Standardized Testing Trends in the College Admissions Process

Are you curious about the role of standardized testing in the college admissions process? Join us for a webinar on “Standardized Testing Trends in the College Admissions Process” where we’ll explore the latest developments and insights in this area.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The current state of standardized testing requirements at various colleges and universities
  • How the pandemic has impacted standardized testing policies and trends
  • Alternative assessment options that some schools are implementing in lieu of standardized tests
  • The potential long-term implications of the recent changes and trends in standardized testing policies

Admissions Expert Lydia will share her expertise and provide valuable insights on the role of standardized testing in college admissions. Whether you’re a high school student who will soon be taking these tests, a parent who wants to understand the admissions process, or an educator who wants to stay informed, this webinar is perfect for you.

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Date 05/16/2023
Duration 1:01:26