University of California – Berkeley

Berkeley, California 110 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA, 94720

UC Berkeley Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate 15%
Acceptance Deadline November 30

Where is UC Berkeley?

UC Berkeley is located in Berkeley, California.

One key UC Berkeley location is the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The UC Berkeley address for the Admissions Office is 110 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720. While this is a good starting point, there’s a lot more to the UC Berkeley location than a single building. Students wondering, “Where is UC Berkeley located?” probably want to know more than just a physical address.

So, where is UC Berkeley located? The school is in Berkeley, CA. However, students should think critically about the UC Berkeley location as they prepare for the admissions process. They should consider what kind of city Berkeley is, Berkeley’s college setting, the best things about the UC Berkeley campus, and how to visit. Students might also consider the UC Berkeley address for important places, like the library or dorms. Now, let’s discuss the answer to “Where is UC Berkeley?” in more detail.

What city is UC Berkeley in?

UC Berkeley gets to call the beautiful city of Berkeley, California its home. But exactly where is UC Berkeley located within the city of Berkeley?

The UC Berkeley campus is in the heart of the city, just a few blocks away from the downtown area. It borders Telegraph Avenue to the east, Shattuck Avenue to the west, Dwight Way to the south, and Hearst Avenue to the north. UC Berkeley is easily accessible by public transportation, with several bus and train lines serving the area.

Additionally, students might ask, where is UC Berkeley in relation to other major cities? In fact, the UC Berkeley location is near several major California cities. Using the UC Berkeley address above, it’s about a thirty-minute drive to downtown San Francisco. Driving to San Jose would take an hour while driving to Sacramento would take about an hour and a half. It would take most of the day to drive down to Southern California (LA is about 6 hours away by car).

UC Berkeley Address

With its progressive politics, diverse culture, and rich history of social movements, Berkeley is a popular destination for visitors worldwide. For students planning a visit, the UC Berkeley address is a good starting point.

As previously mentioned, the UC Berkeley address for the Office of Undergraduate Admissions is 110 Sproul Hall, Berkeley, CA 94720. However, this is not the only UC Berkeley address. Additionally, the question of “where is UC Berkeley” might require a bit more detail. For example, students might want to know “Where are UC Berkeley’s dining halls?” or “Where are UC Berkeley’s libraries?” 

Below is the UC Berkeley address for a few key locations. Additionally, students can find the UC Berkeley address for all of the campus buildings on their respective websites. Or, students can check out the online UC Berkeley Map to see important buildings, libraries, and more.

For those who plan to visit the university by car, it’s crucial to have the UC Berkeley address ready. The UC Berkeley campus is easily accessible by car from major highways, including Interstate 80, Interstate 580, and Interstate 880. If you plan to visit UC Berkeley by public transportation, you can take a BART train to the Downtown Berkeley station. This stop is conveniently located just a few blocks away from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions’ UC Berkeley address.

Now that we’ve answered the question, “Where is UC Berkeley?” let’s talk about why students choose to attend UC Berkeley.

Is UC Berkeley a top school?

Yes, UC Berkeley is considered one of the top public universities in the world (made clear by their high rankings). So just where is UC Berkeley on lists of top schools? U.S. News ranks UC Berkeley as #20 in National Universities and #1 in Public Schools.

One of the main reasons for UC Berkeley’s success is the caliber of its academic majors and faculty. UC Berkeley majors are taught by some of the most highly qualified professors in their fields. Students can choose from a wide range of UC Berkeley majors, including social sciences, computer and information sciences, and engineering. 

With a 15% acceptance rate, UC Berkeley Admissions is considered highly selective. Each year, UC Berkeley Admissions uses its holistic review process to evaluate thousands of applications from students worldwide. So, before applying, potential applicants should ensure they can demonstrate strong academic performance, intellectual curiosity, and extracurricular involvement.

What is Berkeley famous for?

UC Berkeley is famous for its world-class academics, research excellence, and diverse student body. The university has produced numerous Nobel laureates, MacArthur fellows, and other distinguished scholars. Berkeley has made significant contributions to various fields, including physics, chemistry, computer science, and social sciences.

Many Berkeley graduates have gone on to become trailblazers and innovators in their respective fields. Steve Wozniak, Jennifer Doudna, and Sheryl Sandberg are just a few examples of UC Berkeley’s notable alumni. Moreover, the university has a rich history of groundbreaking research discoveries. These include the discovery of vitamin E, the first human gene, and the invention of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool.

These achievements have established UC Berkeley as a leading institution of higher education and research. Today, Berkeley’s alumni continue to shape the world in meaningful ways. While it’s great to read about Berkeley’s wonderful history, you might want to see it for yourself. Next, we’ll pivot from the question, “Where is UC Berkeley?” to “How do I visit?”

Visiting UC Berkeley

Overall, there is much to see and experience when visiting UC Berkeley. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given how large the campus is. While UC Berkeley is located on over 1,200 acres of land, the campus itself is smaller. So, the real UC Berkeley size is only 178 acres. That being said, UC Berkeley is considerably large compared to other California universities.

A guided UC Berkeley campus tour is a great way to get an overview of the campus and its history. Each UC Berkeley campus tour is led by a student guide, who will take you through all the important places on the UC Berkeley map. This gives prospective students a great opportunity to ask questions about academics, campus life, and extracurricular activities. Here are some key locations that students should visit on a UC Berkeley campus tour: 

  • The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive is a great feature of the UC Berkeley campus. There, Berkeley houses over 19,000 works of art and a vast collection of films.
  • The Campanile is the main clock tower on campus. It also happens to be one of the most iconic landmarks of UC Berkeley. 
  • The Lawrence Hall of Science is a great place to explore science exhibits. These include an observatory and planetarium where visitors can learn about astronomy and view the night sky.
  • Telegraph Avenue is just a few blocks from the UC Berkeley campus. It’s home to a vibrant community of shops, restaurants, and street performers.

Alternatively, students can grab a UC Berkeley map and do a self-guided tour. A UC Berkeley map helps students easily navigate the campus. Best of all, the UC Berkeley map can be accessed online or through the mobile app. If you cannot attend an in-person tour, you can always wander the campus virtually through their YouVisit Interactive Experience.

Best things about UC Berkeley Campus

Knowing the answer to “Where is UC Berkeley?” is one thing. Knowing the best things about UC Berkeley’s campus is another. While the UC Berkeley size may be intimidating, it also means UC Berkeley has a lot to offer. UC Berkeley provides their students with a unique and unparalleled academic, cultural, and social experience.

The UC Berkeley campus is home to several cutting-edge academic facilities, offering students unparalleled learning and growth opportunities. These facilities include the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Molecular Foundry.

Beyond the amazing academic opportunities on campus, the UC Berkeley location in California is ideal for cultural exploration. UC Berkeley is within driving distance to several major cities, and the campus provides students with the perfect college town. The Berkeley community is lively and diverse, with countless restaurants, shops, and cultural events to explore. 

Furthermore, the campus is home to a vibrant and active student body. With over 40,000 students worldwide, UC Berkeley offers a diverse and dynamic community of learners. Students can participate in over 1,000 student organizations, including clubs, sports teams, and service organizations. 



UC Berkeley Admissions

UC Berkeley Tuition

Average Cost* $16,032
Average Total Aid Awarded $27,708
Students Receiving Financial Aid 45.88%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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UC Berkeley Class Size

Student Faculty Ratio 20:1

UC Berkeley Majors

Most Popular Majors
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Cellular Biology
  • Political Science and Government
  • Environmental Science
  • Business
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Cognitive Science
  • Social Sciences
  • Communications

UC Berkeley Online

Offers Online Courses Yes

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UC Berkeley Enrollment

Full-Time Undergrad Enrollment 32,143
Part-Time Undergraduates 1,283

UC Berkeley Alumni at CollegeAdvisor

Howard University

I earned my degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, with Magna Cum Laude Latin Honors, finishing my program in three years. I am currently a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) department. My research focuses on the field of physical electronics, particularly optoelectronics. Optoelectronics is widely considered a sub-discipline of photonics, which refers to the study and application of the physical science of light.

My Passion for Advising Students:

In my own undergraduate college journey, I was accepted to over ten universities with $1 million USD in financial aid. Similarly, for my graduate school process, I was accepted to top universities for engineering with fully funded offers to pursue my PhD. During this process, I was on my own researching and applying to my schools of interest. I believe that my vast experiences in engineering will enable me to assist anyone to create their own story and achieve their collegiate dreams. This can be a difficult process to navigate, with many different hidden hurdles involved, and I am passionate about leveraging my experience to help students. Below, you will find a summary of my engineering experience!

Undergraduate Academic Experience:

During my three years at Howard University, I completed various hardware electronics projects. For my senior capstone project, I worked with The Aerospace Corporation on a project titled, “Machine Learning Based Sensing for Autonomous Robotic Manipulation”. I was also amongst a group of 30 students selected for a Google program called Hardware Product Sprint. In Summer 2022, I had a great experience working with Google engineers to learn about consumer electronics. Additionally, I have experience conducting undergraduate academic research projects in quantum materials science. In Summer 2023, I was one of three students selected for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Global Quantum Leap International Research and Training Experience Program at the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan. This project was supported by Cornell University. In Summer 2022, I was a research intern at the NSF Center for Integrated Quantum Materials at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Both these research projects had applications for advanced computing with the long-term goal of developing next generation electronic devices.

Engineering Leadership Experience:

Aside from my academic experiences, I am very involved in engineering leadership. At UC Berkeley, I am the professional development chair for the Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students, which is the graduate chapter for the National Society of Black Engineers. I also serve as delegate in the EECS Graduate Assembly, which is a student government that advocates for EECS graduate students. At Howard University, I was a resident assistant in a freshman dorm, I was the campus ambassador for Raytheon Technologies, I was the membership and academic excellence chair of the Howard University Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, I was the programs chair of the Howard University Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and I was the diversity representative of the Howard University College of Engineering and Architecture Student Council. Additionally, I am an initiated member of the DC Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi, which is an engineering honor society for students at in the top percentile of their academic year group.

Also Accepted to

University of California – Berkeley

I am a higher education professional with over 10 years of experience specializing in college access, counseling, student services, and academic advising. In addition to my contributions to the positive learning outcomes of my immediate community, I am a lifelong advocate for the betterment of all youth. Above all, I consider myself a servant to young people everywhere. I have made a career in counseling high-achieving youth nationwide and currently serve as College Access Manager at Thrive Scholars. I am passionate about coaching and supporting young people through the application process, from building a college list to reviewing financial aid award letters to helping young people and their families decide where they will go next. I am a coach and use my managerial experience to build character and set high expectations for all my clients. I am a trained historian and often seek opportunities to create dialogue and share ideas in education, contemporary politics, popular culture, and music. Last but certainly not least, I am a musician with 15 years of experience producing and performing. I believe in using technology to build well-informed communities. I invite all art-medium creatives, future healthcare professionals, and potential clients interested in humanities to consider working with me to build a spectacular college application.

Also Accepted to

Duke University

A Duke honors grad with neuroscience training from Stanford, I help leaders thrive in our changing world. I started my career in global education over a decade ago and have been publicly recognized by Melinda Gates and 4x NYT bestselling author Marianne Williamson for my work in education and whole-person development. My training, knowledge, and professional experience across marketing, education, and coaching make me a highly insightful, innovative, and integrative college advisor. Prior to CollegeAdvisor, I worked as an advisor in a small college advising firm, working with over 20 students on a team of advisors. Our students received admissions from Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, Northwestern, Duke, Dartmouth, Berkeley, and MIT. I was lucky to learn the ropes from former Stanford admissions directors; entrusted with each student's applications and resumes, I realized I had a talent for showing what was unique about each student. I have become a sought-after essay advisor since. I help students get an edge in college admissions while enjoying the process and growing as a person. My students note how I help them succeed as themselves rather than striving for someone else's notion of "success" at their own long-term expense. This means that I work best with families who are interested in helping their student discover and unfold their whole selves and willing to do the challenging inner work that can entail. I'm interested in what makes you different! Fun fact: I have been fortunate to continue my involvement in higher education long after graduating. I have spoken at Duke, NYU, and Harvard conferences, served as a staff and alum career coach at UC Berkeley and Duke University, and am also a fractional executive coach to higher education professionals. These engagements give me another view into colleges and their evolving priorities. As an advisor, I am energetic, insightful, compassionate, entertaining, and rigorous. If you are willing to be seen, heard, challenged, and emboldened through the college application process, then you've found the right person. I hope I will shape your experience to be one where you can reach your goals, find your place in the world, and honor your humanity and inherent value.

Also Accepted to

University of California – Berkeley

I am a proud former first-generation college student who is now a first-generation professional. I have 6+ years of professional experience working with students and their families to navigate the higher education system. I recently (within the last 5 years) obtained a master's degree in education with an emphasis in Student Affairs from UCLA. I attended University of California, Berkeley for my undergraduate education and my major was Psychology with a minor in Chicano Studies. My passion is to assist students and their families on their higher education journey. A skill I feel I have while working with students is truly listening to their wants and needs and adapting my advising from there. I approach my work by honoring my students' lived experiences. On a one-on-one basis I’ve assisted with creating college school lists, academic road mapping, how to choose and change a major, financial aid, and career prep. Outside of student affairs I enjoy reading, cycling, and spending time with my family and friends.

Also Accepted to

University of California – Berkeley

I am a first-generation Latina college graduate and I hold my B.A. in Social Welfare from the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley). I have held positions as a College Advisor, Student Services Advisor and Academic Mentor where I have advised students with the college application process in both 1-1 and group settings (virtual and in-person), organized and coordinated college access and leadership workshops to support students and families from diverse backgrounds, and supported with post-secondary education and career planning. As a first-generation student, I was never exposed to resources to support me with the college access process. This taught me how to seek out resources on my own, which supported me throughout my time at university. After graduating from UC Berkeley, I further developed my passion of helping others because I believe everyone should have equitable access to attain higher education. I believe everyone has a unique story to share and with my passion to support and experience in advising students, I am excited to get to hear our students' stories and continue advocating and ensuring students receive the support needed to attain higher education.

Also Accepted to

University of California – Berkeley

I hold a B.A. in English from the University of California - Berkeley and a Masters degree in Social Work from Azusa Pacific University where I graduated at the top of my class, Phi Alpha, and received the Outstanding Student of the Year and the Macro Student of the Year awards, respectively. My professional experience includes development work in Paraguay for the Peace Corps, literacy promotion within the Washington, D.C. Library system, and a consultant role in Academic and College Counseling. I have worked with students as young as eleven years old and their families to compose four-year high school plans replete with classes, extracurricular activities, and SAT prep schedules, and modifying them as needed throughout the student's high school career. I check in with students on their progress, help them select a major that meets the student's goals, and ensure the student's preparedness for the pursuit of that major in college admissions. Students I've worked with have pursued majors such as Business, Computer Science, Education, Photography, Urban Planning, Pre-Med, Engineering, Animation, and Psychology, to name a few. Working with young people to help them identify their passion and pursue it brings me great joy. I enjoy facilitating conversations between parents and their children about goals and career plans. College Admissions does not have to be stressful or confusing. Everything, in the end, will be okay. It is never too late to side step, change course, or start over. It might just look a little funny.

Northwestern University

Getting into college is becoming increasingly difficult day by day. With more students getting top scores and developing strong extracurricular backgrounds, it's extremely tough to set yourself apart. However, I can help with the nuanced components of each individual application, helping to build a cohesive, unique story that can maximize your chances. I have extensive experience advising students on undergraduate admissions, running my own independent admissions consultancy for multiple years. I have helped students get into many of the top schools in the United States, such as Northwestern, UChicago, Duke, and more. I view the college admissions process as holistic in nature -- meaning I will work with students to optimize each and every component of their application. Whether it be maximizing impact on the resume, crafting school-specific essays, or applying for competitive scholarships, I know what it takes to build the "complete package" necessary for admissions in today's age. I have a particular interest in writing, something I've been passionate about for as long as I can remember. I specialize in helping brainstorm, plan, and edit essays that are impactful for top-school admissions.

Also Accepted to

University of Virginia

I graduated from the University of Virginia in May 2023 with a Bachelor’s in Sociology and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I loved it! I spent my first year of college at Occidental College, where I was recruited to play lacrosse, and after I realized my academic and personal goals had changed, I transferred to the University of Virginia; with this in mind, I am familiar with recruitment admissions as well as transfer admissions processes. Prior to joining, I served as a college advisor at College Contact, where I helped students craft creative, authentic, and compelling essays. I have also served as an Entrepreneurship Advisor for the University of Pennsylvania’s Social Innovators Program. At the end of the day, I am passionate about working with students to craft essays that both creatively tell their authentic stories and allow them to stand out in the college admissions processes. The college admissions process requires self-reflection and authenticity, and I am here to prompt such introspection and help students achieve their true dreams…and have fun doing it!

Also Accepted to

Oberlin College
Columbia University

Hi! I am Lisa, a First-Generation Columbia University graduate. Originally from Brazil, I've been working as a college advisor for about 4 years. Using the knowledge I gained during my own college application process, I've directly helped more than 23 ambitious and determined students get admitted into the top 20 schools. I was an Advisor Fellow Leader at the non-profit Matriculate for over two years, managing a community group of 15 advisors and a total of 50 students. I have helped students with all steps of the college process, including financial aid and scholarships. Particularly, I have extensive experience with essay writing, college list building, standardized test prep, application questions, mock interviews and career advising! I am passionate about helping students pursue their passions and achieve their higher education goals!

Also Accepted to

CollegeAdvisor Reviews from Students Accepted to UC Berkeley

Navneet Raam
University of Michigan

Excellent service with over the top commitment to ensuring the student succeeds and reaches their goals. Couldn’t be happier with the process! Best investment of my life.

Rohan Kumar

I think my experience as a whole was a success. I got a lot of constructive feedback from my advisors and it really helped me with my applications. I really appreciate all the help and support I received. In the end, I am happy that I chose ChollegeAdvisor and would definitely recommend it to others.

Jyoti Rani
University of California - Berkeley

CollegeAdvisor’s flexibility proved how much they really put their customers first. After speaking with the founder, I understood the personal story behind why CollegeAdvisor’s services are such a steal: incredible value at an affordable price! The college application process has now become one of the most valuable periods in my young life because the personal development and insight I gained are truly invaluable. My hearty thanks to my incredible advisor in shaping such a critical aspect of my journey and career.

Lauren Weston
Harvard University

I started working with CollegeAdvisor three weeks before the deadline and I hadn’t started writing any of my essays. I had watched a lot of YouTube videos about college essays, but most of them did nothing but scare me, because I thought that I could never write like that. Once I got an interview, I also received excellent interview preparation. I didn’t apply to any other schools, except for UCLA and UC Berkeley. I reused a lot of my essays for those applications. In the end, I got accepted to all of them! I could not have wished for better support during this very stressful time.

Jieshan Liu
University of California - Berkeley

My advisor has been dedicated to assisting me with all my needs. She’s very flexible time-wise and always gives honest advice about my essays. I enjoyed having conversations with her and discussing the multiple aspects of my college applications. I feel grateful for this opportunity and all the resources she has been sharing with me, including the College Panels and Zoom sessions which showed me how to approach writing distinctive essays.

Allison Guo
University of Michigan

My advisor made a genuine effort to get to know me, which made the essays that we worked on together stronger and much more authentic. Working with CollegeAdvisor helped build my confidence in my college applications!

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