Fordham University Ranking
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Fordham University Ranking – Introduction

Fordham University is a private research institution located in New York City. There are several top-tier institutions located in New York City, so choosing the best school for you can be challenging. Luckily, we’re here to help by breaking down all things Fordham University: particularly, the Fordham University ranking.

In this article, we will discuss the Fordham University ranking in Forbes, the Fordham ranking in U.S. News, and the Fordham ranking in Wall Street Journal. We will dive deep into the national college rankings and what the Fordham ranking means for you. We’ll even touch on the difference between the Forbes college rankings, the US News college rankings, and the Wall Street Journal college rankings.

You might be wondering, “Is Fordham a good school?” While Fordham University ratings and Fordham University rankings are important, they don’t necessarily tell you everything you need to know about the university. Additionally, they certainly don’t determine what your personal experience would be like. So, think about other key factors, like your chosen major and scholarship opportunities. This will help you make the best decision for you and your future. 

Now, let’s dive into the Fordham University rankings and learn more about each Fordham ranking and the Fordham University ratings.

What is the Fordham University Ranking?

National college rankings and the Fordham University rankings will vary depending on the source. Each source also bases their rankings on different key indicators. With so many varying numbers and mixed rankings, it can feel overwhelming when doing your national college rankings research. That’s why we have put this article together as the ultimate Fordham University ranking resource. We’ll highlight the most reliable sources and help you decide if Fordham is the place for you.

So, what are the Fordham University rankings? Let’s first look at the Fordham ranking in U.S. News. Then, we will discuss the Fordham University ranking in Forbes and the Fordham ranking in Wall Street Journal.  

Fordham rankings U.S. News

The Fordham ranking in U.S. News is #72. This places Fordham within the top 100 universities on the U.S. News college rankings list. So, the Fordham ranking is impressive. U.S. News is arguably the most credible and widely known source, so referring to this Fordham ranking is a great place to start.

Forbes Rankings for Fordham University

Next, let’s discuss the Fordham University ranking in Forbes. The Fordham University ranking in Forbes comes in at #141. Since this differs from the Fordham ranking in U.S. News, you may have some questions.

The distance between the two numbers is due to how each source ranks schools. Each source pulls from a different set of methodologies to create the national college rankings lists.  

Now, this can be extremely confusing during your research, and it is hard to tell which ranking to follow. So, it is best to look at the methodology each source uses to determine its rankings. Then, focus on the rankings that foreground what matters most to you. 

Wall Street Journal Rankings

Finally, let’s look at the Fordham ranking in Wall Street Journal on their “Top 10 Schools in New York City” list. Fordham University sits right in the center of the list at #5. With the obvious institutions sitting atop of the list (ahem, Columbia, and NYU), Fordham University looks like a wonderful option based on this ranking, if the school’s criteria and cost also make sense for you.

To find out if Fordham is the school for you, you should research the majors offered within the university. That way, you can ensure the program suits your needs and desires. Fordham’s most popular majors are communications, economics, business, and finance. 

Why is Fordham ranked so low?

Fordham University Ranking

Even with all of these mixed rankings, Fordham University still seems to rank lower than some other similar private universities. And while that might raise concerns while doing your research, there are several reasons why the Fordham University rankings are lower than those of similar schools. 

Did you know that the decline of the Fordham University rankings did not come as a surprise to the institution? In 2014, when the Fordham ranking began to decline, the University expected it would happen due to a weight change in several categories, like alumni giving, class size, and SAT scores, where their numbers fell short.

However, the Fordham ranking has risen back up over the years, and the average trend seems to remain upwards. Fordham University continues to put corrective actions in place to enhance the student learning experience in areas such as alumni participation, class size, and graduation rates.  

Is Fordham a good school?

Fordham University Ranking

Evaluating the Fordham ranking can leave you wondering, “Is Fordham a good school”? It is important to remember that the Fordham ranking is only one factor to consider when evaluating if Fordham University is a good school.  The Fordham University rankings are a useful tool, but your decision should not be based entirely on these numbers. 

Factors, such as academics, diversity, athletics, majors, campus, and many others, should be taken into strong consideration when evaluating if Fordham University is the school for you.  

In these individual categories, the Fordham University ratings are high. Overall, Fordham University’s standards and qualifications certainly fit into the category of a “good school.” 

To add to this evaluation, Fordham University also holds an impressively high retention rate, meaning that most of their students continue on to their second year at Fordham. So, the next time you ask yourself “Is Fordham a good school?”, you can rest assured that the answer is yes!

Making Sense of College Rankings

Fordham University Ranking

We’ve highlighted the Fordham University ranking and explained the Fordham University ratings, but this doesn’t really mean much if you don’t understand what national college rankings are in the first place. So, let’s look at what national college rankings are and what they mean for you. 

To simplify, college rankings are lists of the best colleges that different organizations publish each year. When doing your research, it is advisable to look at the Forbes college rankings, the US News college rankings, and the Wall Street Journal college rankings because these organizations are the most well-known and trusted.

The reason that the numbers and rankings can vary widely among each list is that each source measures and weighs each category differently. For example, U.S. News weighs the average alumni giving rate in their ranking, whereas other sources may focus on something like a diversity score.

Most Reliable Fordham Rankings

With so many sources, including some lesser-known sources, calculating their lists each year, it is important to know which national college rankings lists are most reliable when it comes to the Fordham University ranking. 

In our opinion, the top three recommended sources for national college rankings are the US News college rankings, Forbes college rankings, and the Wall Street Journal college rankings. To give you a better understanding, let’s look at some of the differences between the weighted factors of these rankings. 

Forbes uses metrics that are unique from the metrics used by other sources.  Forbes uses the following metrics to formulate its national college rankings list below:

  • Alumni Salary 
  • Student Debt 
  • Return On Investment 
  • Graduation Rate 
  • Forbes American Leaders List 
  • Retention Rate 
  • Academic Success 

U.S. News, however, uses a different set of metrics to determine where the Fordham ranking (and other national college rankings) will fall. Take a look, and see how they differ from Forbes below:

  • Graduation and retention rates
  • Social mobility
  • Graduation performance: 
  • Undergraduate academic reputation
  • Faculty resources
  • Student selectivity
  • Financial Resources
  • Alumni
  • Graduate indebtedness

The variance in these key indicators helps to explain the vast difference between the Fordham University rankings on both lists. 

While each of these sources is reliable, it is important to remember that they don’t account for a student’s personal experience, and it is important to consider your needs and wants when doing your college search. 

Fordham University Ranking vs. Best Colleges in New York

Fordham University Ranking

While looking at rankings on a national level can be a useful tool, sometimes it can be even more useful to narrow down these ratings on a state level. Comparing and contrasting schools at a state level allows you to better see and understand the differences before viewing the university on national college rankings lists.  

This can be especially helpful for the Fordham University ranking if you know for a fact that you would like to attend college in New York. With 260 four-year colleges across the entire state of New York, understanding the Fordham ranking on a state level will be super helpful while you continue to narrow down your college list. So, let’s break down the top ten best colleges in New York and see where Fordham University falls on the list.

Top Ten best colleges in the New York

School NameRankingAcceptance Rate
Cornell University#19%
Columbia University#26%
New York University#313%
University of Rochester#441%
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute #553%
Syracuse University#659%
Yeshiva University#762%
Fordham University #858%
Stony Brook University #948%
Binghamton University#1044%

As you can see, Fordham University is ranked at #8 in the state of New York. With 260 colleges in the state, being at #8 proves that Fordham is an excellent choice regarding its ranking.  

You can even take it a step further and analyze the Fordham University ranking at a city level.  As we discussed previously, Fordham University sits at the center of the top ten universities in NYC at #5. Now that you know the Fordham University ranking at a state and city level, you can compare the numbers to the Fordham ranking on the national college ranking list with better understanding and confidence.

Fordham University Ranking Trends

Fordham University Ranking

While doing your college search and researching the Fordham University rankings, it can be helpful to also look at how the Fordham ranking trends have changed over the years. This will give you a better understanding overall of Fordham University’s rankings and if the university is continuously making improvements.  

After a large shift in category weights in 2014 that knocked the Fordham ranking from #58 to #66, Fordham University focused their efforts on improving the student learning experience to improve rankings. Since then, Fordham University has been averaging a steady incline.

However, it is important to note that each year has varied, with 2018 being Fordham’s best year on the U.S. News ranking list at #53. Although the current Fordham ranking in U.S. News at #72 is far off from their best ranking at #53, the overall trend has been small dips and high rises depending on that year’s metrics.

Fordham University Ranking – Final Takeaways

All in all, Fordham University is a good school with a high retention rate, and depending on your major and other factors, it might be the school for you.  Fordham University ranks within the top ten colleges in the state of New York and within the top five colleges in New York City. We think this ranking is pretty impressive and showcases all that the private university has to offer.  

From business schools to economics programs, Fordham University offers its students a wide variety of research areas and fields of study, and the school even helps place many of its students in firms local to New York after graduation. 

As a reminder, it is important to evaluate more than just the Fordham University rankings when researching the university and deciding if you would like to apply.  Remember to cite credible sources and ensure the university will be the right fit for you personally.

If you are interested in applying to Fordham University, we have many helpful resources for you, such as our guide to Fordham’s supplemental essays and information for first generation college students. 

If you have already applied to Fordham and been accepted, congratulations! Need help with selecting which school you would like to attend? We’ve got lots of helpful tips on college enrollment and selecting which college you would like to attend. If you are still searching for your dream school, no need to worry. CollegeAdvisor is here to help you every step of the way. Check out our website for informative tutorials, webinars, and articles, or schedule an appointment with one of our advisors here.

Fordham University Ranking

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