best college majors

Best College Majors

Choosing between the best college majors is an important step towards having a fulfilling and successful college experience. Through their college major, students have an opportunity to explore their interests and passions while discovering their strengths and weaknesses. A college major also gives students some indication of the kind of career they might pursue after graduation. Considering it’s such a major decision – how do you go about deciding what to study in college?

You might begin exploring the best college majors by researching top college majors or the most popular college majors. Some students are only interested in high-paying college majors and the best college majors for the future. No matter the motivation behind choosing your college major, it’s certainly one of the more important decisions you’ll make during the college application process.

College majors are important because you will spend a significant amount of time working towards competency in your chosen field. Ideally, you want to choose a major you enjoy, have the potential to excel at, and one that will prepare you for your career. While popular for a reason, the most popular college majors will not be a good fit for every type of student. And, not all top college majors have a direct or singular career path. For these reasons, it is important to choose a major for your college application based on your genuine interests.

Exploring College Majors

If you are unsure of what to study in college or just want to learn more about the best college majors, keep reading. In this guide, we will define college majors, discuss the most popular college majors, and highlight the best college majors for the future. We’ll also spend some time discussing high-paying college majors as well as top majors at top universities. Specifically, you’ll find some of the best UCLA majors, MIT majors, Columbia majors, Johns Hopkins majors and Vanderbilt majors.

So, are you ready to learn all about the best college majors? Let’s jump in! To start, let’s review what exactly a college major is. Understanding how a college major can shape your educational experience will be insightful when it’s time to choose your own.

What Is A College Major?

best college majors

A college major is your primary academic field of study during your undergraduate career. Whether you choose one of the most popular college majors or a more niche area of study, your major in college will dictate much of your college course load. So, it is critical that your college major is a good match for your interests, strengths, and learning style.

Additionally, you’ll find top college majors require some standard core classes, which will vary by school. When applying to college, the college admissions requirements also require that you have completed and passed a set of core high school courses.

College courses in mathematics, history, and English are just some of the core classes you will be required to take for all popular college majors. These college courses will build on foundational knowledge from high school to set you up for success in the top college majors. Your college major will also influence your career prospects after graduation. The most popular college majors are directly tied to a very specific job, like a pre-med major. Alternatively, popular college majors may be more open-ended and prepare you for a plethora of jobs. For example, a business major is considered one of the best college majors for jobs ranging from marketing to finance to consulting.

Double/Interdisciplinary Majors and Minors

A college major is typically in a specific discipline. But, if your interests are varied, students have other options when choosing the best college majors. Some students, instead of choosing just one of the most popular college majors, end up choosing two!

For example, double majoring might be attractive to a student interested in biomedical engineering and French. Or a student might be interested in both creative writing and theatre. Students considering a double major should think carefully about the potential course load and time to degree completion, as double majoring may result in more than four years of undergraduate studies.

However, if you are not completely sold on a double major, there are other ways to make sure all of your interests are represented in your program of study. Interdisciplinary majors allow students to explore different academic subjects in depth as part of their college major. An example of an interdisciplinary top college major is women & gender studies, a major that blends sociology, psychology, biology, and history.

In addition to double majoring or pursuing an interdisciplinary major, many college students choose to add a college minor to their course of study. Minors are an attractive option because they can often be pursued without adding any additional time to your four-year graduation plans. They also allow students to experience a variety of top college majors and their related courses. In addition, minors are often related to other academic interests that may or may not relate to your overall career goals.

When college majors come into play

Determining what academic major fits you best may seem overwhelming, but you are not required to make this decision immediately. Many colleges give you an introductory period to take core classes and then declare your academic major. There are so many popular college majors that some students even choose to change their major after their first year in college. Many students do not decide until their second or third year whether they want to pursue a minor or not.

When submitting your college application, you will be asked to either declare your college major or to list your intended college major as part of the college admissions requirements. Colleges understand that most high school seniors may not know what the best college majors for them are. Because of this, there is often an option to submit your college application as an undecided major.

Reviewing undecided applications

Most institutions will review an undecided college application the same as they would a college application with a declared major. Therefore, students do not have to choose the most popular college majors to be taken seriously in the college application process. In fact, many of the best majors for undecided students are not the most popular college majors.

Just because you may not yet know what to study in college, does not mean you don’t have interests worth including in your college application. Choosing a definite college major is not always part of the college admissions requirements. Prospective students who have an undecided major on their college application should focus on highlighting their favorite class, the last book they read, the subject they excel in naturally, or the topic of a capstone project. Oftentimes, colleges are less concerned about the major listed on your application and more interested in your unique interests.  

With so many majors out there, it’s hard to know where to start. Keep reading to learn more about the most popular college majors and best majors for undecided students.

What types of majors can I choose?

best college majors

Choosing the best college majors can feel like a big decision. Some students know exactly what major they will choose when they submit their college application. However, other prospective students will need a bit more time. If you are still exploring what to study in college and are wondering what the most popular college majors are, you should start by doing some self-inventory.

Self-Inventory reflection questions:

  • What are your academic and extracurricular interests in high school?
  • Is having a high-paying job incredibly important to you?
  • Are you interested in a career that allows you to make an impact and help others?

Each of these questions can assist you in narrowing down what college majors might be best for you. Later in this guide, we will discuss in greater detail how to choose between the best college majors and which popular college majors make the most money.

First, let’s discuss the types of college majors that you can choose from. There is a college major to fit almost every interest. Students should explore the full spectrum of college majors and not just the most popular college majors. While some college majors can be very niche, college majors often fall into several broad categories.

College Major Categories

  1. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics majors
  2. Business majors
  3. Teaching and Service majors
  4. Health majors
  5. Arts, Humanities, and Liberal Arts majors
  6. Career majors
  7. Social Science majors

Let’s go deeper and look at some examples of the best college majors for jobs in each of these fields.

Categories of College Majors

STEM majors

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Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics majors are often referred to as STEM majors for short. The Science in STEM represents majors like physics, biochemistry, and biology. Technology majors include data science, computer science, and software engineering. Engineering majors include mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and electrical engineering. Mathematics majors include actuarial science and statistics. Some of the most popular MIT majors fall under the STEM category. In fact, many of the most popular college majors in the world are in the STEM fields. 

Business majors

best college majors

Like STEM majors, business majors are some of the most popular college majors. Business majors are particularly attractive because they prepare students for a variety of careers in many different industries. The most popular college majors in business include finance, supply chain management, marketing, accounting, and economics. Check out this CollegeAdvisor webinar to learn more about the most popular college majors, including high-paying college majors, in business and finance. 

Teaching and Service majors

best college majors

Majors in the teaching and service category appeal to students due to their impact on individuals and society more broadly. The most popular college majors in the teaching and serving category include education and social work. Education is an incredibly broad category and encompasses more specialized majors such as early childhood education, special education, counseling, and instructional technology.

Health majors

best college majors

Health majors can also be viewed as majors of service. The most popular college majors in the health category include public health, nursing, nutrition, exercise science, and biology. Top Johns Hopkins majors and UCLA majors include several health majors, like molecular biology, neuroscience, and biomedical engineering. The most popular college majors in the health category are consistently in demand and can be very fulfilling for the students who choose to pursue them.

Arts, Humanities, and Liberal Arts majors

best college majors

Arts, humanities, and liberal arts majors are often wrongly categorized as academic majors of the past. However, many of these disciplines have merged with technology to remain relevant and important to contemporary society. The most popular college majors in this category include art, history, political science, Spanish, music, and film studies. Unfortunately, arts and humanities majors are often wrongly criticized for being majors that make it difficult to find jobs after graduation. Many Vanderbilt majors and Columbia majors fall under the arts, humanities, and liberal arts categories. Liberal arts majors can often be the best majors for undecided students, as they give students time to explore several disciplines before committing to a specific major.

Career majors

best college majors

Career-focused majors often overlap with STEM and health majors. Career-focused majors are also referred to as pre-professional majors since their primary goal is to prepare students for graduate or professional study. Additionally, career-focused majors typically require some further post-baccalaureate education before a student enters their career field. Examples of the most popular college majors in the career-focused category include pre-med, pre-law, architecture, and physical therapy. These best college majors may require many years of study before entering a career. Therefore, this is something to keep in mind when exploring the best college majors in the career-focused majors category.

Social Science majors

best college majors

Students interested in social science majors often have an interest in research or pursuing a Ph.D. at some point. The most popular social science majors include psychology, sociology, anthropology, and communication. Top UCLA majors tend to fall in the social science category.

Now that we’ve covered the types of majors students can choose from, let’s touch on some of the most popular college majors.

There are hundreds of college majors to choose from, but there are certainly some majors that are more sought after than others. Next, we will discuss the most popular college majors. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 58% of bachelor’s degrees fall into just six categories. Check out the list of most popular college majors below.

  • Business
  • Health Professions
  • Social Sciences and History
  • Biology and Biomed
  • Psychology
  • Engineering

This list of top college majors is compiled based on the number of bachelor’s degrees awarded by four-year degree-granting colleges and universities. But what makes a major land on the top college majors list? For some majors on the top college majors list, the popularity is driven by demand. Each year, there are annual reports that detail the most popular college majors that are in demand. For other majors on the most popular college majors list, earning potential contributes to their popularity. If landing a high-paying college major is important to you, make sure to view this list of college majors that do not bring in the big bucks.

Other majors on this list of college majors have maintained their popularity over the years. For example, business has been one of the best college majors for jobs over the past few decades. Business is one of the most popular college majors because it is incredibly versatile. Business is also one of the best majors for undecided students. Health profession majors have also been in demand for many years. With nursing and physician shortages around the world, health-related degrees are some of the best college majors for jobs.

Check out this list to learn more about the trends in popular college majors.

What Majors are most in demand?

best college majors

The postgraduate career landscape is changing rapidly as technological advances shape our world. Whether it is the rise of social media, music streaming, or artificial intelligence, there are many industries that did not exist just a few decades ago. The emergence of these new technologies has created new careers. Many of these new careers exist in the computer science, engineering, and medical fields.

According to the World Economic Forum’s latest Future of Jobs Report, we’ve come up with a list of ten top college majors that might be worth considering. This list of college majors includes the best college majors for jobs in these rapidly growing fields.

Fastest Growing Career Fields

1.    AI and Machine Learning Specialists

2.    Sustainability Specialists

3.    Business Intelligence Analysts

4.    Information Security Analysis

5.    FinTech Engineers

6.    Data Analysts and Scientists

7.    Robotics Engineers

8.    Big Data Specialists

9.    Agricultural Equipment Operators

10.  Digital Transformation Specialists

In this list of top 10 majors for the future, you’ll notice that these majors have one thing in common: almost all these top college majors are based on technological advances. From artificial intelligence and machine learning to sustainability specialists, the best college majors for the future are forward-thinking and require the anticipated needs of the 22nd century. Check out this list of college majors that college graduates wish they would have pursued.

Majors facing a decline in demand

Like the list of best college majors for the future and top 10 majors, the World Economic Forum also shares jobs that are predicted to experience declines in the future. While there is not a direct link between these declining jobs and a list of college majors in decline, students can use this list to understand career paths that are expected to be less viable in the future. For example, some of those jobs include data entry clerks, administrative and executive secretaries, accounting and bookkeeping clerks, security guards, housekeepers, and building caretakers. The WEF’s list of New and Lost Jobs is an annual report that helps forecast new careers and declining careers.

Many of the jobs predicted to see declines have been reshaped due to advances in technology and remote work. If there are fewer office buildings in the future, many of the jobs that keep those offices running like security guards and housekeepers will also experience declines in their industry. Artificial intelligence and remote work are also predicted to take the place of traditional administrative secretaries and accounting and bookkeeping clerks. Researching jobs that are predicted to see a decline can help you avoid pursuing a major that will see declines in demand in the future. Now that you know what majors are in demand, let’s review the top ten best college majors.

Top Ten Best College Majors

best college majors

First, we want to start by saying the best college majors are subjective. Ultimately, the best major for one student may be a horrible major for another student. However, for the purposes of this guide, we will define the best college majors by three components.

First, we consider the best college majors to have the most promising career outcomes/be high-paying college majors. Second, the best college majors for jobs are high in demand. Finally, the best college majors for the future focus on developments that are yet to come. 

Top college majors in each of these categories allow students to imagine a fulfilling career that will also be high in demand. According to the World Economic Forum, the following list of college majors includes the subjects that are indeed considered some of the best college majors.

Top 10 majors list for best college majors:     

  • Computer Science- General
  • Computer Science- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Environmental Studies- Sustainability Focus
  • Information Technology Systems
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Engineering- General
  • Math/Statistics
  • Bio-engineering
  • Social Sciences

When you review the list of best college majors, you will notice that many of the best college majors fall into the science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines. However, liberal arts and humanities are woven into many of these STEM majors. Pursuing STEM MIT majors or STEM Johns Hopkins majors requires students to also possess skills typically taught in the humanities division. 

Soft skills

There has been a growing need for graduates who possess both technical abilities and the skills that are typically learned from liberal arts and humanities majors. Employers report that these skills are often missing from recent graduates in the most popular college majors. These skills have often been referred to as soft skills.

Soft skills include communication, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and empathy. The importance of soft skills and liberal arts majors are often thought to be less pertinent. However, high-paying college majors are most in need of these skills. Columbia majors and Vanderbilt majors are required to take core classes in the liberal arts no matter what top 10 majors students are pursuing. Learn more about top college majors in humanities and the benefits of pursuing a liberal arts college major here.

Next, we will discuss the best college majors for the future and high-paying college majors. Later on, we’ll go over the best majors for undecided students and how to go about choosing the best college majors of value.

What Is The Best College Major For The Future?

best college majors

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what to study in college or how to choose the best college majors. For this reason, we won’t be making the best majors for undecided students list. The truth is, even after looking at a list of college majors, the best college majors for you will ultimately depend on your individual goals, interests, and aspirations. 

Therefore, instead of looking for the best college majors list or best majors for undecided students list, you can approach the decision by considering the best college majors for the future. When considering a future job, the most popular college majors often break into two main factors:

  • The best college majors that teach career-oriented skills
  • The best college majors that teach critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Considering these ideas, you don’t need to look at a list of best majors for undecided students. Instead, you can start with finding an ideal major by identifying the best college majors for the future. 

For those seeking career-oriented majors, popular college majors in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) often provide valuable skills and opportunities for employment in growing industries. Alternatively, the best college majors for jobs that emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills can prepare students for a wide range of careers and adapt to the changing demands of the job. Top college majors in liberal arts, social sciences, and humanities foster creativity, adaptability, and a broader understanding of the world.

Growing areas of employment

If you’re interested in the best college majors for the future from the career-skill aspect, looking at occupations experiencing rapid growth is helpful. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), several occupations stand out for their projected growth rates. Here is a list of college majors that link with growing occupations, compiled using recent data from BLS. 

Wind Turbine Service Technicians

With renewable energy on the rise, wind turbine service technicians have grown nearly 45% in recent years. The median pay is $57,320 per year, and some of the highest-paying cities for this kind of technician are Denver, CO, Oklahoma City, OK, and Abilene, TX. Popular majors for wind turbine service technicians include renewable energy and electrical engineering technology.

Nurse Practitioners

Those interested in entering the medical field, but who are not necessarily wanting to pursue medical school, might consider studying to become a nurse practitioner. Also growing about 45% in recent years, nurse practitioners receive a median pay of about $121,610 per year. Students may major in nursing or a related field like health sciences. However, if you do not complete a BSN program, you’ll need to continue your studies in a graduate nursing program.

School Highlight: Attention Johns Hopkins majors–Johns Hopkins’ top-ranked School of Nursing is great for this career path!

Data Scientists

If you are interested in a job with a wide range of applications, you may be interested in becoming a data scientist. This field has grown 35%, thanks to a demand for experts in data analysis in areas such as banking, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, and agriculture. Depending on your specific industry, the median pay is around $103,500 per year. In college, data scientists will have likely majored in data science, or a related field like computer science or statistics.


If you did major in statistics, or possibly mathematics or economics, you could pursue a career as a statistician. Statisticians typically collect data and analyze it to solve problems within their chosen industry. The growth rate among statisticians is 32%, and the median pay is $98,920 per year. Many statisticians choose to further their expertise by completing a master’s program or a Ph.D.

School Highlight: Attention Vanderbilt majors–Vanderbilt University offers a mathematics major and minor.

Information Security Analysts

Another job that has grown 32% in recent years is an information security analyst. These types of analysts can make a median pay of $112,000 per year protecting information stored in computer systems from potential cyberattacks and data breaches. Popular college majors for this role include cybersecurity, computer science, or information technology.

Medical and Health Service Managers

A job in the medical field that doesn’t require attending medical school is a medical and health service manager. These individuals play a critical role in healthcare facilities, working behind the scenes to keep places like hospitals and nursing homes up and running. In recent years, this field has grown 28%. After majoring in healthcare administration or public health, students can go on to make a median pay of $104,830 per year.

School Highlight: Attention Columbia majors–Columbia University offers a special concentration in public health!


Following the COVID-19 outbreak, it is clear to see the role and importance epidemiologists play in our society. This is a public health profession that involves studying diseases and injury, and their underlying growth patterns and causes. Epidemiologists have a growth rate of 27% and a median pay of $78,520. The most popular college majors for epidemiologists are epidemiology, public health, and biology.

Physician Assistants

Another job that is similar to a nurse practitioner is physician assistant. Like NPs, PAs will need to graduate from an accredited PA program and pass a certifying exam. However, PAs are trained using a medical education model, which focuses more on diagnostics. In college, students may major in physician assistant studies or another science-related field like biology or health sciences. The median pay for PAs is $126,010 per year and the growth rate is 27%.

School Highlight: Attention Johns Hopkins majors–Johns Hopkins offers biology as an undergraduate major and has a top-ranked Physician Assistant Surgical Residency Program

Software Developers

If you’re interested in software engineering, you may be interested in specializing in software development. Software developers work in designing and developing computer systems and applications. Outside of software engineering, software developers also choose to major in related fields such as computer science and information technology. Software developers have a growth rate of 26% and a median pay of $127,260 per year.


Another job that requires mathematics and statistics skills is an actuary. Growing 23%, actuaries work in risk management, helping to predict potential financial costs. Actuaries can expect to achieve a median pay of $113,990 in their careers, and many of them work in the insurance industry. To prepare to become an actuary, you’ll want to complete a degree in actuarial science.

School Highlight: Attention Vanderbilt majors–Vanderbilt offers actuarial science programs and a student organization to foster your love for actuarial science.

While the best college majors for jobs in these fields offer promising career prospects, it’s important to remember that the best college majors for the future may not be the best college major for you. Therefore, don’t feel limited by this list of the best college majors for the future. In reality, the best college majors for the future are the ones that align with your interests, strengths, and career goals. 

By carefully considering your options and exploring various top college majors, you can pave the way for a fulfilling and successful academic journey and beyond. Therefore, if you are still undecided, don’t look for the list of best majors for undecided students. Instead, take some time to do some serious self-reflection!

Best College Major To Make Money

best college majors

College Majors that Make the Most Money

Beyond considering the best college majors for the future, some students may find greater promise in looking at high-paying college majors. According to Fortune, the top high-paying college majors with the highest projected early career earnings are:

  • Computer engineering: $74,000
  • Computer science: $70,000
  • Aerospace engineering: $70,000
  • Chemical engineering: $70,000
  • Electrical engineering: $70,000

Forbes ranks their top high-paying college majors slightly differently—based on mid-career earnings. Here’s their list:

  •  Petroleum engineering: $183,600
  •  Actuarial mathematics: $158,100
  •  Building science: $135,000
  •  System engineering: $131,200
  •  Chemical engineering: $126,900

From these lists, you may again notice the high number of STEM careers. Certain schools are known for having the best STEM programs. For instance, take MIT majors. You can enter many of these fields by completing MIT majors within their world-renowned School of Engineering.

Choosing a Valuable College Major

It’s easy to look at the above salaries and think an engineering major is the way to go. However, be mindful that financial considerations beyond high-paying college majors often play a significant role when considering which of the most popular college majors to place on your application. Beyond knowing the lowest-earning or highest-earning college majors, understanding a major’s value is important and encompasses more than just how much money is earned.

Before selecting a major on your college application, here are some financial factors students may consider when looking for the value of a major:

Financial Factors to Consider When Choosing a College Major

1. Earning Potential

One of the primary financial considerations is the earning potential associated with different top college majors. In general, STEM-focused majors tend to have higher earning potential due to the high demand for skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. 

2. Student Loan Debt & College Admissions Requirements

Another financial consideration when looking at top college majors is the potential for accruing student loan debt. Some top college majors may require additional years of schooling or specialized training, leading to higher tuition costs and increased student loan debt. Students should carefully evaluate the return on investment of their chosen major with their expected future earnings.

3. Job Market Demand

The job market demand for graduates in specific fields can impact salary prospects and employment opportunities. Top college majors in high-growth industries or sectors with a shortage of skilled workers may offer more favorable job prospects and higher starting salaries.

4. Cost of Living

The cost of living in different geographic regions can also influence the earning potential and financial outcomes of top college majors. Therefore, students should consider housing costs, transportation expenses, and overall affordability when evaluating potential career paths associated with top college majors.

One last reminder–while STEM-focused popular college majors top the list for high-paying college majors, choosing a major on your college application that aligns with your interests, skills, and career aspirations is essential. Pursuing the most popular college majors solely for their financial rewards may lead to dissatisfaction and burnout in the long run. Instead, students should prioritize finding the most popular college majors that balance financial stability, personal fulfillment, and opportunities for growth and advancement. 

What are Fun Majors in College?

While completing your college application, it’s easy for students to feel overwhelmed by the pressure to choose the “right” major. However, it’s important to remember that college is also a time for exploration, discovery, and, yes, even fun! There are plenty of popular college majors that not only offer exciting learning opportunities but also bring joy and fulfillment to students’ academic journeys.

Here are five “fun” popular college majors that provide a wealth of opportunities for learning, creativity, and enjoyment.

Fun College Majors

Creative Writing

best college majors

One of the most popular college majors that is also fun is creative writing. Creative writing immerses students in the art of storytelling, poetry, and literary expression. Columbia majors and Vanderbilt majors can pursue a writing major at their respective universities as an undergraduate degree. Many undergraduate creative writing majors then continue their studies by completing an MFA program. 

  • What to study in college: Courses may cover fiction writing, poetry workshops, and screenwriting.
  • Possible career paths: Author, Copywriter, Editor, Screenwriter


best college majors

Another one of the best college majors that is fun is dance. A dance major allows students to combine technique, choreography, and performance to express themselves through movement. For UCLA majors, students can pursue a B.A. in Dance through the School of the Arts.

  • What to study in college: Courses may include ballet, modern dance, and dance history.
  • Possible career paths: Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Instructor, Dance Therapist


best college majors

The Archaeology major is one of the best college majors. It is fun and delves into studying ancient civilizations, artifacts, and excavation techniques. For Columbia majors, Columbia’s Center for Archaeology is world-renowned.

  • What to study in college: Courses may cover archaeological fieldwork, cultural heritage, and forensic anthropology.
  • Possible career paths: Archaeologist, Museum Curator, Cultural Resource Manager, Heritage Consultant

Africana Studies

best college majors

Another one of the most popular college majors that is fun is Africana Studies. A major in Africana studies explores the history, culture, and contributions of people of African descent. For Johns Hopkins majors, Johns Hopkins University Center for Africana Studies offers the Africana Studies major and minor.

  • What to study in college: Courses may encompass African diaspora studies, African American literature, and social justice movements.
  • Possible career paths: Community Organizer, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Human Rights Advocate, Policy Analyst

Marine Biology

best college majors

The final one of the fun, best college majors is Marine Biology. Marine Biology studies ocean ecosystems, marine life, and conservation efforts. For UCLA majors, UCLA offers one of the best marine science programs in the nation.

  • What to study in college: Courses may include marine ecology, oceanography, and marine mammalogy.
  • Possible career paths: Marine Biologist, Conservation Scientist, Aquatic Veterinarian, Environmental Educator

These “fun” popular college majors offer exciting academic pursuits and pave the way for rewarding careers that align with students’ passions and interests. So don’t be afraid to follow your heart and pursue one of the best college majors that brings you joy!

What about a double major in college?

So far, we have covered a lot regarding the best college majors. Well, let’s dive deeper into what happens when you choose more than one of the best college majors. Double majoring is the practice of pursuing two majors simultaneously. And, it has become an increasingly common choice among college students seeking a diverse and comprehensive academic experience. 

Employers seek skills from multiple popular college majors in today’s rapidly evolving job market. As such, certain double-major combinations are advantageous for students aiming to secure positions in high-demand industries. Pairing complementary top college majors on your college application can provide you with a unique blend of skills and knowledge that employers highly value.

Let’s look at three examples of double majors and their respective career paths.

Examples of Double Majors

best college majors

Computer Science and Business Administration

Two top 10 majors are computer science and business administration. These two best college majors offer students technical proficiency in computer programming and software development alongside essential business acumen. After combining these two top 10 majors, graduates can pursue careers in technology consulting, product management, or entrepreneurship.

MIT Majors are in luck: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most prestigious universities offering this combination of majors. 

Psychology and Marketing

Another popular combination of two top 10 majors is psychology and marketing. These two best college majors combine psychological insights with marketing strategies. These skills can be invaluable in understanding consumer behavior and developing effective marketing campaigns. After combining these top 10 majors, graduates may find market research, advertising, or brand management opportunities.

Additionally, UPenn majors are in luck! The University of Pennsylvania offers programs that allow students to pursue a double major in psychology and marketing.

Environmental Science and Policy

The final combination of the most popular majors are environmental science and policy. Combining scientific knowledge with policy analysis prepares students to address pressing environmental challenges and advocate for sustainable solutions. Graduates can pursue careers in environmental consulting, policy-making, or conservation.

UCLA majors, guess what? UCLA offers environmental studies and policy courses and certificates that can lead to a double major. 

These combinations of the best college majors illustrate how strategic double major combinations can align with specific career paths, providing students with a competitive edge in the job market. By carefully selecting complementary majors on your college application and leveraging resources at top universities, students can position themselves for success in their chosen fields. However, here’s one final tip in this area: before seeking double major opportunities, be sure to look at the college admissions requirements to ensure you meet the requirements to gain admission to the colleges that house both majors.

How to Choose a College Major

As high school draws to a close and you begin completing your college application, the looming decision of choosing a college major can feel both exciting and daunting. And with countless options available, how do you narrow down your choices from the endless list of college majors and choose the right path for you? Here are five steps to help guide you through the decision-making process of selecting your major on your college application:

Steps for Choosing a College Major

best college majors

Step 1: Reflect upon what you’re excited about.

First, take a moment to reflect on your passions and interests, both academically and personally. What subjects or activities ignite a sense of excitement within you? If you have a strong desire to help others, majors in nursing or social work might align well with your values. Here’s a hint to get started: start from your values and work backward. Which one of the best college majors will help you spend time doing what you care about? 

Step 2: Think about how you learn best.

Consider your learning style and strengths. Are you naturally inclined towards mathematics and problem-solving? If so, most popular majors in the STEM field might be a good fit for you. Conversely, if you excel in writing and communication, consider exploring some of the most popular majors in the humanities, such as English, journalism, or creative writing. Use your high school learning style to think about what kind of college major would help you succeed. 

Step 3: Consider your future.

Delve into your long-term career goals and aspirations. Recognize that the college major you place on your college application often serves as a stepping stone toward your desired career path. For instance, if you envision a career in data analysis, it may be smart to choose a major that provides a strong foundation in quantitative skills.

Also, consider the financial implications of your chosen major. Some of the most popular majors may lead to more immediate employment opportunities and financial stability, while others may require further education or training. As such, if financial stability is vital, you might choose a more immediately “employable” major.

Beyond considering your selected career path and finances, reflect on your desired lifestyle. Do you want a traditional 9-5 career or don’t mind working late-night or overnight shifts? Or, do you want to work from home, the office, or a hospital? Do you want to have weekends off? Answering these questions can help you decide which job is best for you and can help you target the best college major.

Step 4: Do your research.

Before choosing a major for your college application, take the time to explore the programs, college admissions requirements, and offerings of the most popular majors at various colleges and universities. Reflect on whether the courses and requirements align with your interests and goals. Additionally, consider factors such as workload, class structure, and opportunities for extracurricular involvement.

Investigate specific schools and their list of college majors to gain insight into potential areas of study. Look into sample course lists, concentrations within majors, and other program offerings that may enhance your college experience.

Step 5: Investigate major course requirements.

Finally, dig deeper into the course requirements and curriculum of your chosen major. Explore the breadth and depth of the coursework and any specialized tracks or concentrations available. Ensure that the major aligns with your academic and career objectives while allowing room for personal growth and exploration.

Ultimately, the key is to look at the list of college majors and find a major that resonates with your interests, strengths, and aspirations. By following these steps and staying true to yourself, you’ll be well-equipped to select the best college major for your college application and embark on your academic journey confidently and clearly.

Best College Majors – Final Thoughts

best college majors

In our guide to the Best College Majors, we’ve covered many topics to help you navigate the decision-making process and choose the best college major for your academic and career goals.

Instead of providing a list of best majors for undecided students, we began by understanding what a college major entails and the various majors available, from STEM fields to liberal arts and beyond. We then delved into the most popular college majors and examined which majors are currently in high demand in the job market.

Beyond looking at the best college majors for the future, we analyzed the top ten best college majors, considering factors such as occupational growth, earning potential, and personal interests. In addition, we discussed the importance of finding a college major that aligns with your values, strengths, and career aspirations.

Financial considerations are important, so we included a list of high-paying college majors. However, we also emphasized that choosing the best college major goes beyond simply focusing on earning potential. When making this decision, it’s essential to consider factors such as personal fulfillment, passion, and long-term career satisfaction.

For those seeking a balance between financial stability and personal enjoyment, we explored fun majors in college. We even discussed the potential benefits of pursuing a double major to broaden your skill set and enhance your academic experience.

The best college major for you

Beyond all of our best college major lists, tips, and tricks to help you decide what to study in college, we want to leave you with one final reminder on the subject. The best college major for you resonates with your passions, aligns with your career aspirations, and empowers you to make a meaningful impact in the world.

As you embark on this journey of choosing what to study in college, remember to take the time to reflect on your interests, values, and goals. Explore different majors, research potential career paths, and seek guidance from mentors, advisors, and professionals in your field of interest. By following your heart, staying true to yourself, and embracing the opportunities that come your way, you’ll find the perfect path to success and fulfillment in your college journey and beyond.

best college majors

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