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Georgia Institute of Technology Admissions

What is the Georgia Tech acceptance rate?

Are you wondering about the acceptance rate for Georgia Tech? We’ve got you covered! Let’s discuss the Georgia Tech acceptance rate in detail.  

According to U.S. News, the Georgia Institute of Technology acceptance rate is 21%. This makes Georgia Tech a “most selective” school. The Early Decision Georgia Tech acceptance rate is just slightly higher at 27.6%.

As you prepare your Georgia Tech application, you might feel overwhelmed by the Georgia Institute of Technology acceptance rate. Of course, it’s easy to fixate on college acceptance rates, especially when they’re as low as the Georgia Institute of Technology acceptance rate. However, at the end of the day, you have no control over the Georgia Tech acceptance rate. You do, however, have full control over making your Georgia Tech application the best it can be. 

Don’t let the acceptance rate for Georgia Tech (or any college acceptance rate) scare you. Instead, try to strengthen every part of your Georgia Tech application, including your essays, grades, and scores. 

Explaining the Georgia Tech acceptance rate

So, what does the acceptance rate for Georgia Tech really mean? 

College acceptance rates indicate the percentage of applicants to any given school who were admitted. A college acceptance rate represents the ratio of accepted students to the total number of applicants. For instance, a college acceptance rate of 10% means that one in every ten applicants is admitted. 

The GT acceptance rate is 21%. This means that 21 of every 100 applicants are accepted. Any student’s Georgia Tech admissions odds, therefore, are about one in five. This might seem intimidating, but keep in mind that for the best colleges in the US, acceptance rates can drop as low as 4%. 

However, college acceptance rates don’t tell you everything. One student’s Georgia Tech admissions odds might be higher than another student’s based on each student’s academic and extracurricular profile. 

Still, college acceptance rates can be helpful as you build your application strategy. Overall, use the GT acceptance rate as a tool. The acceptance rate for Georgia Tech might tell you where it should fall on your college list—namely, if it’s a “safety,” “match,” or “reach” school for you. 

What is a good college acceptance rate?

Let’s break down the Georgia Institute of Technology acceptance rate even more. 

When you’re looking at the acceptance rate for Georgia Tech, or any college acceptance rate, you may wonder what makes a college acceptance rate good or bad. At CollegeAdvisor, we don’t try to categorize college acceptance rates as bad or good. Instead, we consider whether acceptance rates are high or low. 

The higher the acceptance rate at a school, the easier it may be for you to get in. Likewise, the lower the acceptance rate, the more competitive your application needs to be.

Because of this, we recommend varying the schools you apply to based on their acceptance rates. Consider schools with acceptance rates below 25%, like the GT acceptance rate, “reach” schools. These are schools that will be the most competitive. 

Schools with acceptance rates that fall between 25% and 60% will be mostly considered “target” schools. Target schools are schools where admission is very likely, but not completely guaranteed. 

Finally, schools with acceptance rates of over 60% fall into the category of “safety” schools. Safety schools are the schools where you are most likely to be admitted. However, keep in mind that one school may be a “reach” for one student and a “target” for another. It all depends on your grades, test scores, and candidate profile. 

Want more details about college acceptance rates? Check out our resources on college acceptance rates and the admissions process. 

Georgia Tech acceptance rate and their admissions process

So, how should you think about the GT acceptance rate as you craft your Georgia Tech application?

The GT acceptance rate makes Georgia Tech a “reach” school for most students. So, try to make your Georgia Tech application shine. This means meeting or exceeding the unofficial Georgia Tech GPA requirements and complying with the Georgia Tech SAT requirements. 

Given the low Georgia Institute of Technology acceptance rate, you should strengthen your academic profile as much as possible. Georgia Tech admissions takes your GPA and test scores into serious consideration when they review your Georgia Tech application. 

Note that there are no formal Georgia Tech GPA requirements. However, given the low Georgia Tech acceptance rate, you should aim for a 4.0 GPA. By meeting these unofficial Georgia Tech GPA requirements, you’ll improve your chances in the Georgia Tech admissions process. 

There are, however, Georgia Tech SAT requirements (or ACT requirements). These Georgia Tech SAT requirements state that all students must submit SAT or ACT scores. There is no minimum SAT or ACT score required in the Georgia Tech admissions process. However, the middle 50% of accepted students scored between 1370 and 1530 on the SAT. So, study for standardized tests if you want to maximize your Georgia Tech admissions odds. 

The Georgia Tech admissions office uses a holistic application review process. This means no single part of your application will disqualify you in the eyes of Georgia Tech admissions. So, if your grades and scores aren’t as strong as they could be, try to strengthen the rest of your Georgia Tech application. This includes writing strong essays and choosing engaging extracurriculars. 

Although the GT acceptance rate is fairly low, if you put together a strong application, you can have success in the Georgia Tech admissions process. Good luck!


Acceptance Rate 20.58%
Acceptance Deadline January 4
Students Receiving Financial Aid 69.34%

Georgia Institute of Technology Cost

Net Price* $16,883
Average Total Aid Awarded $5,231
Students Receiving Financial Aid 69.34%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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