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Best Colleges for Economics – An Introduction As you prepare for the college admissions process, you might consider pursuing an economics major. Economics is one of the top 10 college […]

6 min read What does it mean to be pre-law? Who can be pre-law? What should pre-law students be thinking about in high school? How can pre-law students stand out […]

Congrats! If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably thinking about classes to take in college already, so you’ve likely been recently admitted or started school. Or if you’re still […]

How Do I Apply for Music Programs? Applying to music programs can seem daunting, due to all of the components required. Even choosing programs to apply to can be difficult: […]

If you’re interested in healthcare, you might have heard the trope that “every freshman is a pre-med.” It’s true that many students enter college dreaming of becoming a doctor; however, […]

Image courtesy of Texas A&M International University BS/MD Program Overview For those unfamiliar, a BS/MD program is a dual degree 8-year program (length may vary from 6-8 years), that awards […]