UGA majors
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UGA Majors

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably gotten through your college applications. Maybe you’ve even gotten some acceptance letters. Congratulations! Now, for the fun part: choosing what you want to study. This guide will give you an inside look into UGA Majors. 

The University of Georgia has a freshman retention rate of 95%. That’s great news. It means student satisfaction is high. The wide variety of UGA majors likely play a role in that. With about 28,000 undergraduates enrolled, there are many different academic paths for students to choose from. 

We’re going to check out UGA majors, covering everything from what is a college major to the most popular majors at UGA to the best college majors for you, and more. 

University of Georgia majors list

UGA is a large institution, so it makes sense that there is an abundance of University of Georgia majors to choose from. You’re sure to find something that sparks your interest. 

All majors at UGA fall under a particular school within the university. Once you choose your major, you’ll be associated with that school. Check out this list of UGA majors by college or school. 

Know that you want to study Journalism? Interested in learning more about Mechanical Engineering? Or maybe you don’t have any idea what you want to study. That’s okay, too! Most students don’t know right away. Explore majors via your passions on the UGA majors site. 

With so many University of Georgia majors to choose from, you’ll likely end up with too many options that have sparked your interest. That’s a good thing! You can always double major or add some minors to your degree. 

What is a college major?

All this talk about University of Georgia majors and we haven’t even gotten into the big question: what is a college major? Once you hit senior year of high school, “college major” becomes one of the most frequently heard phrases in your life. 

You probably have some idea already, but what is a college major? A college major is the area of study that you choose to focus on and become specialized in. Get what all the fuss is about now? Choosing your major is a pretty big deal and will likely affect your future career opportunities.

Does that sound overwhelming? Don’t let it be. Choosing from the University of Georgia majors can be a fun and exciting experience. 

Totally lost on what to choose? Check out this webinar where students share how they applied to college “undecided” on their majors.  

Top ten majors at UGA

Now that we’ve answered “what is a college major?” and provided some general information about the list of college majors at UGA, let’s get into the list of college majors by popularity.

Top ten most popular UGA majors according to U.S. News:  

  1. Biology
  2. Finance
  3. Psychology
  4. Marketing
  5. Management Information Systems
  6. International Relations
  7. Accounting
  8. Computer Science
  9. Political Science and Government
  10. Insurance

Did any of those catch your eye? Check them out more in depth here. If not, don’t worry! There are so many UGA majors to choose from that will interest you. 

Other University of Georgia majors to consider

If the most popular list of college majors at UGA didn’t spark any intellectual interest in you, no problem. There are many more UGA majors to investigate. 

Love animals? A quick search within the UGA majors showed that there are 15 possible majors related to animals. Choose from the University of Georgia majors passionately to ensure you make the right choice. 

Start thinking about your college major based on your interests. Then check out possible majors at UGA by searching for programs based on your interests. The only way to find the best college majors for you is to think about what you enjoy and see how that fits within your future goals. 

Choosing the best college major for you

So, what are the best college majors? Unfortunately, there is no one overall best college majors list that will work for every student. Choosing your major at UGA, or any other university, is an extremely personal choice. 

Create a list of college majors based on your interests and passions. Search for possible careers based on those majors. Do those excite you? Awesome. If not, reevaluate your list. Try to choose a major that truly sparks your interest. 

One college major will have a plethora of career possibilities. Majors at UGA are not meant to limit you; the best college majors will leave you with many open doors. 

If you’re still stuck, or just want some support with the process, enlist the help of people who know you best: parents, counselors, friends, teachers, etc. It may help to talk it through before you get sucked into a college major spiral. 

Check out this list of college majors to see what most Gen Z students are opting to study. 

UGA majors- final thoughts

The University of Georgia majors allow for many possible career paths. UGA majors are ample, and with the option of double majors, dual programs, minors, and certificates, the study possibilities are truly endless. 

With no shortage of UGA majors to choose from, you’ll most likely have to narrow down your options. Look for the best college majors for you that will hit all your needs. 

Steps to finding the best college majors for you: 

  • Passions, interests, strengths. Identify what you love to do and learn about. Most likely the activity or subject you love will play to your strengths. Make a list to hone in on passions that could lead to possible college majors. 
  • College major possibilities. Create a list of college majors that match up with your interests. Explore the classes within those majors to see if they would be a good fit. 
  • Career options. Check out career possibilities that fall within the majors that have sparked your interest. Do you like what you see? Did they align with your future career and life goals? If so, great. If not, double back and check out some different college majors. 

Maybe you’ll get so excited about choosing your college major that you’ll start checking out UGA’s top ranked graduate programs. With intellectual curiosity and motivation, there are no limits to your study options. 

Majors at UGA

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