University of Virginia Panel (formerly Bullseye Admissions) presents its University of Virginia panel, a 60-minute webinar and Q&A with alumni and current students from UVA. Our UVA advisors will share their insider perspectives about campus life, academic programs, and career opportunities. Come ready to learn and bring your questions!

Date 09/22/2020
Duration 54:54

Webinar Transcription

2020-09-22 University of Virginia College Panel

[00:00:00] Hi, everyone. I’m test. Welcome to the Bullseye admissions college panel for University of Virginia. I’ll be your moderator for tonight. To orient everyone with the webinar timing, we’ll start off with a presentation. Then answer your questions in a live Q&A on the sidebar. You can download our slides and you can start submitting your questions in the Q&A tab.

You can download the slides from tonight in the handouts tab, and you can start submitting questions for our panelists in the Q and a tab throughout the panel. We’ll have some polls offers. Getting started. I’m excited to introduce you to our UGI. Panelize basically graduated from UCI in 2018 with a degree in kinesiology.

And Rachel is a current sophomore at UVA studying computer science that basically will tell us why or UV. All right. Can you hear me? Okay. [00:01:00] All right. So UVA is in Charlottesville, Virginia, which is my personal favorite town in the country. It is a public school of medium size. You can see this on the slides, but suburban setting, no religious affiliation.

UVA is a beautiful campus and it is set up so perfectly you can walk to class, visit all of your friends. The corner is very social. I really love it GBA. I’m from Danville, Virginia, so pretty different from Charlottesville. In the sense that Charlottesville has so much more to do, the mountains are nearby.

Vineyards, wineries. It’s really beautiful in Charlottesville. It’s a little bit different.

Let’s see. Okay. So UVA does have some notable alumni. Tina Fey, she’s an American actress, comedian writer, producer, playwright. You may know her from Saturday night live or the comedy series 30 rock. I associate her [00:02:00] most with mean girls. But some of you might be too young to know mean girls. We also have Larry Sabato and American political scientists and analysts.

He is the Robert Kent Gooch professor of politics at the university of Virginia, where he’s also the founder and director of the center for politics which works to promote civic, engagement and participation. And also Tiki Barbra class of 1996. I’m an American, former football running back who played for the New York giants of the NFL.

For 10 seasons. So he played for UVA, which is really neat. We’re the only university, that’s a world heritage site. We have some unique, like nomenclature. We call each other first, second, third, and fourth years, rather than like freshmen through senior. We have secret societies, which is very interesting.

And you’ll definitely have a lot to learn about those, if you do decide to attend UVA. But the oldest would be the Eli banana society. And we have the rotunda and the clock is Bulletproof. According to this slide, I [00:03:00] didn’t know that actually

see. Okay. So these are just all of the academic schools from UVA. You can go ahead and read this slide. I was in the Curry school of education and human development as a kinesiology major which actually was a lot of just pre health majors, like physical therapy I’m in PA school. So physician assistant med school, kids, that kind of thing.

I feel like the schools at UVA are very cohesive. I had a lot of classes in the college of arts and sciences. I took a few classes within let’s see where else? No, I didn’t take any in MacIntyre. I took language arts classes, everything in school and UV doesn’t really require you to take certain classes like other universities.

Would you have a lot of freedom of choice at UVA which is very nice. Okay. So based on academic division, that may be just 12. You have that [00:04:00] here, the question for you and triggering a pullback now, which academic divisions are you most interested with that.

Okay. Let’s say college about some sciences. That’s an early phase. That seems yeah. Okay. It looks like college of arts and sciences. It’s the most popular. Okay. Back to you. Oh, back to me. Okay. So some popular majors are listed here on the slides. I would say that this does seem pretty accurate. I started out as a biology major and then found myself I’m really enjoying my classes in the Curry school for kinesiology.

So actually transferred into to that school my third year or so maybe second year. But yeah, these are some really popular majors, I would say. Athletics are also big at UVA. We’re a division one. Our football team is on the up [00:05:00] and up, which is really exciting. They’ve been doing well in recent years.

Lots of student athletes, the school is very integrated. We all know each other. It’s there’s not like a big, I guess like division between athletic athletes and regular old students, I would say, but yeah, big athletic school as well. Okay.

Okay. So the floor we tell Todd with my, a bunch of student life, we have a trivia question. So I founded UVA. Yeah.

Yes. It looks like everyone is 100% correct. And the correct answer is C, which is Thomas Jaffe. Then.

So now it’s a little tough, but yeah. Okay. So student life at UVA is definitely something that. Is a really [00:06:00] big and important part of everyone’s life because we just have a lot of different activities to do on grounds. We have over 800 clubs. So if you go to UVA, you never have to worry about not being able to find your community because there’s clubs from people who are really into finance and want to invest all the way to people who want to just get together a few times a week and talk about SpongeBob’s.

There’s a lot for students to do here. And we have a lot of different areas for recreational activities. We have places where you can play beach volleyball even, and we have two big gyms where you can play sports or just work out. We also have a lot of fields and often people. Just go and have a picnic as a way to relax during the weekends.

And it’s just generally a very nice and open place to live on grounds. All freshmen actually get to live on campus. So that’ll help you create more of [00:07:00] that community with all of your peers that are in the same years here. We also have a lot of clubs, sports. People here are often very involved with sports and You have a lot of opportunities to get involved with intramurals.

We also have two museums on campus, the Fraley museum of art which is something that I visited pretty recently, but they have a really cool collection of European as well as Mediterranean art. And I recommend it for everyone to visit if you ever get a chance because there’s some really cool things in there.

I’ve never visited the Aboriginal art collection. But I have heard that it is definitely also a must-see in terms of school events, traditions, and attractions, we have a lot of things to do throughout the year. I’ve actually never found myself feeling like I never had an activity to go to during the weekend or anything to do.

And student self-governance as well as the honor system [00:08:00] are definitely really big parts of our school model, where we want to put an emphasis on having students be responsible for themselves and having this sense of self-governance. And we also have secret societies, like Macy touched on earlier quirks and curls, which used to be a yearbook At UVA, which I don’t, I’m not sure if they publish anymore, but they were a pretty big thing for many years at UVA.

The ring ceremony is a thing for third years who want to you get to go to this ceremony where you listen to a presentation by our Dean. And it’s just a time to. Dish out honors as well as reflect on your year so far at UVA and some activities that we have are retesting pancakes for Parkinson’s and spring Fest or attend testing.

We have a pretty big acapella scene here. And fun fact, one of our acapella groups, the [00:09:00] Halibuhoos was actually Andy’s acapella group on the office, which is super cool. And that’s, it’s just a really big scene here at UVA. You can always look forward to seeing performances by acapella groups.

Okay. Max makes the NBA Tila tell us why they chose UBI. But before that a question for you, am I planning to apply to UVA?

I’ll give you some time for the responses to Rolla and oh, when Tracy says it’s their top choice, that’s cute. Okay. Yeah. Some people say it’s in their top three or it’s still on their college list. Yeah. Some people are still deciding, it looks like there’s a pretty even but it seems like everyone’s really excited about you the eyes, but I’m happy.

You guys are all here. Okay. Back to you, Rachel actually looks like Macy’s first and then Risa. So I [00:10:00] chose UVA because UVA has such an awesome reputation for academics. I’m so lucky that it was an in-state school for me. But honestly I think even if I was out of state, I probably would have ended up at UVA because I just fell in love with the campus.

It’s so beautiful there in Charlottesville really is the best.

Yeah. For similar reasons, I also chose Eva just because ever since I got a chance to visit it I just fell in love with the campus and just the environment that the school had, which was definitely very studious, but also students here know how to have fun and get involved with different activities like sports and Interesting clubs that we people just get together and participate in.

And I also knew that because of UVA’s academic rigor and great reputation, I felt like I was in a place where I could be somewhere where I could find great opportunities, no matter what I choose to study. [00:11:00] Great. So as a final poll for you guys, are you in the college application process?

Okay. It looks like some people I saw just starting out, but happy you’re here. This is a great time for you to learn some more. So people are doing some research, working on their college was okay. Studying for standardized tests. That is a great thing to do. Yeah, so it looks like 50% of the group are still working on their college list.

So thank you all for being here and hope that you, the eye gets added to those lists. That’s you.

Okay. So the UVA application process is fairly standard. We have the options of early action, early decision or regular decision. Personally I applied early [00:12:00] action. He’s I just wanted to know my results sooner. And I got my letter back by the end of January. That I would definitely recommend that if you want to have an early decision based on your application for UVA and UVA requires two medium length essays along with the common app essay.

The essay prompts, I believe all of them stay the same, except for one which rotates. And these are pretty short only around 250 words. And we have an acceptance rate of 23.9%. It’s also really important to keep in mind that being in state or out of state I’m a big factor on your application because they definitely do favor in state students more.

In terms of the average stats of admitted students, unweighted GPA is 3.9. Average act is between 30 and 34 for the 25th and 70, [00:13:00] 75th percentiles. And the average act is between. 1340 and 1520. We also have CSS and that’s as well as I doc from college board. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, which is always something that I would encourage you to do no matter how much financial aid you think you can get, because you never know what you’re offering, okay. That’s the end of our school presentation, part of the panel moving onto the live Q and a I’ll be at the questions that you submitted in the Q and a tab. I’ll paste them into the public chat for everyone to see it. And then Macy and Rachel will get some answers. They’ll likely alternate who answers what questions we have a few breaks planned and we’ll have the speed round at the end.

As a heads-up if your QA tab, isn’t letting you submit questions, double check that you joined the webinar through the custom link in your email, not from the panel’s landing page. Okay. Here’s our first question. [00:14:00] What is your favorite thing and least favorite thing about UBI? You guys can both give an answer for that.

I think maybe my favorite thing and my least favorite thing might be the same thing. My favorite thing is definitely the campus, because I think it’s absolutely beautiful here in Charlottesville. And I just love being. Anywhere on campus, basically. And but at the same time, parking is limited.

So I have some trouble getting around since I didn’t bring a car. So it’s a little bit it’s a pretty big campus, so it is hard to get around sometimes.

I’m sorry, I’m having trouble. Thank you. My least favorite thing. I graduated in 2018, so I feel like everything is like [00:15:00] blissful in my memory. I probably had some least favorites at one time. I completely agree with Rachel. The campus is so beautiful. I actually found it to be way more. Walkable then most other college campuses that I’ve visited with my friends I could walk to all of my classes at UVA without any issues.

I do agree that it can be hard to probably access like grocery stores though at UVA, without a car, the bus system does run there, but that’s, a hassle with all of your groceries and all, but you can walk downtown. There’s a great bus system in Charlottesville and. I love the campus.

Least favorite thing. I don’t know, maybe like the earlier, like my first year of college, when my classes were a lot bigger maybe in the college of arts and sciences, when you have these huge biology classes and such, but I don’t know if any other universities that I applied to that would have had a smaller class size for those like big general classes.

So [00:16:00] you get you in some, you listen. Okay, this next question is for you me see, can you tell us more about the community oncology major? And do you plan on going to graduate school at this stage? So I’m in graduate school. I am in wake forest, school of medicine, there, a physician assistant program. Most of my friends that did the kinesiology major are also either in PA school like me or medical school, or a lot of them are in physical therapy school.

So that was a really popular graduate school for kinesiology. But I would say most of us did end up going to graduate school with that major. A little bit about the major. I found it to be so applicable when applying to like health science programs, because I got a lot of work with people with disabilities like intellectual and physical disabilities.

I got to explore like biomechanics exercise, physiology, nutrition classes. Things that have been so helpful in graduate school that I wouldn’t have gotten with [00:17:00] just like a standard science major because I still did have to take all of those prerequisite science courses. But I got some extra useful stuff with the community ology major.

Okay. This next question relates to what you were saying as viewer, as your least favorite thing. They see how many students are in those classes. And what about bigger lecture calls?

So I found that say like biology or chemistry biology, one and two chemistry, one and two. You’re going to have these really big class sizes. I would say. I could be wrong. Rachel, you might know better because I haven’t been in undergrad in a long time, but up to 400 kids or so in those classes.

But then when you get a little higher up in your major, your class size might be down to 50. I had classes at UVA that had 10 people in them. It really depends on your major and what classes you were signing up. [00:18:00] Yeah, I absolutely agree. And you’re right, Macy, because some classes that I’ve taken like econ, for example, I think was around almost 500 people in one lecture hall.

So it was crazy big. So you didn’t have that much interaction with the professor. However one thing to know is that no matter how big your class sizes professors are always, usually holding office hours and encourage you to go talk to them about classes or anything else really.

But I agree that a lot. Intro classes are really big. And the more you more you progress through your time at UVA, the smaller they usually get as well as depending on if you’re taking the seminar style classroom, if you’re in a like an English class, for example, those are usually smaller.

Okay. This next question is how are colleges slash courses divided?[00:19:00]

I think in general, we have a some general requirements that we have to complete. And these are usually in the school of arts and sciences. I’m not sure about other schools I’m not sure too sure about kinesiology Macy’s but. For arts and sciences, at least you have some requirements like math, science, English, things like that.

And usually take them through the college of arts and sciences. But I, since I’m a computer measure, all of my classes are actually in through the school of engineering, but I still can take them. They’re just in different departments. So I would say that honestly, it seems like the schools are.

Very limited. Like you don’t only take classes in one school or anything. It’s pretty interdisciplinary, okay. This next question is what do UVA admission officers look at more as Satie [00:20:00] GPI classes or extracurricular?

I don’t think it’s necessarily, always about like how many extra curriculars you have. I think it’s more about. Maybe having one or two that you’re really involved in and really passionate about and something unique that you can bring to a school and just add value in that way.

I think for me, I still to this day think that my Essay. My essays were probably what got me into UVA. I had a, a great GPA, but I wasn’t from a very academically challenging high school at all. And I did one extracurricular activity and that was dance and I danced for five hours a day and I wrote about dance.

But I didn’t have this whole resume to write all my college applications. I think it’s more just like [00:21:00] showing them uniquely who you are and what you can add to their school. Okay, this next question is, can you apply undecided or do you have to declare a major on your application?

You can definitely apply undecided. I don’t believe that’s a factor that they take into account. And I’ve actually switched majors or like career paths three or four times. Since coming into UVA, cause I thought I was going to be pre-med but that change so I would say definitely don’t feel like you have to know what you’re going to major in before coming in.

The next question is what makes the university of desperate.

Rachel touched on these earlier, but we do have so many unique traditions that we do year after year. Things like lighting on the lawn [00:22:00] just phrases that UVA students say, oh, even it’s just this almost I don’t want to say exclusive. Community, but in a sense, there’s a language that you learn at UVA that other people don’t necessarily use or understand.

And it does, it makes you a part of something bigger and that’s that’s really special because you can be in California and see someone and then UVA t-shirt and they’re gonna yell go who’s that? Because it is such a community and everyone there has a special bond with it and Charlottesville itself.

I know I’ve said this a million times, but it’s so incredible. Especially once you get a little bit older at UVA and you explore the community a bit more there’s a lot there to see. Okay. Next question. Do most fed classes have teaching assistants and extra hours for questions?

Yeah, absolutely. The bigger classes, like I mentioned before, how a lot of TAs that work with the professors. Often for my econ class, [00:23:00] for example, we had a bunch of teaching assistants that would lead like small discussion groups. And you would be with these discussion groups to go over quizzes and just talk about the course content as well.

And they also hold their own office hours in addition to the professors office hours. You’ll definitely have a lot of opportunities to talk with the teaching staff to just get your questions.

Okay. Great. The next question are people big in sport?

I guess you meant beg into sports do we have celebrate big game days? If so then yes. I would say I’m mostly for football. Even though UVA has a lot of [00:24:00] other sports that do extremely well. I know UVA soccer is awesome. Lacrosse is very good. Although people may not attend those games quite as much.

UVA football game days were definitely big days there.

Okay. The next question is either lots of research opportunities.

In my experience, yes, I did. Researched with the doctor. Diet and nutrition intervention lab for two years. And I had a lot of friends who did research. Normally you’re going to start that in like your third or fourth year or so. So I didn’t know a lot of people who did it in like the earlier years, but lots of opportunity.

Okay. The next question is, would you say that there is a competitive or a collaborative [00:25:00] environment?

I would say it’s a little bit of both. Not, I wouldn’t think of UVA as like a cutthroat environment at all because in my experience so far everyone has been really honestly, very friendly and like willing to help each other with courses. Like people are always looking for study groups and.

Going over tests and quizzes and the course material with other people. I would say that there’s definitely an atmosphere of wanting everyone wanting to really try hard to succeed. But I think that everyone in general is very collaborative and friendly with one another. Okay. Next question.

Advice slash tips on getting financial aid slash scholars.[00:26:00]

I would see what your hometown community has to offer. There were a few foundations that I was able to apply to just like in Danville, Virginia. That gave me scholarships as well as like the Virginia tobacco commission for in-state students might just be at regional scholarship. But look within your community.

I’m sure there’s those big national scholarships. I didn’t apply for any of those personally, but I would say, look in your community. Okay. The next question is what are the types of electives that are most popular?

Electives as in like classes, class electives, I think. Yeah. Yeah. Say [00:27:00] that in terms of electives. I know a lot of people are interested in taking some like music classes as electives or even art classes. I believe some people also take certain classes in the kinesiology school, which I think you can take like a volleyball class or like a swimming class.

So sports oriented. I think people also take econ as an elective. I think that’s all I can remember off the top of my head. Yeah. May see if any others feel free to add. When I was there, everyone was really big into taking this one writing class called Dracula. And it was actually about Dracula.

Like they read the books, watch the movies that was their writing, like big writing class. There was also a really sought after class on the Holocaust which was, I unfortunately never took it, but apparently was the most incredible class. UVA has a lot of really unique classes, like just browsing their course lists.

You’ll be so amazed at the [00:28:00] things there might just be a class on say, Beyonce, that you can take that semester. And it’ll you might just talk about like pop culture and its influence and things like that. And it’s really incredible. Okay. The next question is what was your favorite class at UVA?

Mine actually ended up being abnormal psychology, just because I found it so interesting. I thought it was very easy. It just came, it came easy to me. I found it interesting. I’m working in medicine, so it’s great to know all of those like disorders. I loved that class.

Yeah, I think for me it would be so far a class I’m taking right now, which is called old Icelandic literature and translation. And that’s like a class I never thought I would have taken or, and it has no [00:29:00] relation to my major at all, but it’s like just really refreshing to learn about something really that you’ve never thought about before.

Okay. So what do internship opportunities look like at UCI?

You say internship. Yeah. I have found that most people go out into the community to find their internships are not necessarily something that you’re doing like under a UVA professor, per se. That might be something where research, but. I know a lot of people in the economics program or like in the comm school internships are huge.

They’re I think they’re actually required, especially in comm school. So those kids get these big fancy internships. And I think that the comm school has a lot of connections to set them up for those internships. I personally. Was required to do how did it [00:30:00] basically an internship, but it was mandatory shadowing at an orthopedic surgeon’s office for my fourth year in the kinesiology program which was so useful.

And I got to use it on my applications for graduate school. So UVA does have connections to be able to set you up with those nice interns. Okay. So the next question is where did you hang out on campus and off campus?

I haven’t gotten any chance to explore all of . But in terms of on-campus, I usually go to libraries to study and we have being three big ones that I can remember. One of them is under construction right now, but they’re all really. Which is for studying. Other than that, I usually hang out with some friends either in their dorms or apartments last year, of course.

And I often go to the corner, which is a really big, important part of many [00:31:00] students’ lives because it’s this street with a bunch of different restaurants. Stores. It’s basically just a nice student hub. That’s a little bit like a small town. And I also go to the downtown mall, which is another area in Charlottesville.

It’s very historic and cool to go to. And you can even see like a farmer’s market usually. And yeah, it’s just a really nice area around the school in general that that you can visit. There’s also lots of hiking spots.

Okay. So the next question is about campus inter or like college interviews. What types of questions do they ask in a dubious? And do you have any idea?[00:32:00]

I’m not sure if UVA’s Schools have in interviews necessarily. At least I didn’t get one when I applied, but I know sometimes where if you’re, if you want to apply to the comm school you need to, and you get deferred, you might need to do an interview in that case. Okay. This question is related.

What did the admissions process look like for you?

Go combining this question in the last I’m not, I think that if you’re a Jefferson scholar or an apple scholar, there might be an interview process with that. But I was neither of those. I just applied on the common app. Got my letter by email, my acceptance letter. And that was the, I mentioned the process for me.

I took my sat very standard common app. [00:33:00] Sat, wrote all my essays and got accepted via email.

Okay. The next question is, do you have any tests for the application process to studying and tips for staying on top of the academic.

For the application process, I would definitely say, do not wait until the last day. And definitely try not to even wait until the last week to start writing your essays because that gets really overwhelming and you really want to have some good time to revise and rewrite your essays if needed.

And same goes with studying and staying on top of the academics. I think that UVA is a pretty academically rigorous school. So I would advise being organized, keeping an agenda of, or using Google calendar to just mark your due dates and stay on top of those deadlines because they [00:34:00] can collect and be very overwhelmed.

The next question. Can you double major at UVA?

Yes, you can. I don’t know if there, there may be some majors that are more limited. There may be, don’t allow you to, I don’t know of any off the top of my head. I had plenty of friends who double majored at.

Okay. So we are partway through the Q and a right now as a quick break, I wanted to let you know what you can do after the panel to get help on your college apps and to get in touch with our Yulia advisors at bulls-eye. So people like Macy enraged job. As I was advising plans, the starter plan and the scholar plan, they’re both monthly subscriptions, but you get matched with an advisor.

And then you get one or two hours of one-on-one [00:35:00] advising each month. Advisors will work with you on crafting the perfect supplemental SS for UBI and your other applications. And sending everyone at this panel and author to get started. This offer links to our page to sign up and get started, or students up as I have had a ton of success working with an advisor.

This past admissions season, we had bulls-eye clients get into UBI and also a very top 25 school in the country. Our clients fade us 9.8 out of 10, and that’s because our advisors put a ton of care into working with you. One-on-one through every step of the application process. If you want to work with Macy or Rachel, this is a great opportunity to get help from them.

Okay. Now we’re going to go back to the Q and a, just a reminder. Anyone can post any question they have into the chat and we’ll answer them for you. Next [00:36:00] question is how are the many diverse viewpoints, different viewpoints shared at UV?

I would say mainly through Clubs probably. Because there’s, like I said, there’s a lot of different clubs for people with in different communities. So whether that means like sharing political of viewpoints or Talking about or sharing religious experiences, even there’s a lot of different opportunities for that.

And I would say that you guys, students are afraid to be vocal about their feelings in terms of, whether it be like within the university or just our society [00:37:00] in general.

Okay, this next question is related to that answer. What is your favorite club? You were a part of during your time today?

I was a part of a club. It was Madison House, through Madison House at UVA, which is a volunteer organization, there are a ton of different like volunteer clubs that you can sign up for. And I was a part of one that went to UVA hospital in the acute pediatric unit and spent time with actually three hours a week with children who were sick on the acute pediatric floor.

So I spent every Wednesday, all four years of college With the kids at UVA hospital. And that was a really great experience and also great for graduate school applications too.[00:38:00]

Okay. The next question is how are the dorms?

So first year dorms you get different styles of dorms. So there’s a hostile Durham, which is typically what you think of When you think of like a hotel, for example the hall of girls or guys share a bathroom all of these halls and dorms have an RA for each area usually. And you can also have a suite style dorm, which is the one I lived in.

And these storms are basically like little apartments without kitchens. You have a little common area as well as Three double rooms. And there’s also different kinds of residential colleges that you can choose to live in like the international residential college. And in general, I would say that for first year dorms, at least they’re really great place for bonding with your fellow first years.

And they’re all [00:39:00] pretty close to ground. So you won’t have that many issues getting to your classes.

Okay, the next question is there a Greek life that you’ve used?

Yes, there is. I wasn’t a part of Greek life. I had plenty of friends who were plenty who weren’t, I would say I feel like some people consider UVA to be somewhat of a Southern school. And in the sense of Greek life, I would not say we treat Greek life, like a Southern school. It’s not, yeah.

Huge at UVA. It’s definitely a part of the community. But it’s not like an end all be all. Or you have to be in a sorority or you have to be in a fraternity. You’re totally fine with, or without it, I think at UVA. Okay. Next question. How has adjusting to campus during freshman year?[00:40:00]

You said how was adjusting to campus? Yeah. I’d say that I honestly didn’t feel like I had a very hard time during my first year adjusting. It was definitely strange to be away from home for the first time by myself, but I think that UVA does a really good job of making sure that first years are involved.

And they know what’s going on. So there’s a lot of like activities directed towards first years. As well as a lot of upperclassmen who are always like willing to help you out if like you’re lost, for example. And yeah, I’d say that it’s not too bad of a transitioning or adjusting experience.

Okay, the next question is what extracurriculars do you think helps you get MTV?[00:41:00]

I touched on this earlier, but I, I mean throughout my whole life was really involved in dance and I was on a dance company. And that really took up all of my time. So I didn’t have a ton of extracurriculars that I was involved in other than dance. But I. Chose to use that as a strength and write mostly about that in my essays.

And I wrote about, like how dance has taught me discipline and time management and how to carry myself. And then even in one of my essays, it was like, describe. Something that inspires you. And I wrote about a choreography piece like mine. It was very dance central. So if you have something like that, I don’t think it’s, I don’t think it’s something where you have to like, list everything you’ve ever done to get into a school.

It’s more like having something that you’re really passionate about. It’s not a competition. It’s just like who you uniquely are.

Okay, good. Next question. [00:42:00] Do most people live on campus or off campus?

For the first year. So you have to live on campus, but after that, I think that most people live off grounds. I don’t remember the exact percentage, but a lot of people after their first year, just look for places to live that are around the school, but not necessarily affiliated with UVA.

Okay. The next question is how does AI interact with the surrounding community?

I think Madison House at UVA, the volunteer organization that I mentioned earlier does a really good job connecting UVA with the community. There are so many Like volunteer activities that you can participate in through Madison House, not just like healthcare related. I know I mentioned healthcare ones, but like recreational [00:43:00] therapy was a really popular one as well with the special Olympics going into schools, tutoring.

There’s so much you can do it in the community, through Madison House. And also in, in my major it was actually mandatory that we go into The community schools and help with adapted PE, which is physical education for kids with disabilities. So that was another way that UVA made us get involved with the community, but it was a great experience.

Okay. So to continue with our last round of QA, we’re going to start the speed round for Macy and Rachel, the advances will be a bit shorter and under a minute to go through as many as possible. Send any quick questions you have into the Q and a tab. The first one I’d see in his, what was your favorite?

UVA tradition

probably lighting up. Which is when they light up the rotunda two [00:44:00] musics. That’s a very cool event.

Yeah. I was going to say the same thing. Lighting in the lawn is incredible. It’s always so fun. Okay. This next question is directed at, you may see it. What do you miss most about using.

I really miss Charlottesville. Charlottesville has the best live music, the best wineries, vineyards, food coffee shops, everything about Charlottesville.

Okay, next question. How is the food on campus?

To be completely honest I wouldn’t say you’d be crazy. But I think that for what it is you got a pretty good selection of options. You have a lot of different dining halls to go to as well as food trucks, if you’re interested in that.

Okay. Next question. [00:45:00] Is it easy to meet people at UVA?

Yeah, I would say so I think it’s so different for everyone. Just depending on like how shy you are. That’s, that goes for anything, but it, yeah, it’s easy, but you have to put yourself out there a little bit. Just like with anything. Okay. This next question. Does it feel big or small? Like the size of the school?

I think.

Honestly, I feel like it is a big school, but I feel like once you find like your community you can, it feels a lot smaller, a lot closer than you see a lot of the same people in your classes after awhile. Yeah. The longer you’re there, the smaller it feels. Okay. Do you feel like you have good [00:46:00] relationships with your professors?

It depends on what kind of effort you put in to getting to know your professors? They have so many students, but I have a few professors from UVA that I still keep up with. And those were the ones that I did go to their office hours and make an effort to get to know them. So it really is up to you.

Okay, next question. What do you wish you had known before applying.

It’s a little hard for me to think of something. I guess maybe I would say, be with different [00:47:00] curriculums. Cause we have like traditional, which I don’t think they offer anymore. New college and forums, curriculums. I wish I knew a little bit more about those before applying so that I could evaluate UVA a little bit better having that knowledge.

Okay, the next question. Did you find classes harder than high school classes? Yes, 1000 billion percent.

Okay. Let me see if any more questions and.

Okay. And not seeing any more questions if you have any last ones, definitely send some in there. But I think that’s the end of our speed round. We’re about to wrap things up, but before I went to remind everyone what they can do after this [00:48:00] panel to work with a UC advisor on your application. In case you missed it earlier, I’m going to, based on the link where you can sign up for a bulls-eye advising plan and work with Macy, Rachel, or any other advisors.

Maybe see, Rachel, is there anything else that you want people who are considering applying to UVA to know that hasn’t come up yet?

Just go visit the campus if you can, and see if you get a good feeling there. It’s really beautiful. Walk into the libraries. They’re just like stunning so have so much history there. So go visit and see how you see it.

Yeah, [00:49:00] I totally agree with that. I wasn’t completely sure about UVA, but after I visited, I fell in love with the campus and the area around it. And I just felt that it was like the right place.

Okay. Great. So that is the end of a UVA panel. And that’s why then I will be in two days on Thursday from eight to 9:00 PM Eastern time on the plan. B’s and C’s the session will be led by Blair, who is a former admissions officer. So if you have unbalanced stats and have a question that you want to ask an admissions, this is a great session to attend.

I hope to see you all at that session. And thank you so much for coming to the Knights panel. I hope everyone takes care. Hi everyone. Thank you all for coming.[00:50:00]