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Purdue University Tuition

Are you wondering about the cost of Purdue tuition and fees? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Applying to college isn’t easy. As you build your college list, it’s important to keep tuition costs in mind. After all, attending college is expensive. For every school on your list, you should think about tuition, other costs (including room and board), and financial aid or scholarship opportunities. 

So, if you’re applying to Purdue, you should think about how much Purdue tuition and fees will cost your family. If you think Purdue might be one of the best colleges for you—or even your dream school—understanding Purdue tuition is key. That way, you can apply to Purdue with the information you need to make your college decision. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Purdue University tuition and other Purdue costs. 

How much is Purdue tuition?

Unlike many schools, Purdue has pledged to freeze its tuition costs at the 2012 Purdue University tuition rate. While this might not seem like a big deal, college tuition costs are rising rapidly. Between 2002 and 2012, Purdue University tuition rose at an average of 6% each year. At most colleges, you can expect a similar increase in tuition every year. This makes the Purdue cost of attendance an anomaly—and an impressive one at that. 

For the last ten years, Purdue has kept its tuition costs the same. This has made Purdue the most affordable Big Ten school. The relatively low Purdue University tuition has also driven more students to apply and increased Purdue’s rankings in recent years. 

So, how much are Purdue tuition and fees, and what is the cost of attendance at Purdue? The short answer: it depends.

For Indiana residents, Purdue University tuition comes in at $9,992. For out-of-state students, Purdue tuition is over three times the cost, coming in at $28,794. Finally, for international students, Purdue tuition is $31,104. 

However, Purdue tuition isn’t the only factor in the Purdue cost of attendance. Let’s break down other Purdue costs to help you understand more about paying for Purdue. 

What are Purdue tuition and fees?

We’ve broken down the Purdue University tuition and discussed how it varies for in-state, out-of-state, and international students. Now, let’s look at other Purdue costs that contribute to the overall Purdue cost of attendance. 

At Purdue, room and board cost $10,030 for every student, regardless of where they live. Keep in mind that only 41% of Purdue students live on campus. So, if you’re concerned about the Purdue cost of attendance, you might opt for more affordable off-campus housing. 

You’ll also be responsible for other Purdue costs, including the price of textbooks. According to Purdue’s website, students can expect to pay $1,010 for books and supplies. Plus, you should budget for other costs beyond Purdue tuition, including transportation. 

If you’re concerned about paying for Purdue University tuition or other Purdue costs, consider applying for jobs on campus. Purdue’s Division of Student Life is committed to helping students find employment opportunities. So, if you’re looking for a job once you arrive at Purdue, reach out to their team for support. 

How to use the Purdue Tuition Calculator

College isn’t cheap. As you build your college list, it’s important to do as much research as possible when it comes to financial aid. 

When you’re applying for financial aid at different schools, it can be hard to know how much aid you might receive at any given school. To help students better understand the Purdue cost of attendance, Purdue offers a Purdue Tuition Calculator (or net price calculator). You can access the Purdue Tuition Calculator here

1. Enter your family’s financial information

To use the Purdue Tuition Calculator, just enter your family’s financial details. Many of these details will be similar to the information you submit for the FAFSA—just without the paperwork and documentation. Before you use the Purdue Tuition Calculator, it might be helpful to speak with your family about your financial situation. That way, you can make sure you put the correct data into the Purdue Tuition Calculator. 

2. View your net price estimate

Once you input your data, the Purdue Tuition Calculator will give you a net price estimate per semester. This will help you understand what the Purdue cost of attendance will look like for you. Keep in mind that the number you receive from the Purdue Tuition Calculator is not final. Once you are accepted to Purdue, you will receive your financial aid award separately. This award will be calculated based on both your FAFSA and CSS profiles. 

Overall, the Purdue Tuition Calculator can be a helpful tool as you think about the Purdue cost of attendance. You can find similar tuition calculators at many other schools. Take advantage of these tools as you build your college list!

Purdue Cost of Attendance: How much will attendance really cost?

So far, we’ve broken down the Purdue University tuition and talked through many aspects of the Purdue cost of attendance. However, how much will it really cost you to attend Purdue?

Once again, the Purdue University tuition you pay will depend on various factors. These include your state/country of residence, your family’s financial situation, and other details. 

At Purdue, if your family’s average income is $0-$30,000, your Purdue cost of attendance (including room and board) will be around $5,995 according to U.S. News. If your family’s income is $30,001-$48,000, your Purdue cost of attendance will be around $5,853. For families who make $48,001-$75,000, the average Purdue cost of attendance is $8,450. After a family passes the $75,000 threshold, the Purdue cost of attendance increases more dramatically, averaging at $17,124 for families who make $75,001-$110,000. Keep in mind that these averages include both in-state and out-of-state students. 

According to the same U.S. News article, Purdue meets 75% of demonstrated financial need. Additionally, 35% of Purdue students receive financial aid in their first year. The average need-based award at Purdue is around $12,000, while the average merit-based aid award is nearly $6,000 excluding athletic scholarships. These awards can help you manage the various Purdue costs. 

Purdue Tuition: Final Thoughts

College is an investment, and Purdue tuition and fees are no exception. As you build your school list, keep the Purdue costs in mind. While the Purdue University tuition is higher than the national average for out-of-state students, Purdue can be an affordable option for Indiana-based residents, and Purdue tuition and fees are far cheaper than that of many other top schools.

So, take advantage of the tools you have available. Use the Purdue Tuition Calculator to get an idea of your own Purdue cost of attendance, and make sure you submit your FAFSA on time. The more research and planning you do, the better you will understand the various Purdue costs.  

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