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University of Florida Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate 30%
Acceptance Deadline March 1

University of Florida Tuition

Many students will consider the cost of University of Florida tuition when applying to University of Florida Admissions. The cost of University of Florida tuition, room, and board will depend on a few factors. This includes where students are applying from and whether they receive any University of Florida financial aid or UF scholarships.

University of Florida tuition will vary based on where students live. If a student lives in Florida, they are “in-state.” If they do not live in Florida, they’re “out-of-state.” Generally, the University of Florida out-of-state cost is higher than the cost of University of Florida tuition for in-state students. Additionally, the University of Florida tuition for international students may differ from the domestic University of Florida tuition costs. 

Tuition costs are an influential factor for many students in deciding where they want to attend college. UF tuition costs, financial aid, fees, and other costs of living will influence students’ ability to study at UF.

How much is UF Tuition?

For an out-of-state undergrad, the University of Florida tuition is $28,658. However, the University of Florida tuition does not represent the total cost of attending UF. Other costs involved include transportation, supplies, and housing. UF estimates housing costs to be an added $11,500 per year. University of Florida tuition also includes certain fees.

UF is ranked #29 in National Universities, and the University of Florida acceptance rate is 30%. To attend one of the best colleges in Florida, the University of Florida tuition fees are relatively affordable. This is true even when compared to other top-tier universities—especially for Florida residents.

Compared to other similarly-ranked universities, the University of Florida tuition is much more affordable. Tufts University, which is ranked #32, has yearly tuition and fees of $65,222. The University of Southern California is ranked #25 nationally and has tuition costs of $64,726. In terms of tuition, the University of Florida provides a more affordable option to receive a high-ranking education.

For in-state students, University of Florida tuition is only $6,380. Paying for college can be a struggle for many students. Attending an in-state college can be a way to pay less for your college experience. There are many public colleges that feature rigorous academics, exciting research, and prestigious faculty. Public universities also often feature lower tuition than private colleges, especially for in-state students. This enables students to pursue a world-class education at a lower price. 

Other University of Florida Tuition Fees

There are other costs involved when calculating the overall University of Florida tuition. The cost of attendance includes University of Florida tuition room and board, and other fees. That means the total University of Florida tuition and associated costs will be higher than the baseline University of Florida tuition price.

On the website for the University of Florida tuition, tuition is listed as “tuition/fees.” Most denotations of the University of Florida tuition will also include fees. These UF tuition fees, like the health fee or non-resident fee, are part of your overall UF tuition. 

The University of Florida tuition cost includes the cost of UF tuition fees such as those listed above. University of Florida tuition fees are not generally exorbitant. So, you won’t be shocked by the true cost of your University of Florida tuition.

What is University of Florida cost for out of-state?

The University of Florida cost out of-state is higher than the cost for in-state students. The University of Florida cost out of-state is $28,658. This is much higher than the University of Florida cost for in-state students. 

UF tuition fees will vary based on whether you are located in or outside of Florida. However, once a student has attended UF for one semester, they can apply to change their residency status. This means that if a student moves to Florida to attend UF, they can register to be a Florida resident. They then qualify for in-state UF tuition. 

Even for out-of-state students, the cost to attend the University of Florida is lower than many other similarly ranked universities. Students looking to attend a large research university in a beautiful climate may imagine attending the University of Florida. UF’s relatively affordable tuition prices could make that dream a reality—even if the student is located out of state. 

Students may want to calculate the cost for a specific University of Florida tuition plan. To do this, students can use the University of Florida’s student fee calculator. To find more information on the University of Florida cost out-of-state, look to the University of Florida website. 

University of Florida Tuition for International Students

The University of Florida tuition for international students is the same for students who are out of state. The UF tuition fees are part of the University of Florida tuition for international students. International students must also pay for housing and other additional costs. 

Many US universities feature similar pricing for international students as they do for domestic students. The University of Florida is no exception: the UF tuition for international students is $28,658. (The same price as tuition for out-of-state students from elsewhere in the U.S.)

However, unlike a regular out-of-state student, changing residency status for an international student would be more difficult. Student visas complicate the citizenship process, and the experience could differ depending on an individual’s circumstances. The process won’t be like a U.S. citizen who moves to Florida to take advantage of the in-state tuition. An international student may have to pay full price despite living in Florida during their years as an undergraduate. 

Aside from the University of Florida, there are other cheap universities for international students located in Florida. 

How much does it cost to go to UF for 4 years?

The average net cost for one year of University of Florida tuition is $10,457 after scholarships and grants. There are multiple different types of aid students can receive to alleviate the cost of the University of Florida tuition. This includes UF scholarships!

The average net cost of one year of University of Florida tuition is $10,457. That means the cost for four years would be $41,828. 

In order to take advantage of scholarships, students can apply Regular Decision to colleges like the University of Florida. Applying Early Decision doesn’t allow students to compare scholarships and financial aid packages. Applying Regular Decision will give students the freedom to choose whether the University of Florida tuition is a good deal.

University of Florida Tuition Takeaways

Overall, the University of Florida tuition room and board are fairly affordable. University of Florida tuition cost will vary based on whether students are in-state or out-of-state. Generally, UF tuition fees will be included in the overall calculation. UF scholarships and University of Florida financial aid are awarded to some students based on need and merit. These awards can help students pay for their cost of living. This includes University of Florida tuition room and board, UF tuition fees, supplies, and transportation. 

The University of Florida acceptance rate is 30%, making it a most selective university. To maximize their chances of University of Florida admissions, students should work on creating strong supplemental essays and striving for a high GPA.

Average Cost* $5,135
Average Total Aid Awarded $13,321
Students Receiving Financial Aid 52.02%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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University of Florida Classes

Student Faculty Ratio 17:1

UF Majors

The University of Florida is a large public institution with over 34,000 undergraduate students. UF is located in Gainesville, FL, which is considered one of the best college towns in the nation. Given its size, it’s no surprise there are many UF majors and UF minors for students to choose from.

Students enrolled at UF can explore 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The University of Florida majors range from the sciences to liberal arts. All University of Florida majors provide students the opportunity to take rigorous courses with small class sizes. There is a 17:1 student to faculty ratio among all of the 16 academic colleges and learning centers available to UF students. 

How many majors does UF have?

There are 147 UF majors in the fields of humanities and letters, social and behavioral sciences, and science and engineering. As a large, public university, students will have many options for their studies. They can choose from many UF majors and UF minors as well as specialized concentrations. Once students declare their University of Florida majors, they will belong to one of the university’s 14 different colleges.  

UF majors will represent students’ main study interests and therefore will be the core of their curriculum. UF minors are a great way for students to explore another academic area of interest. Most commonly, students will go into further employment or graduate school within the area of their studied UF majors. However, UF minors can help make students more competitive in the workforce or when applying to graduate school.

In addition to their college majors, students can add on about 145 UF minors. The UF course catalog provides information on the many UF majors and UF minors that students may declare. UF minors won’t affect the college that you belong to; that’s determined by your major. You can check out the full list of majors and their respective college here

What major is UF known for?

The university isn’t necessarily known for any one major. There are well over 100 University of Florida majors to choose from. Certainly, like with all college majors, some are more popular than others. However, any of the college majors available will provide students with a great education in that field. 

The University of Florida ranking is #29 in National Universities and #5 in Top Public Schools. UF rankings can show us how UF majors and programs compare to other schools in the nation. UF majors rank #33 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, #10 in Accounting, #10 in Marketing, #8 in Real Estate, and #22 in Nursing

Determining what to major in will require more than knowing the University of Florida ranking by major. You should choose a major that interests you, lends to your strengths, and has exciting career potential for you. Students with many academic interests can add on UF minors to their majors for an even more interdisciplinary education. 

Exploring UF Undergraduate Catalog

The UF course catalog is where you’ll find all the information on the many University of Florida majors, minors, certificates. The UF course catalog also gives information on University of Florida admissions, deadlines, and requirements for different UF majors. 

When you’re a freshman at UF, you don’t have to immediately declare one of the UF majors. UF gives the option of declaring “Exploratory.” This means that you have three semesters to take different courses before officially declaring one of the UF majors. However, if you know your major, then you can declare right away. That way, you can start taking courses in your specific field. 

Students may choose to add UF minors to their major or even opt for a dual degree. This means that rather than adding on UF minors to one major, students will have two majors in different colleges. However, students interested in this option must complete a dual degree University of Florida application for dual majors. The decision will then be left to the discretion of the colleges. 

What are University of Florida’s popular majors?

As previously stated, there are 147 UF majors for students to choose from. Some University of Florida majors are more popular than others. Here are the 5 most popular UF majors, according to U.S. News

  • Engineering. Engineering college majors at UF have 15 degree programs to choose from. There is also a graduate engineering program. 
  • Business, Management, and Marketing. With accounting and marketing among the top ranking programs, it may be no surprise that this is among the most popular UF majors. 
  • Biological and Biomedical Sciences. UF majors in the sciences are given access to some of the best public research institutions in the nation. 
  • Social Sciences. Geography, history, women’s studies, sociology and political science are just some of the many UF majors that fall within this category of popular college majors. 
  • Health Professions. The University of Florida ranking for nursing is quite high nationally. Naturally, college majors within the health field are popular amongst UF students. 

Most of the majors can also serve as UF minors as well. However, the difference between UF minors and majors are the amount of courses in each field.

How to choose your University of Florida major and minor

When thinking about what to major in, you’ll want to consider your areas of interest. The University of Florida is one of the best schools in Florida. So, there will be no shortage of University of Florida majors and minors to choose from. 

To help you decide, start by creating a list of areas of study interest. Then use the UF undergraduate catalog to explore the types of courses each of the UF majors of interest require. This will help you narrow down your UF majors. For example, if you don’t enjoy mathematics, then you’ll want to rule out popular majors such as accounting and engineering. 

Take advantage of the option to declare “exploratory” for your first few semesters. Use this time to take different courses from your top choices of college majors on the UF majors list. You’ll be able to understand the types of courses you enjoy and excel in. 

Finally, beyond exploring the UF course catalog, you’ll want to investigate potential career options in your field. Think about the type of lifestyle you’d like to have in the future. Then decide if the career options fit your preferences and goals. 

The University of Florida also offers resources and counseling on choosing a major. Freshman who are deciding their major should take advantage of the ample guidance the university supplies. 

University of Florida Majors – Final Thoughts 

It’s clear from the extensive UF majors list that there will be plenty of study options should you be accepted to UF. While you don’t need to be sure before you apply, take time to explore UF’s majors and minors. Having a sense of your academic areas of interest can be helpful when crafting your application.

As one of the top public universities in the nation, University of Florida admissions is selective. Hopeful applicants should prepare accordingly when completing their University of Florida applications. This means creating an intriguing application narrative through extracurriculars and essays as well as grades. 

Have more questions about UF majors and the application process? Check out our CollegeAdvisor resources, such as essay samples, the guide on how to get accepted to UF, and the UF application article.

Most Popular Majors
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Finance
  • Political Science and Government
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Radio and Television

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