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The percentage of our students in the last admissions cycle who received admissions to at least 3 of their top 8 choices.

Top 50

Acceptances to every Top 50 school in the U.S. last admissions cycle. We use what we learned from our past students to optimize your chances of admission.


The number of advisors and admissions officers we have in our network from 100+ top US universities, ready to help you get into your dream school.

How It Works

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Talk with advisors from over 50 top universities to build a balanced, personalized college list.

Personalized mentorship. Strategize with your advisor to create an application strategy tailored to your individual strengths.

CollegeAdvisor.com Scorecard. Write your essays and get them professionally reviewed by our advisors with a tried and true ranking system mirrored after the admissions office.

Web app to organize and relieve stress. Keep track of your school list, application status, essays, and more – never miss a deadline again.

How we select our advisors

It is crucially important to CollegeAdvisor.com that all advisors have an enormous capacity for empathy, kindness, and the willingness to commit fully to a successful relationship with the students and families in their care.

Selected from a broader applicant pool, advisors who are offered interviews have demonstrated a history of working closely with college bound students, have a great facility with writing, phenomenal communication skills, and an ability to be both flexible and demanding in their work with students. Advisors are chosen from a variety of backgrounds and come from a range of academic institutions, but invariably they are excited by the prospect of guiding students along the college admission path. Willing to learn, they are open to feedback, engage actively with their advisor peers, and constantly seek knowledge that will allow them to become better, more informed, advisors. Advisors must be organized, diligent, have impeccable writing skills, and above all, be enthusiastic advocates for the well-being of the students in their care.

Building our advising teams

At CollegeAdvisor.com we recognize how important it is to meet the students’ needs and ensure the best possible level of care for all students and families. To make that possible, we have created the following speciality teams, pulling from the expertise and experience of our amazing advisors and allowing us to offer specific, relevant, and appropriate resources to our students: Next Day Essay Review Team, Scholarship and Financial Aid Team, The College List Team, and CollegeAdvisor.com Scholars.

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