It’s finally here – we’ve launched We’re here to empower students of all backgrounds to achieve their college dreams, and we’re excited to officially get started.

We’ve spent the last few months researching what would be most helpful for students and parents in the college admissions process, and it really comes down to time management, deadline tracking, essay writing, and feeling confident and supported in making decisions. And this is exactly why we’ve launched to connect high school students with great mentors and personalized technology to make them more successful in the college admissions process ahead.

Image: web app mock and Scorecard to help students organize, track & strengthen college applications

Here’s how works:

With our web app, students can get started with our free and paid services to put their best foot forward with college applications. Students can:

  • Manage all college applications in one place and track progress against deadlines (free)
  • View all essay requirements and admissions info for U.S. colleges (still free!)
  • Search & book alumni mentors from Ivy League and Top 50 universities trained in admissions strategy ($30 for 30 min)
  • Improve the competitiveness of applications through essay reviews, including line-by-line edits on Common App or supplemental essays and ways to improve with our Scorecard, developed with former admissions officers ($99+)

All it takes is signing up for a free account, which a student can share with parents, family members, and even guidance counselors. Check out our great demo below for a sneak peek at how it works when you sign up.

Video: Demo walking through our student web app at

And, our iOS app won’t be too far behind, as we’re finalizing testing for that later this month and hope to launch in September!

We’re confident our technology and incredible team of mentors really can make a difference helping students get into their dream schools. Let’s get started together.