UIUC cost of attendance will vary based on both state of residence and family income level. 

Wondering how to figure out your specific UIUC tuition payment and other UIUC costs? Use the UIUC tuition calculator to figure out personal estimated UIUC cost of attendance. Things like residency, major, and family income will affect each student’s University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tuition and other UIUC costs. 

Keep in mind that the university follows the Undergraduate Guaranteed Tuition Program (UGTP) for qualified students. What does that mean? It means that, for qualified students, the UIUC tuition cost is guaranteed to stay the same throughout their undergraduate degree program.

Exploring UIUC tuition & fees: what does it cover?

Still not sure what the UIUC tuition and fees will cover? The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign tuition and fees are estimated based on a full time undergraduate course load. The normal UIUC costs covered under those estimates are UIUC housing, books, and personal expenses. 

It’s important to factor in all costs when deciding if a university is right for you. Check out the difference in total UIUC cost vs. net UIUC cost according to U.S. News. Those net estimates factor in average financial aid packages and scholarships. 

It’s also possible for UIUC tuition to vary based on major. Check out the list of majors and UIUC costs here

Remember that the best way to get an accurate idea of personal UIUC costs is by using the UIUC tuition calculator. 

UIUC housing rates

A big consideration when thinking about the UIUC cost of attendance are the UIUC housing rates. So what are the UIUC housing costs  exactly??

The UIUC housing rates are the same for both in-state and out-of-state residents. The UIUC housing cost is $12,720 yearly. What do the UIUC housing rates include? They include a shared room as well as a meal plan. 

Many students opt to pay for UIUC housing during their freshman year and then look into more affordable off-campus housing in the following years. So if the UIUC housing rates seem  out of range, remember there are always other options.

Read more about what’s included in the UIUC costs and the UIUC housing rates. 

UIUC Tuition & Fees: Final Thoughts

Individual UIUC costs will vary based on personal UIUC tuition, UIUC housing, and other fees and expenses. The UIUC tuition calculator can provide an idea of what your UIUC tuition payment is likely to be. 

Try not to get overwhelmed with the UIUC tuition or any other university tuition at first glance. Universities offer financial aid to qualified students and there are many scholarships available to those who look for them!

Average Cost* $37,650
Average Total Aid Awarded $5,107
Students Receiving Financial Aid 44%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Student Faculty Ratio 21:1

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Most Popular Majors
  • Research and Experimental Psychology
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Cellular Biology
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Statistics

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Princeton University

Hi! My name is Nannette Beckley, and I’m super excited to work with you! I recently graduated from Princeton University in May of 2023 with a B.A. in the School of Public and International Affairs and earned a certificate (minor) in Global Health & Health Policy. As a student, I participated in several organizations, including Matriculate, a college access program. Through my work as an Advising Fellow for Matriculate, I gained several years of experience advising high-achieving, lower-income students on the college application and financial aid process. I am also a member of the AP Alumni Council through the College Board. I enjoy helping students form their college lists and reviewing students’ essays. Outside of CollegeAdvisor, I serve as a Research Associate at NORC at the University of Chicago in their health-adjacent departments.

I look forward to guiding you through the long, complicated, but fulfilling college admissions process!

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University of California – Berkeley

I have more than 18 years of experience working in higher education, from scholarships administration, undergraduate teaching and advising, curriculum development, academic research, leadership development and training to program management. My work as an administrator, scholar, mentor, and teacher is grounded on my commitment to justice, diversity, and serving underrepresented communities in education. Currently, I oversee a student success programming at UC Berkeley supporting about 200 scholars each year. I focus on removing barriers in higher education to make education accessible and on creating programming that fosters our scholars' personal, academic, and professional growth. I hold an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in English and Political Science as well as a doctoral degree in Literature from UC Santa Cruz with an emphasis on Asian American Studies, Critical Theory, Postcolonial Studies, Critical Race and Ethnic Studies, and Cultural Studies. I mentor many students and have helped them get accepted to top colleges, both public and private universities such as Harvard, Cornell, Brown, UC Berkeley, Georgia Tech, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, UW, University of Virginia, University of Florida, Purdue, UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UC Davis, UCR, UC Santa Cruz, Rutgers, UIUC, Baylor, Spelman, and many more. I love working with students, especially in helping them realize their own potential and guiding them though their academic and personal growth. I cannot wait to meet with you and help you shine in your essays!

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uc santa cruz
University of Texas – Austin

I have ~5 years of experience in the aerospace/defense industry and so far, it has been a blast! I earned my bachelor's in aerospace engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and over the course of my 4 years, earned over $20,000 in scholarships. Currently, I am working as a contracted systems engineer and systems architect. As a leader in the satellite industry, I work heavily with technical requirements, CONOPS (Concept of Operations) diagrams, and Model Based Systems Engineering. I also have additional work-related certifications from MIT. My expertise includes applying for engineering school, applying for scholarships, support in figuring out which engineering discipline to apply for, and applying for engineering jobs and negotiation skills.

Fun Facts: 1) I have mentored over 50 students (most of them pre-college or 1st year in college)! 2) I have been featured on several BuzzFeed videos for the work I do. 3) I speak French and German and love traveling!

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Described by coworkers and former students as an engineer-meets-social-worker, Professor Berent works full-time as a professor at Northwestern University, and part-time with to provide insight to not only what gets students accepted into college, but what makes them successful once there.

Why work with Professor Berent?
• Knows the full engineering experience. Zack has been an undergraduate student, graduate student, academic and career advisor, researcher, teaching fellow, and now professor at top engineering schools, so he can speak to all aspects of engineering. Whatever career in engineering you are seeking, he likely has experience!
• What makes a successful engineer? As a professor, Zack works daily with first-year engineering students. He has advised them from high school through undergraduate experiences, internships, first full-time job, and even MS/PhD graduation. works to help you get into top schools; further, Zack knows what will make you successful once there.
• Engineering admissions. When Zack worked at an engineering-focused medical school he defined the admissions criteria for engineering. This work has given him great insight into not just the what, but the why behind admissions decisions.
• Engineering excellence. Zack has been awarded with multiple teaching fellowships to enhance engineering education. He has been awarded over a dozen times as a top instructor on campus. He has not only exceeded in teaching and advising, but in research as well. He has publications in top engineering journals like Acta Biomaterialia, and been received national-level grants, so his wordcraft will help with your essays succeed.

Whether you're just starting to explore engineering or finalizing your application, he has worked with thousands of engineering students, and he is eager to help you too.

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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
My name is Sophie Norton and I have worked in college admissions advising for 6 years. My goal is to lead you through this process holistically, helping you navigate the admissions process strategically while ensuring that your authentic story is told, and your personal needs are met. When I partner with students, I view them not just as applicants, but as a whole person. Therefore, we can work together to create customized timelines and goals that fit your vision for your educational future. From essay editing to networking with universities and much more, I can advise you along each step of the journey. I am also a lifelong Chicagoan, which makes me particularly attuned to the pressures and needs that affect urban students during this exciting and formative process. Besides working as a tutor and college counselor, I have worked in the non-profit sector, helping local Chicago charities grow. I'm so excited to work together and see what we can create!

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Jyoti Rani
University of California - Berkeley

CollegeAdvisor’s flexibility proved how much they really put their customers first. After speaking with the founder, I understood the personal story behind why CollegeAdvisor’s services are such a steal: incredible value at an affordable price! The college application process has now become one of the most valuable periods in my young life because the personal development and insight I gained are truly invaluable. My hearty thanks to my incredible advisor in shaping such a critical aspect of my journey and career.

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I had an amazing experience with CollegeAdvisor. My mentor helped me immensely with the college application process and made sure that my essays were polished and the best that they could be. He answered any questions that I had regarding the college process and made sure that I didn’t feel lost or confused. I would not be attending Harvard on a full-ride scholarship this fall as an international student without the help and support of CollegeAdvisor! Thank you so much!

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