Tufts Majors

Tufts University Majors

Preparing to attend Tufts University? One of the most important questions you’ll face as you consider Tufts is “what do you want to study?” With over 150 Tufts majors and minors, it can be hard to know where to start. 

In this guide to Tufts University majors, we’ll cover:

  • What is a college major?
  • The nation’s most popular list of college majors
  • Some of the best college majors at Tufts

What is a college major?

As you brainstorm a list of college majors to consider, you might be asking yourself: what is a college major?

While the role of college majors differs at each institution, a college major is essentially the focus of your undergraduate studies. Your college major guides your undergraduate coursework and will eventually be displayed on your college diploma when you graduate. You’ll spend more time on courses related to your Tufts majors than any other discipline – so put thought into what the best college major for you might be.

Top 10 most popular college majors

According to Forbes, the following programs are the most popular college majors for the graduating classes of 2022 and 2023:

  1. Business
  2. Nursing
  3. Psychology
  4. Biology
  5. Medicine
  6. Computer Science 
  7. Political Science and Government 
  8. Engineering 
  9. Criminal Justice and Corrections
  10. Mechanical Engineering

In fact, 37.87% of all students considering college majors say that one of the above is their college major of choice.  However, just because college majors are popular, does not mean they are the best college majors. Always choose those college majors that fit your interests, not college majors that interest others. 

Finally, want to know the most popular college majors for Gen Z? Check out this article

Best college majors at Tufts

Although there are more than 150 Tufts majors and minors, 10% of students commit to Economics and 9.1% to International Relations as their college major at Tufts. The Computer Science (CS) courses at Tufts are taught by experts in the field and many Tufts CS graduates use the knowledge they gained from their college major to work at leading global organizations. About 8.1% of students at Tufts study Computer Science.

Additionally, International Relations (IR) is frequently rated one of the best college majors at Tufts! That said, you’d be hard-pressed to choose poorly from any of the Tufts majors with their top resources and faculty across a variety of departments.

Combining majors at Tufts

Majors at Tufts are offered across three schools: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Engineering, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Each school comes with its own list of college majors. However, Tufts also offers students the opportunity to double major across different schools. 

Combining college majors means you aren’t limited by your choice of Tufts majors. Moreover, combining Tufts majors and minors encourages an interdisciplinary education. If you’re struggling to pick just one path amongst the Tufts University majors, consider combining majors to make the most of your undergraduate experience. 

Tufts University majors: What to consider when choosing your major?

When you’re looking at the list of Tufts majors and minors, or even a list of college majors in general, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

It’s simpler than you think to shortlist college majors. Use the following factors to work out the Tufts majors that are the best college majors for you:

  1. Intellectual Interests: Which of the Tufts University majors make you feel excited to learn? Personal interest should guide you in selecting your college majors. Even if you have an interest in something not on the Tufts list of college majors, like business, you can always take one of the related Tufts majors.
  2. Career Goals: What do you want to do after graduating? Most students don’t know yet, and that’s okay! But if you have a sense of what you see yourself doing—or what you cannot imagine yourself doing—use this to guide you through the majors at Tufts.
  3. Class and Department Size: Tufts majors and minors vary widely in terms of size and institutional support. If it’s important to you to have as many resources available as possible, you may opt for a larger department. If you would rather have an intimate academic experience, perhaps Tufts majors within smaller departments are a better choice. 

Tufts Majors – Final thoughts

Don’t let the Tufts University majors overwhelm you. Tufts is a prestigious school and each of the Tufts majors will provide a great education. This quiz may help you decide which of the majors at Tufts is right for you.

Finally, note that your decision is reversible! If you decide you don’t like your program, you can switch later.

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