Tulane Majors
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Tulane Majors

Ranked a top school by U.S. News and the Princeton Review in recent years, the variety of Tulane majors attracts many students. With an 8:1 student-to-faculty ratio, Tulane majors come with the resources of a large research university and the personalized attention of a small liberal arts school. 

This “Tulane University majors” guide will teach you more about the Tulane majors. College majors play a huge role when choosing your potential schools. There are plenty of options when looking at Tulane University majors. Plus, with the opportunity to double or even triple major, the possible combinations of majors at Tulane can seem endless. 

So, what are the Tulane majors? What are the most popular majors at Tulane? And what is a college major anyway? Read this “Tulane University majors” article, and find out what you need to know about Tulane University majors.

List of College Majors at Tulane University

Choosing from the extensive list of college majors at Tulane, students personalize the Tulane majors to their interests.

What does that mean exactly? As a Tulane student, you’re able to double or even triple major. This makes Tulane University majors appealing to many who want a unique study experience

Students can choose from 75 Tulane majors and 67 minors. 

All students enter Tulane in the Newcomb-Tulane Undergraduate College. There, students will complete their core curriculum. After choosing one or more of the Tulane majors to continue studying, students become a part of an undergraduate school: architecture, business, liberal arts, public health, science, and engineering. 

A unique part of Tulane majors is the chance to study abroad. All Tulane University majors also have a public service element.

Here is a full list of Tulane majors. As you think about your Tulane University majors, remember that the best college majors should spark your intellectual interest. Further, there is no limit to the combinations of Tulane majors you can take. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take Tulane majors in very different fields!  

What is a college major?

We’ve talked a lot about college majors, Tulane majors, list of college majors, etc. But we still haven’t answered the question “what is a college major?”

Your college majors at Tulane are “an opportunity to focus a portion of your coursework on an academic area of interest”.

This doesn’t mean every class you take will be within your college major. There is also a core curriculum, electives, a possible second college major and much more. . However, about one third to one half of your college courses will be within your college major. 

As you know, you can study hundreds of combinations of Tulane majors. But what exactly are the most popular Tulane majors? 

Top five most popular Tulane majors:

  1. Business, Management, and Marketing
  2. Social Sciences
  3. Biological and Biomedical Sciences
  4. Health Professions
  5. Psychology

Check out the full list from U.S. News of the top ten most popular Tulane majors for 2020 graduates. 

How many majors can you have at Tulane?

There are 75 Tulane majors for students to choose from. In addition, students can take double (or even triple) majors at Tulane. In other words, the list of college majors has many possibilities.  

The number of Tulane majors can feel overwhelming. So, what are the best college majors? Well, that really depends on your interests. However, you might find this list of college majors that most students opt to study useful. 

Interested in Business and Real Estate? Check out the dual degree program that Tulane offers. 

Tulane Majors: Choosing the best college major for you

No idea which Tulane majors to choose? You’re not alone. Most students will start university without declaring their college majors. 

What are the best college majors? There is no simple answer to that question. Choosing a college major is a personal decision. 

When deciding on a college major, check out the list of college majors offered at different schools. You probably have an idea of what might interest you. If not, opt for more options rather than less. As you take more courses, what you enjoy studying will be clearer. 

Want to narrow your list of college majors down to the best college majors for you? Balance what you enjoy and your future career goals. And enlist the help of people who know you best. 

Remember, the best college majors are the ones that set you up for a bright future. Choose Tulane University majors that do just that. Finally, have fun when choosing college majors!

Tulane majors

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