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Where is LSU located?

As the flagship state school for Louisiana, the LSU location and LSU ranking as the #2 university in Louisiana can be driving factors for its popularity. But, you may be wondering “Where is LSU?” And further, where is LSU located exactly within Louisiana? Well, we can confirm that the LSU address is located in Baton Rouge. 

Is LSU in New Orleans?

Looking further into the question “Where is LSU in its home state of Louisiana?”,  it’s important to note that LSU is not located in New Orleans, as you might expect. Rather, the LSU location is about an hour and fifteen minutes outside of New Orleans in the Louisiana state capital of Baton Rouge. 

Where is LSU located in Louisiana?

Still wondering, “Where is LSU located and what can I do near LSU?” Well, as mentioned above, the LSU address is in the capital city of Louisiana. It is located right on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River. The city is known for its rich history, culture, and southern hospitality.

While Baton Rouge isn’t a traditional college town, there are many activities and attractions for students, faculty, and visitors to enjoy near LSU. For example, the Louisiana State Capitol building, located just a few miles from the campus, offers tours of its beautiful architecture and historical exhibits. Additionally, the Shaw Center for the Arts is a cultural hub that offers a range of performing arts events, from theater to music to dance. Finally, the USS Kidd is a World War II destroyer docked in Baton Rouge that offers tours to the public.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the LSU Lakes and the nearby BREC City-Brooks Community Park provide opportunities for fishing, boating, hiking, and picnicking. The Louisiana Art & Science Museum, located in downtown Baton Rouge, showcases the state’s rich cultural heritage through exhibitions of art and science. 

Looking at the LSU campus map, you can also find numerous things to do while on campus. The Louisiana Museum of Natural History, located on the LSU campus, features interactive exhibits, live animal displays, and a planetarium. Additionally, the LSU Museum of Art is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of art from around the world. The museum has a permanent collection of over 4,000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, and photographs.

Additionally, food lovers can savor the local cuisine, including Cajun and Creole dishes, at one of the many restaurants in Baton Rouge. Shopping is also a popular activity, with many local boutiques, antique stores, and malls to choose from.

Other LSU Campuses

As a consortium of 8 different campuses, answering the question “Where is LSU located” would not be complete without recognizing each of these other locations. Deciding which campus to apply to can be confusing—LSU application deadlines, LSU rankings, LSU admissions, and options for specific LSU degrees differ based on each LSU location. So, doing research on each campus before applying is extremely important! 

Baton Rouge

To fully answer the question “Where is LSU located?”, we’ll have to look at several different campuses. The main campus, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is the flagship campus of the LSU System and serves as the center of academic, research, and cultural activities for the university. The LSU application deadline for this LSU location is Jan 1st for the first round. 

Baton Rouge is also home to another LSU campus called the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, which focuses on the study of human health and disease prevention.


Still asking yourself “Where is LSU located?” LSU hosts a satellite campus in Alexandria, Louisiana, where they offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a variety of fields. LSU Alexandria is known for its small class sizes, personalized attention, and hands-on learning opportunities. In addition to its academic programs, LSU Alexandria is also active in the local community, providing outreach and service initiatives and fostering partnerships with local businesses and organizations.


LSU hosts another satellite campus in Eunice, Louisiana, which can help us continue answering the question “Where is LSU located?” This campus offers programs in Agriculture, Nursing, and Technology. LSU Eunice also holds technical and vocational certificate programs. LSU admission at the Eunice campus only has the option for two-year programs. 


The Shreveport Campus offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs across a variety of fields. LSU also has a Health Sciences Center campus in Shreveport that offers graduate degree programs in health sciences. Read on to get the rest of our answers to “Where is LSU located?”

New Orleans 

Finally, this is the last location that will tell you “Where is LSU located?” The LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans is a satellite campus. As its name implies, it is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and offers graduate degree programs in health sciences. 

College of Agriculture

LSU is also home to the LSU Agricultural Center. This is a research and extension center located throughout Louisiana that provides education and outreach programs in agriculture, forestry, and related fields. With offices in every parish and research stations across the state, the LSU AgCenter is committed to serving the citizens of Louisiana. 

That pledge includes a strong dedication to agriculture and the vital work of providing innovation and support for the food and fiber sector, while also improving agriculture’s valuable contributions to the state’s economy. So, although this doesn’t explicitly answer “Where is LSU located?”, it can give us some insight into LSU’s statewide presence. 

Schools near LSU

Speaking about the other schools nearby the LSU address can also help us fully answer the question “Where is LSU located?” The LSU address is surrounded by several other universities and colleges. Let’s check out some of the more notable universities located nearby LSU.

Southern University and A&M College

This is a historically black university (also known as an HBCU) offering a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including engineering, business, and education. Where is LSU in relation to Southern University and A&M College? Southern University and A&M College are located about 5 miles from LSU, so fairly close by.

Our Lady of the Lake College

This Catholic institution is located just 6 miles from LSU and offers programs in fields such as nursing, business, and education.

Southeastern Louisiana University

Located about 45 miles from Baton Rouge, Southeastern Louisiana University offers more than 80 undergraduate and graduate programs, including business, education, and nursing.

Tulane University 

Tulane University is a private research university. It is one of the most prestigious universities in the country and offers undergraduate and graduate programs in fields such as business, law, and public health. Tulane’s strong reputation and proximity to Baton Rouge make it an attractive option for students looking to pursue higher education. Where is LSU in relation to Tulane University? Tulane University is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is about 90 miles from Baton Rouge.

All of these universities provide students with ample opportunities to pursue higher education and build their careers. With the presence of several universities and colleges, Baton Rouge is a hub of educational activity that offers a diverse range of programs and opportunities. Whether you’re interested in a technical degree or a liberal arts education, looking beyond the LSU campus map can help you meet your needs and build your college list.

Planning your LSU Campus Visit

If you are planning an LSU campus tour to explore for yourself the question “Where is LSU?”, check out the LSU campus map and our resource guide on making the most of your campus visits. Before your visit, be sure to come up with a list of specific questions so that your LSU campus tour can be the most productive experience. If you have already been admitted (congratulations!), and are deciding on whether to enroll, our guide can help you learn more about the enrollment process. 

Exploring LSU Campus

Additionally, we have to mention that an LSU campus tour would not be complete without seeing Mike the Tiger. Mike the Tiger is the live mascot of Louisiana State University’s athletic teams. Mike the Tiger VI was introduced in 2018 and lives in a habitat on the LSU campus. Mike the Tiger VI is an important part of LSU’s athletic events and is a cherished icon for the university community. 

Visitors to the LSU campus can look for “Mike the Tiger’s habitat” on the LSU campus map, which is open to the public and provides an up-close look at the majestic animal. Whether cheering on the Tigers at a football game or simply stopping by to see the live mascot, Mike the Tiger is an integral part of the LSU experience!

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Average Total Aid Awarded $12,878
Students Receiving Financial Aid 53.52%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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