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Since its inception, CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) has been deeply committed to giving back to the community, and ensuring equity between socio-economic and ethnic groups in the college application process. To achieve that, CollegeAdvisor.com has committed to supporting 50 Scholars every admissions cycle. Chosen through an application process, these students have demonstrated a commitment to engage fully in their relationship with both their cohort of peers and their advisor to ensure the best possible outcome. Encompassing a lecture, small cohort, and individual format, CollegeAdvisor.com Scholars aims to meet each individual student's college application needs while also providing the support necessary to sustain a successful journey between high school and college. Designed to offer concrete, factual and detail specific guidance on the college application process, Scholars will allow the flexibility for advisors to both assess and work with the students' specific areas of interest and need. The advisors selected to work with the Scholars are deeply committed to issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and are excited to help each and every CollegeAdvisor.com Scholar attain a successful outcome in the application process.


“Oh—money.” That was what CollegeAdvisor.com Scholar Azeeza was most worried about when starting the college application process. Now, she has matriculated to the University of Pennsylvania, where she has received a full, four-year scholarship.Azeeza was born in North Sudan, in a small village called Kosti. She moved to the US through an immigration lottery with her family when she was four years old. They first lived in Clearwater, Florida before finally settling down in Tampa.
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As CollegeAdvisor.com Scholar Maryam went through her usual work routine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, all she could think was, Questbridge, Questbridge, Questbridge. Acceptance emails were to be sent out that day, but she wasn't sure when they would arrive. When the notification finally came, Maryam immediately opened it to see the incredible news: she had received a full, four-year scholarship to study at Washington University in St. Louis. The first thing she did was call her school counselor, who had supported her throughout the college application process. Then, she dashed home to tell her mother the news in person.
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From a young age, CollegeAdvisor Scholar Youssef has been fascinated by the stars. Now, he’s headed to Northwestern on a four-year scholarship through Questbridge to study mechanical engineering and astrophysics.
“I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut for NASA,” Youssef said. “There’s something about space that fascinates me. I know every specific field has its mysteries — if you want to be a doctor, you want to find a cure for cancer. But I feel like space is the biggest mystery.”
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When CollegeAdvisor Scholar Chinedu got into Dartmouth, he was literally jumping for joy — after making sure he was on mute in his Zoom class, of course.
Chinedu was born in Nigeria and now lives with his family in Bowie, Maryland. He developed an early interest in biology after seeing a friend get ringworm on his hand. Chinedu remembers being fascinated by the ringworm itself as well as by the process of treating the infection.

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Applications have closed.

New applications will open for the 2021 cycle on July 1st, 2021.