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Carnegie Mellon Ranking – Introduction

Carnegie Mellon University is an elite private research institution located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with an undergraduate population of about 14,000 students from all over the world. The Carnegie Mellon ranking in U.S. News is #22 nationally. Additionally, the Carnegie Mellon ranking is #3 Most Innovative Schools. So, it’s no wonder that many high school seniors have their eye on this top-ranked university. 

However, when building your college list, it’s important to determine what factors matter most to you. High college rankings are beneficial to universities since it often means they receive more funding. Still, a ranking may not be a significant factor when determining your college fit. 

We’ll take a look at the Carnegie Mellon ranking in Forbes, the Carnegie Mellon ranking in U.S. News, and the Carnegie Mellon ranking in Wall Street Journal. That way, we’ll learn what different rankings from different sources mean. Now, let’s dive deeper into understanding the Carnegie Mellon University ranking and how it pertains to your college search

What is Carnegie Mellon ranked nationally?

The Carnegie Mellon ratings are high on a variety of different lists.

Most notably, according to U.S. News, the national Carnegie Mellon Ranking is #22 

But, when talking about the Carnegie Mellon University ranking, it’s important to understand the significance of a college ranking in general. After all, different sources use different metrics to calculate the Carnegie Mellon ratings. For example, U.S. News will use different criteria to determine national college rankings than Niche. And, logically, the Carnegie Mellon ranking in world lists will differ from national lists.

When talking about the Carnegie Mellon University ranking, it’s important to acknowledge that there are seemingly infinite college ranking lists out there. So, when using the Carnegie Mellon rankings as a determining factor in the college application and decision process, it’s good to know how they vary.

The Carnegie Mellon ranking in U.S. News is #22 nationally. Similarly, the Carnegie Mellon ranking in Wall Street Journal is #21. However, the Carnegie Mellon ranking in Forbes is slightly lower–#59

We’ll get into the differences in these lists shortly. But, while Forbes and WSJ are reputable sources, U.S. News is known as the best source for national college rankings. All organizations use different factors to determine their “best colleges” lists, which we’ll touch on later in this article. 

Is Carnegie Mellon an Ivy League?

According to U.S. News, Carnegie Mellon is ranked #22 on its national college rankings list. That’s a pretty high ranking, and combined with the low Carnegie Mellon acceptance rate, you may wonder if this elite university is an Ivy League school. 

Carnegie Mellon is not considered one of the eight Ivy League schools. However, that doesn’t make Carnegie Mellon any less prestigious. While the Ivy League colleges are famous for their excellent academic programs and rich histories, their position in the Ivy League doesn’t make them inherently better than CMU—or any school. 

In fact, many of CMU’s programs outrank those of Ivy League institutions. Carnegie Mellon recently ranked #1 in eight specialty areas: artificial intelligence, computer engineering, cybersecurity, management information systems, mobile/web applications, programming languages, software engineering, and quantitative analysis. The Carnegie Mellon ranking as Most Innovative School is #3. Additionally, the Carnegie Mellon ranking in world lists is quite high—globally, Carnegie Mellon ranks #28

So, while not an Ivy League school, the Carnegie Mellon ranking in world and national best colleges lists make it a top school. With that in mind, you’re probably curious about the Carnegie Mellon acceptance rate. The acceptance rate is quite competitive at 14%

What exactly does that mean for you and your how to get into Carnegie Mellon plan? Understanding things like ratings and acceptance rates can be confusing. Read more about how they play into the admissions process. 

Is Carnegie Mellon prestigious?

One reason why you might confuse Carnegie Mellon or an Ivy League is because it is essentially as prestigious as one—without, of course, the fancy title. The Carnegie Mellon University ranking is high, and the acceptance rate is low. While the Carnegie Mellon rankings shouldn’t be the only factor when considering its prestige, the national Carnegie Mellon ranking does show that it’s one of the best schools in the nation. 

Students intrigued by the high Carnegie Mellon ranking will be pleased to find that it has a low student-to-faculty ratio in each of its seven schools. CMU encourages students to be curious and passionate in order to find innovative solutions to real-world problems. Students have academic freedom when it comes to their studies and can take courses from varying disciplines. CMU also acknowledges that “education can’t be summed up by numbers alone.” So, when considering adding CMU to your college list, remember that there’s much more to the university than just the Carnegie Mellon ranking. 

To impress the CMU admissions team, you’ll need stellar essays, a high GPA, and a strong application narrative. Learn more about the admissions process in order to make sure your college application stands out at this elite university.

Demystifying college rankings

Carnegie Mellon ranking

We know that the Carnegie Mellon University ranking is high. But what exactly does that mean? How is the Carnegie Mellon ranking determined? 

Just like with other college resources, when considering the Carnegie Mellon ranking, you need to think about the source this ranking comes from and how it relates to you. 

You shouldn’t make your college decisions based on rankings alone. While Princeton, an Ivy League University, is ranked #1 in the nation, it doesn’t necessarily make it your top school. Similarly, a lower-ranked university could be the best college fit for you depending on your interests and needs. 

When considering the Carnegie Mellon ranking, don’t forget to look at the big picture. How do the school’s size and location feel to you? What’s the program like for your intended major? How do you feel on campus? These are things that the Carnegie Mellon ranking just won’t be able to tell you. 

Top sources for college rankings

Now, when it comes to college rating lists, they certainly aren’t all created equal. U.S. News and World Report is the leader in the college ranking business and is a safe go-to when looking for a reputable ranking source. 

The criteria for the Carnegie Mellon University ranking will vary depending on the source. In general, when ranking colleges, these sources consider graduation and retention rate, graduate performance, academic reputation, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources, and graduate indebtedness. Organizations also used to highly consider factors such as standardized testing. However, with more schools moving toward a test-optional admissions framework, the ranking systems have adapted accordingly. 

As mentioned, the qualifiers used to determine the Carnegie Mellon ranking could leave out important factors for you. As you begin your college search, you shouldn’t only rely on things like college rankings and acceptance rates. Rankings can help give you a starting point as long as you understand each list’s criteria. Then, do your own research in order to determine your own Carnegie Mellon ranking in terms of your college list. 

Still curious about how college rankings work? Check out this article to learn more. 

Where can I find Carnegie Mellon rankings I can trust?

As you’ve probably noticed, there are many college rankings lists out there. So, which Carnegie Mellon rankings should you trust? 

As we discussed, U.S. News has been ranking colleges for the longest amount of time. As such, many individuals and institutions hold the U.S. News college rankings in high regard. U.S. News considers a number of factors when creating its national college rankings list. They use ten criteria, ranging from undergraduate academic reputation to average alumni giving rate. Each factor carries a different amount of weight. Read more about how U.S. News calculates its rankings.

Forbes college rankings is another reputable source when considering the Carnegie Mellon ranking. However, you may notice quite a difference between the Forbes college rankings and U.S. News college rankings. While the Carnegie Mellon University ranking in U.S. News is #22, the Forbes college rankings place it at #59. 

These Carnegie Mellon rankings differ because U.S. News and Forbes use considerably different criteria to build their lists. For example, Forbes considers alumni salary, whereas U.S. News doesn’t have a designated section for that. 

The Wall Street Journal college rankings are also one of our trusted sources. The WSJ college rankings are determined by different factors from four areas: outcomes, resources, engagement, and environment. However, the Carnegie Mellon ranking from WSJ is quite close to the Carnegie Mellon ranking in U.S. News. The Wall Street Journal college rankings place the Carnegie Mellon University ranking at #21.

Carnegie Mellon Ranking vs. Johns Hopkins Ranking

carnegie mellon ranking

When considering the Carnegie Mellon ranking, it makes sense to look at other comparable university’s rankings. Johns Hopkins University, like CMU, is a leading and prestigious research institution. While Carnegie Mellon is known for its science and technology programs, JHU is known for its science and engineering programs. Logically, when considering one, it makes sense to look at the other. 

The U.S. News College rankings place Johns Hopkins much higher on their list at #7. However, if we look at the Most Innovative Schools, the U.S. News college rankings tell us that Carnegie Mellon stacks up better than Johns Hopkins. The Carnegie Mellon ranking on that list is #3 while JHU is #10. 

When comparing the JHU ranking and the Carnegie Mellon ranking, make sure to consider your specific needs and interests. Both universities will provide students with a high-quality education. That’s why you should keep in mind other important factors when comparing colleges

Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Ranking

Known for its science and technology programs, it makes sense to look at the Carnegie Mellon ranking specific to these areas. According to U.S. News, the Carnegie Mellon University ranking for Best Computer Science schools is #4. MIT, Stanford, and UC Berkeley rank higher at a three-way tie for the coveted #1 position. 

Within more specific areas of computer science, the Carnegie Mellon ranking is impressive. The Carnegie Mellon University ranking in artificial intelligence and programming language is #1. It’s evident that CMU is considered a top university nationally and globally within the spheres of science and technology. 

carnegie mellon ranking

Carnegie Mellon Rankings and You

When looking at the many college ranking lists, it’s important to understand that the Carnegie Mellon ranking isn’t the most important factor when determining the best colleges for you. 

As you research colleges, consider factors such as location, size, student life, and academic programs. If you plan to major in the fine arts, then a top school in computer sciences isn’t exactly relevant. To find your dream school, look at the big picture, not just the stats. 

It’s easy to get caught up in prestige and rankings when looking for potential colleges. However, try to block out all that ranking noise when making a final college decision. After all, you’re the one who will study and live there for the next four years. 

The best way to get an accurate feel for a school is through a campus tour. Consider visiting your top schools before making any final decisions. If that’s not feasible, then take a virtual tour. Still, pay close attention to how you feel on campus. That feeling holds much more weight than the Forbes college rankings, U.S. News college rankings, or Wall Street Journal college rankings ever could. 

Carnegie Mellon Ranking – Final Thoughts

The national and global rankings for Carnegie Mellon are impressive. They make this university one of the most sought-after in the nation, especially for those interested in technology and science. If you’re convinced that CMU is the school for you, then you’ll want to carefully craft your personal narrative. Plus, give yourself plenty of time to write impressive essays

When it comes to choosing colleges, don’t rely on rankings alone. While they do hold some weight, your impressions and feelings on campus will mean far more. So, take these stats with a grain of salt and focus on the big picture as you find the right colleges for you. 

Carnegie Mellon Ranking

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