Do Not Sell/Share/Target – U.S. Privacy Laws Opt-Out Page

Last Updated: February 17, 2023.

This is a supplement to our Privacy Policy.  Capitalized terms used but not defined in this Opt-Out Page shall have the meanings given to them in our Privacy Policy; the terms “Consumers,” “Sale,” “Sharing” and “Targeted Advertising”have the meanings given to them under U.S. Privacy Laws (defined below).   This Opt-Out Page may be modified at any time and from time to time; the date of the most recent changes or revisions will appear on this page. 

Under privacy laws in California and Virginia, specifically the California Consumer Privacy Act, including as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act, and the Virginia Consumer Data Privacy Act (collectively, the “U.S. Privacy Laws”), Consumers have the right to opt out of certain processing activities. California and certain other states have opt-outs specific to Targeted Advertising activities—which California’s law refers to as “cross-context behavioral advertising” and other states simply refer to as Targeted Advertising—which involve the use of your personal information (“PI”) from different businesses or services to target advertisements to you. California provides Consumers the right to opt out of Sharing, which includes providing or making available PI to third parties for such Targeted Advertising activities, while other states provide Consumers the right to opt out from processing PI for Targeted Advertising more broadly. There are broad and differing concepts of the Sale of PI under the various U.S. State Privacy Laws, all of which at a minimum require providing or otherwise making available PI to a third party.

Third-party digital businesses (“Third-Party Digital Businesses”) may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect PI about you on the U.S. News Services, or otherwise collect and process PI that we make available about you, including digital activity information. Giving access to PI on the U.S. News Services or otherwise disclosing PI to Third-Party Digital Businesses could be deemed a Sale and/or Sharing, and could implicate Targeted Advertising under some U.S. Privacy Laws. Therefore, we will treat such PI collected by Third-Party Digital Businesses (e.g., cookie ID, IP address, and other online IDs and internet or other electronic activity information) as a Sale or Sharing and subject to the opt-out rights described above. In some instances, the PI we make available about you is collected directly by such Third-Party Digital Businesses using cookies or other tracking technologies on the U.S. News Services or our advertisements that are served on third-party sites (which we refer to as “cookie PI”). However, certain PI which we make available to Third Party Digital Businesses is information that we have collected directly from you or otherwise about you, such as your email address (which we refer to below as “non-cookie PI”). Please note that there are separate buttons below to make your request as to cookie PI and non-cookie PI, since we have to use different technologies to apply your opt-out of cookie PI and non-cookie PI.

When you opt out pursuant to the instructions below, it will have the effect of opting you out of Sale, Sharing, and Targeted Advertising. Instructions for opting out are below.

Opt-out for non-cookie PI: If you would like to submit a request to opt-out of our processing of your non-cookie PI (e.g., your email address) for Targeted Advertising, or opt-out of the Sale or Sharing of such data, click the button on the left below.

Opt-out for cookie PI: If you would like to submit a request to opt out of our processing of your cookie-related PI for Targeted Advertising, or opt out of the Sale or Sharing of such data, click the button on the right below. Once you click the button on the right, you will be prompted to confirm your choice via a browser pop-up. Your request will not be processed until you confirm your choice. For the cookie PI opt-out, U.S. News has adopted certain technology solutions for exercising Do Not Sell/Share/Target requests that have been developed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) or individual companies. For non-IAB participant cookies that may implicate sale or sharing, we have manually configured our website so that their collection and/or processing of personal information is limited and/or prevented when you take the action described in this paragraph.

Notably, you must exercise your preferences as to cookie PI on each of our websites you visit, from each browser you use, and on each device that you use.  Since your browser opt-out is designated by a cookie, if you clear or block cookies, your preferences will no longer be effective and you will need to make your selection with respect to cookie PI again. 

To exercise your other rights under the U.S. Privacy Laws, please complete this request form.