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New York City, New York 2960 Broadway, New York, NY, 10027

Columbia University Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate 6%
Acceptance Deadline January 1

Where is Columbia University?

This prestigious Ivy League institution is located in the vibrant city of New York, specifically Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood. Established in 1754, the university has become a pillar of academic excellence, attracting students from around the globe. With its rich history and diverse community, Columbia University has earned its reputation as one of America’s top universities.

One may wonder, where is Columbia University located within the city? Nestled between the neighborhoods of Harlem and the Upper West Side, Morningside Heights is a hub of intellectual and cultural activity. The university’s campus spans 36 acres, and with its iconic architecture, it is a must-visit destination for visitors to Manhattan.

So, where is Columbia University located in relation to other parts of the city? The campus is easily accessible by public transportation, including subway lines and buses. It is only a few miles away from iconic New York landmarks, parks, and museums.

The answer to the question “Where is Columbia University?” is in the heart of New York City. Its prime location not only offers students an unparalleled academic experience but also immersion in the dynamic culture of NYC. Having an answer to the question “Where is Columbia University located?” will give you a better understanding of the school’s value.

What street is Columbia University on?

Columbia University is primarily located on Broadway. Broadway is one of the most famous streets in the city, known for its cultural, historical, and economic significance.

Where is Columbia University in relation to Broadway’s other notable sites? The university lies approximately 7 miles north of the iconic Times Square, another key landmark on Broadway. The street is renowned for its theaters, shopping, and dining experiences, which are accessible to Columbia students by bus or subway.

The history of Broadway is deeply intertwined with the question “Where is Columbia University?” The street was originally a Native American trail that evolved into a major thoroughfare as New York City grew. Broadway’s vibrant history has contributed to the development of Morningside Heights, fostering an intellectually stimulating environment for Columbia students and faculty.

Where is Columbia University located, and how has Broadway impacted its cultural significance? Columbia University’s presence on Broadway has helped cement its reputation as a prestigious institution. Its proximity to world-class theaters, museums, and galleries has nurtured a thriving arts community on Columbia’s campus.

Where is Columbia in NYC?

If you apply to this esteemed academic institution, answering “Where is Columbia University?” is important. So, where is Columbia University in the bustling cityscape of NYC? Columbia University’s position between Harlem and the Upper West Side offers students and faculty a diverse and stimulating environment. Morningside Heights is known for its intellectual atmosphere, with Columbia University as its centerpiece.

Where is Columbia University in relation to New York City’s iconic landmarks? The campus is just a few miles from Central Park, Times Square, and the Museum Mile. The Museum Mile refers to a row of world-renowned museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum. Columbia University’s location provides students with easy access to the city’s rich cultural offerings.

Is Columbia a good university?

This question often arises alongside “where is Columbia University?” Known for its academic excellence and prestigious reputation, Columbia places among the top universities in the United States and worldwide.

Consistently ranking among the top universities globally, Columbia University’s reputation reflects its outstanding academic programs, accomplished faculty, and exceptional research opportunities. The impressive Columbia University ranking attracts a diverse and talented student body.

In accordance with the institution’s prestige, Columbia University admissions are highly competitive. Prospective students are encouraged to submit a strong Columbia application showcasing their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities. A strong Columbia application is crucial for navigating the rigorous admissions process.

Columbia majors span a wide range of disciplines, from the humanities to the sciences. The comprehensive list of Columbia majors allows students to pursue their passions and develop their intellectual curiosity. You may be wondering, where is Columbia University ranked among institutions in the world? As a testament to its academic strength, it consistently ranks among the best universities—in the top 20 or better.

Given the competitive Columbia University admissions process and the high Columbia University ranking, Columbia is undeniably a good university. The extensive selection of majors ensures that students can receive a world-class education in any field. So, is Columbia a good university? Without a doubt. 

Columbia University Address

While “Where is Columbia University?” is easy to answer, visitors may need the Columbia University address. The Columbia University address is an essential piece of information for prospective students, visitors, and researchers alike.

Where is Columbia University exactly? Although the campus occupies 36 acres, the Morningside Heights Columbia University address is 116th St & Broadway, New York, NY 10027. Its location offers students and faculty easy access to prominent city landmarks on foot or by public transport.

The Columbia University address is situated in Manhattan’s Morningside Heights neighborhood, an area known for its intellectual and cultural vibrancy. The university’s location contributes significantly to the overall educational experience and opportunities available to its students. Note that this Columbia University address does not lead directly to the university’s medical center or observatory.

The Morningside Heights Columbia University address is easily accessible by various public transit options, including subway lines and buses. This connectivity makes the Columbia University address an ideal destination for students and visitors from different parts of the city.

How close is Columbia to NYU?

Columbia is one of many institutions in NYC. Where is Columbia University in relation to another prominent New York City institution, New York University (NYU)? Both universities are situated in Manhattan, but they are located in different neighborhoods. 

Where is Columbia University in terms of distance from NYU? The two campuses are approximately 6 miles apart, with NYU in downtown Manhattan. The different neighborhoods offer students unique cultural experiences and environments, but their proximity still fosters collaboration and interaction between the institutions.

Although situated in different parts of Manhattan, they are still relatively close to one another and mutually accessible. Columbia University is in Morningside Heights, as mentioned, and NYU is in Greenwich Village. Students can easily travel between the two locations using public transportation. The journey between the two campuses typically takes around 25-30 minutes by subway. This short commute allows students to explore the offerings of both institutions and the diverse neighborhoods they occupy.

In summary, where is Columbia located in relation to NYU? Both institutions are in Manhattan, with Columbia in Morningside Heights and NYU in Greenwich Village. Despite their different neighborhoods, the convenient public transportation options enable students to experience both campuses and their surroundings.

Visiting Columbia University in New York City

The best way to answer the question of “Where is Columbia located?” is by visiting NYC. So, where is Columbia University in relation to other NYC attractions? Morningside Heights provides easy access to most of New York’s famous landmarks and even the other boroughs. With innumerable cultural and academic opportunities in NYC, Columbia students can enrich their education in the city.

When planning a visit to Columbia in NYC, you might wonder, where is Columbia located relative to public transportation? The campus is well-connected to the city’s transportation network, with subways and buses making it easy to reach the university.

While exploring the Columbia University campus, it’s essential to remember where Columbia University is in the context of its surrounding neighborhood, Morningside Heights. This intellectual hub is home to several other notable institutions, such as the Union Theological Seminary and the Manhattan School of Music. Columbia students may meet students and faculty of these other institutions given their close proximity.

Visiting Columbia in NYC is an opportunity to explore the beautiful campus and learn about its academic programs. Visitors can take in the city’s iconic landmarks and attractions and answer the question “Where is Columbia located?” for themselves. In short, campus visits can be much more than a campus tour—especially in a city like New York.

Exploring Columbia University Campus 

Exploring the Columbia University campus is a captivating experience for those interested in the prestigious institution’s history, architecture, and culture. 

One of the Columbia University campus highlights is the iconic Low Memorial Library. With its stunning neoclassical architecture, it stands as the centerpiece of the campus. The library has contributed to Columbia’s grand, prestigious atmosphere for decades. In front of the library is Columbia’s famous Alma Mater statue. This personification of knowledge and learning is a popular photo spot for students and visitors.

Library lovers may visit Low before asking, “Where is Columbia University’s renowned Butler Library?” This impressive building houses a vast collection of resources and provides students with an inspiring space for study and research. It is Columbia University’s largest library, which features writings from the humanities and social sciences.

Where is Columbia University when it comes to green spaces on campus? The university features several picturesque spots, such as the College Walk and the expansive lawns. These areas provide students and visitors with a peaceful environment to relax and reflect.

In conclusion, where is Columbia University? It’s in the heart of New York City, offering a dynamic campus experience in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. Exploring the Columbia University campus reveals its stunning architecture, rich history, and lively atmosphere that defines this exceptional institution.

Columbia University Admissions

Columbia Tuition

Average Cost* $22,823
Average Total Aid Awarded $0
Students Receiving Financial Aid 0%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Columbia Classes

Student Faculty Ratio 6:1

Columbia Majors

Columbia University is an Ivy League private research institution located in New York City. The school’s prominent faculty and emphasis on global education have endowed it with worldwide acclaim. Each of the Columbia University majors provides students with unparalleled training in a variety of fields. These factors, along with the consistently high Columbia University ranking, make Columbia one of the best universities in New York

The Columbia enrollment makes the school a medium-sized university. However, with over 100 Columbia majors available, the school has all of the resources students could expect from any large institution. Columbia’s urban location allows students the opportunity to get valuable experience in all college majors through affiliated graduate schools, institutions, and centers. Additionally, all Columbia University majors are interdisciplinary, so students will have a broad foundation of knowledge. 

What is Columbia University known for?

Founded in 1754, Columbia University is one of the oldest colleges in the nation. The breadth of college majors has many students vying for admission. The undergraduate Columbia enrollment of 6,700 spans over more than 100 college majors. Additionally, the school’s 6:1 student-to-faculty ratio ensures personalized attention across all Columbia University courses. 

Located in New York City, Columbia University offers students bountiful opportunities in one of the nation’s largest cities. As an Ivy League university, Columbia admissions is highly selective. The Columbia University ranking is consistently high, and the acceptance rate was just under 4% for the most recent admissions cycle. 

As one of the eight Ivy League universities in the nation, Columbia receives universal acclaim. This prestige gives all Columbia majors elite status. 

The Columbia University majors span over 3 undergraduate schools, 13 graduate schools, 1 medical center, 4 affiliate colleges, 25 libraries, and over 100 research centers. Check out the different departments to see the list of Columbia majors offered. 

What major is Columbia University known for?

When it comes to Columbia University majors, and even the Columbia minors, there are so many options. One thing that all Columbia majors have in common is access to some of the best research facilities in the world. 

There is no one major that Columbia is known for. However, some popular Columbia majors include social sciences, engineering, computer science, and film. Beyond their specialized nature, the Columbia majors each give students an interdisciplinary education. 

Overall, Ivy League universities tend to provide liberal arts education. The Columbia University majors are no different, varying from human rights to chemistry. On the university’s website, students can view the different programs available. These include each of the Columbia majors, minors, and concentrations. 

College majors make up a big part of students’ Columbia University courses. However, students can also pursue many Columbia minors. A minor allows students to explore Columbia University courses in a different area. And, with so many Columbia University courses to choose from, many students opt to do so. According to the Columbia University requirements, students must complete 18 credit hours to earn a minor. The specific Columbia University courses available to meet those Columbia University requirements will vary based on the area of study. 

Check out the many Columbia minors available here

What majors does Columbia offer?

There are over 100 Columbia University majors and Columbia minors available. Columbia University also has various affiliated institutions in the city. That adds even more variety to the Columbia majors and programs. 

There are 21 different schools at Columbia University for both graduate and undergraduate studies. That being said, there are plenty of Columbia University majors to choose from. 

Here are some of the top Columbia University majors: 

  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Social sciences
  • History
  • English literature
  • Visual and performing arts
  • Neuroscience
  • Philosophy
  • Mathematics

The Columbia University ranking is #11 in Writing in the Disciplines, according to U.S. News. That means that all of the Columbia University majors stress the importance of creating and refining different types of writing for various audiences. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Columbia is also one of the best universities in the nation for English majors. 

Check out the full list of Columbia majors offered. 

Many prospective students don’t know what to major in. It’s important to note that applicants don’t need to be set on college majors when applying. Deciding what to major in is a big decision. However, the great part about all of the college majors at Columbia is that they are interdisciplinary.

According to the Columbia University requirements, students have until spring semester of their sophomore year to choose what to major in. 

What are popular majors at Columbia?

Out of all the Columbia University majors, there isn’t one major that this Ivy League school is known for. With over 100 Columbia majors offered, the school shines in a variety of fields. However, there are some specific Columbia University popular majors. 

According to Niche, the Columbia University most popular majors are computer science, economics, and political science & government. 

While computer science topped the list, students can also pursue other Columbia engineering majors. Students interested in gaining a Bachelor of Science in engineering have 18 Columbia engineering majors to choose from. Rather than take on the Columbia engineering majors, students interested in science could also explore Columbia University courses in over 30 different Columbia minors in engineering. Check out the full list of Columbia majors for engineering for more info. 

While the Columbia University popular majors attract the most attention, the school offers strong programs across all fields. So, students should not feel constrained by the Columbia University popular majors. Of course, choosing what to major in is a personal decision that may not coincide with the Columbia University popular majors. 

Additionally, Columbia is considered one of the best pre-med schools in the nation. Although there’s no designated pre-med major, advisors help students complete the Columbia University requirements needed to move on to med school.  

That being said, there are so many Columbia University majors, ranging across the arts and sciences. Students also have the unique opportunity to combine Columbia minors and courses offered at affiliate institutions. This way, Columbia University majors can be crafted to each student’s interests and needs, all while meeting the Columbia University requirements. 

Columbia Majors And Minors: More Information

No matter if you choose one of the Columbia University popular majors, you’re guaranteed a strong education in any of the Columbia majors and Columbia minors. Each of the Columbia University courses offers students something new. 

However, the Columbia University majors are not the only thing to consider in the admissions process. After all, Columbia admissions is extremely selective. After all, according to U.S. News, the Columbia University ranking is #18 in National Universities. So, in order to study one of the many Columbia University majors, prospective students will need an impressive application.

Additionally, Columbia has recently decided to go permanently test-optional. Test-optional colleges don’t require applicants to submit standardized tests when applying. However, high scores could still impress Columbia admissions. 

Columbia University Majors – Final Thoughts

As with all college majors, students should check out the Columbia enrollment requirements when ready to do so. Requirements will likely vary depending on the different college majors. And remember, Columbia admissions is selective. This means that applicants of all college majors (even undecided) should craft the most compelling application possible. 

Overall, the Columbia college majors will meet each student’s needs. As a world-renowned research institution with international faculty at the top of their industries, students will receive one of the best educations in the nation in any major. 

Most Popular Majors
  • Economics
  • Computer Science
  • Political Science and Government
  • Research and Experimental Psychology
  • History
  • English
  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Neuroscience and Neurobiology
  • Sociology

Columbia University Online

Offers Online Courses No

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Columbia Enrollment

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Stanford University

Hi! I’m Adonis, a 3rd-year PhD student studying Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine. I graduated from Stanford in 2021 with a degree in Biology, focusing on microbes and immunity. Initially, I entered college as a pre-med student and completed the first two years of pre-med coursework before discovering my passion for biomedical sciences and deciding to pursue a PhD. Throughout my undergraduate years, I conducted research on viruses and vaccines at renowned institutions, including Stanford, the Pasteur Institute in France, the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in San Francisco, and Genentech. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of the field and a global perspective on biomedical research. Before joining CollegeAdvisor, I worked at CollegeVine for two years, where I helped students secure admissions to prestigious schools like Stanford, Brown, and UC Berkeley. I’m here to answer your questions about the college application process, campus life, interviews, internships, studying abroad, and more. I’m excited to meet you all and am committed to being highly accessible as we work together to find your dream school!

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My journey in higher education started at my undergraduate institution, Stony Brook University, where I worked as a tour guide for 3 years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Immediately after, I earned a Master of Arts in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. I have over 7 years of experience working in both undergraduate and graduate admissions. While completing my Master's program, I simultaneously worked at Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. I have also worked at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, Baruch College, and Vassar College. Through my roles, I have always been a champion for increasing and retaining students of underrepresented backgrounds. I served on various committees for diversity recruitment and pioneered campus-wide programming highlighting the unique aspects of each institution. Outside of work, I like to spend my time with my family. I enjoy traveling, visiting quirky bookstores, and trying new food. I've been to 17 countries so far. I'm a native New Yorker and can tell you without a doubt, we have one of the best food scenes around! My goal is to equip students and families with quality and valuable information to make the best decision regarding college selection. This is an exciting time, yet it can also be overwhelming. I work hard to demystify the admissions process to make it as seamless as possible. In my role, I will assist you in finding the college that best aligns with your values and goals, and preparing the best application that best represents you.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

As of 2024, I have earned a B.A. in Economics and German with a minor in Music from Kalamazoo College and a M.S. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy at Michigan State University (MSU). My career in college admissions began soon after graduating from Kalamazoo College in 2016. I served as a college advisor within Michigan College Access Network (MCAN), a statewide policy program affiliated with Americorps intended to boost postsecondary enrollment in the state of Michigan. In that role, I acted as the personal advisor for a high school of approximately 400 students for two years. I provided one-on-one meetings, lectures on student loans and financial literacy, organized scholarship nights, college fairs, resume building, essay writing, and much more. After my two-year term limit through Americorps expired, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin for two years to complete my M.S. in Economics where I also joined the UW-Madison admissions office as a Graduate Admissions Officer. At UW, I evaluated applications from around the world, provided customer services through phone, email, and in-person, and helped work recruiting events around campus. My time between both positions elucidated my understanding of the college admissions process from both sides and compelled me to take my knowledge and understanding towards research. The next logical step for that entailed beginning my doctorate at MSU in 2020, so in addition to working for, I am currently working on my dissertation at MSU. My dissertation topic concerns postsecondary access and equity in the United States, particularly in Michigan where I am using econometric and qualitative research methods to analyze the efficacy of various college access programs. As a returning college advisor and admissions officer, I loved my work then and I am excited to get back into it. Know that if you have me as an advisor or officer, I will work with you to the best of my ability to help you achieve your dreams both in college and beyond. As a college advisor, I worked tirelessly to make sure every graduating senior had a solid plan, and as an admissions officer, I made sure every question was answered thoroughly and applications were fully considered. It brings me joy when former students reach out to share something, ask for advice, or just say thank you. So, thank you for considering me and I look forward to working with you!

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Columbia University

In 2022, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. While at Columbia, I worked with graduating high school seniors and incoming Columbia first-years to improve their chances not only of getting into Columbia but thriving there once they were accepted. Some of this work included essay editing, a role with which I was very familiar, given my experience as the Senior Editor of the Columbia University neuroscience journal—Grey Matters. Other aspects of this mission included helping students decide what major they should choose, guiding students through course selection, and advising students on necessary steps for their career paths, both through and after college.

Having completed a double major in Psychology and Hispanic Studies and nearing completion of my Master's in Cognitive Neuroscience, I am very familiar with both the Humanities and STEM subjects. In my time at Columbia, I advised students who entered a myriad of disciplines such as Computer Science, Political Science, Human Rights, Medicine, Law, and Neuroscience. My mission as a Pre-Med Specialty Advisor is to understand the interests and goals of the student and to help them understand and complete the necessary steps and commitments that those goals will require of them. Every student is unique, and in working to highlight that unique potential, I strive to make this sometimes overwhelming process as clear and goal-oriented as possible.

As mentioned, I am currently completing my M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience and soon will move to Texas to begin my new job in a psychophysiology lab at Texas A&M. I love what I do, and I have a passion for grounding science and medicine in a framework of cultural competency and social wellbeing. My ultimate goal is to complete my PhD in Clinical Psychology and work as a clinical neuropsychologist, and when I'm not working toward that, you can find me baking for friends and reading.

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Hello! My name is Sydney, and I am a proud Midwest native, first-generation college student, and Tar Heel! I received a B.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Environmental Management (MEM) from Duke University. As a high school senior, I was accepted into all 13 schools I applied to and I earned over $1.7 million in college scholarships, including the prestigious national Gates Millennium Scholarship and Morehead-Cain Scholarship at UNC. Along with being a Senior Advisor with, I am also a Webinar Moderator. I used my undergraduate experience as a time to explore different subject areas. I entered college with the hopes of attending veterinary school, so I am familiar with pre-health tracks and requirements. During a required introductory computer science class, I fell in love with programming and ended up pursuing a minor in Computer Science and working as a Teaching Assistant for several semesters. I also earned a minor in Education because of my passion for educational equity and access. Outside of my academics, I played club rugby and acted in Company Carolina productions. After graduating in December 2020, I applied to a variety of marine and environmental science graduate programs at schools like Scripps Institute of Oceanography at UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, and University of Miami. I ultimately decided to go back to North Carolina where I pursued a Master of Environmental Science with a specialization in Coastal Environmental Management at the Duke University Marine Lab. My Master's Project compiled community art projects and individuals' creative representations of the word "entanglement" for a digital zine. I also have experience with research, as I have traveled to places like the Galapagos and Australia to work in the field on a range of research projects. Currently, I have a science communications fellowship with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). I am excited to work alongside students to showcase their authentic self to colleges and can't wait to see all of the amazing schools they are accepted to!

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Yale University

As a first-generation college student, I understand how daunting the college admissions process may seem to those who have no experience with it. Despite the challenges I encountered, I was admitted to every college I applied to and learned how the process works along the way. I bring my past advising experiences helping students draft and write essays, create college application plans, and manage their time to my role as an Advisor. The pride in seeing my students succeed makes me excited to help you on your journey to college. I believe that behind every successful student there are individuals who have helped them find and express their voice, and I can’t wait to work with you to accomplish this!

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Princeton University

Hello! My name is Nathanael, and I graduated from Princeton University in 2022 with a degree in International Affairs and Public Policy. I am pursuing a Masters in Public Policy (MPP)at the University of Oxford in England and will be headed to Harvard Medical School in the fall. In addition to exploring different academic disciplines during my time at Princeton, I also worked as a tutor, academic advisor, and college counselor. I tutored Organic Chemistry and Introductory Physics, and I served as a learning consultant and held weekly one-on-one consultations with students to help them develop personalized learning, time management, and exam preparation strategies. Lastly, I worked with various college access programs and helped numerous students gain admissions to schools such as Princeton, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins. I can't wait to help you navigate the college application process as well and support you in any way I can!

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Hi everyone! My name is Mattia Mahmoud, and I am a Harvard College graduate (Class of 2020) and a current MD/PhD student at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. I am excited to help students get accepted into their dream colleges! I have extensive experience in advising premed and public health students about college decisions, essay editing, standardized test prep, and preparation for college interviews. I know that the college admissions process can seem very daunting, but I am here to both alleviate the fears of and instill confidence in parents and students that a top tier school is in reach for them!

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Princeton University

My name is Manuel Stefano Castaño. I am an international student that graduated with honors from the B.A. Politics program in Princeton University, and with the LExS Award in the M.P.A. program in Leiden University in The Hague, Netherlands. I am currently a PhD Candidate at the same school. Throughout my academic career, I have been fortunate to have won multiple awards and honors. I have been advising high school, university, and adult applicants for over 7 years, specializing in College Admissions Counseling, Applications, Essays, English/Verbal sections of standardized testing (ACT, GRE, etc.), Interviews, and related areas. I have helped applicants stand out and be accepted into schools like Harvard, Columbia, U Chicago, Berkeley, and UCLA, amongst others. During my time at Princeton University, I founded the "College Crash Course," a service initiative in cooperation with an NGO called MIRA USA. This was a service initiative based on helping vulnerable student populations understand the application process and succeed in it. I worked as the coordinator of this program for four years, helped hundreds of students apply to their choice universities, and it is still running to this day. Outside of College Advising, I am a self-motivated and results-oriented international consultant, political advisor, editor, writer, translator, and interpreter with knowledge and experience in national and international governance. I have professional experience with international organizations like the United Nations, as well as political parties in Colombia. I have founded and led public service projects, as well as cooperated with NGOs in various human-rights related programs. Facilitating intergovernmental cooperation, sacrifice, and change through diplomacy to increase the normative and socio-political legitimacy of people's welfare are my prime motivators. I was born in Colombia in 93', where my mother and I escaped the Armed Conflict in 99'. Knowing the struggle of those who are most vulnerable, my passions are justice, peace, and honest governance.

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CollegeAdvisor Reviews from students accepted to Columbia University

Nico Gentile
Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Throughout my time applying to colleges my advisor was always there to look over and essay and provide me with amazing feedback! I am so grateful for all the work and advice that my advisors gave me when applying to college!

Kalyani Valiyaveettil
Columbia University

CollegeAdvisor’s tremendous resources and committed advisors helped make the application process stress-free. I was able to customize the service and create an environment in which I work best. Through hours of essay editing, not only did I grow as a writer but I became more self-aware, learning the value of my experiences. As a look back, I am proud of all the work my advisor, Zoe, and I were able to accomplish together.

Liyuan Zhang

It’s a great honor to have help through the platform of CollegeAdvisor and work with the most experienced advisors during this year’s application season. I’ve actively recommended CollegeAdvisor to juniors in my high school.

Iyanuloluwa Dare

When I reached out to CollegeAdvisor, they supported me with their program and helped me through the signup step-by-step. I was matched with my mentor. She helped me realize my best fit and find my authentic voice through my passions, experiences and challenges. She encouraged me to weave these experiences into my essays which made them stand out. She went above and beyond to support me through the stressful time of college applications and I am so appreciative of how this program supported me into getting into some amazing schools.

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