How to Get Into Wellesley
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How to get into Wellesley College—General Information

Wellesley College is a prestigious women’s college located in Wellesley, Massachusetts. A small liberal arts institution, the Wellesley College total enrollment figure is a mere 2,280 students. This allows for an intimate academic environment.

What we’ll cover in this “How to Get Into Wellesley Guide”:

  • Optimal Wellesley College GPA
  • Wellesley College SAT scores
  • Tips for Wellesley admissions
  • Interpreting the Wellesley acceptance rate
  • Writing the Wellesley supplemental essays, and more.

With so few spots available each year, Wellesley admissions is a tricky business. So, it’s important to start crafting your “how to get into Wellesley College” strategy early on. This ensures that when the Wellesley admissions deadline rolls around, you can put your best foot forward. Your strategy should include strengthening your GPA, surpassing the average Wellesley College SAT score, and perfecting your Wellesley supplemental essays. Don’t get overwhelmed, though—you’re already in the right place to start your Wellesley admissions journey.

Figuring out how to get into Wellesley takes strategy. We can help.’s network of 300+ Admissions Experts (and former admissions officers) includes graduates from top universities across the country. Want to maximize your Wellesley admissions odds? Create your free account or schedule a free advising consultation by calling (844) 343-6272.

How can I get into Wellesley College?

Wondering how to get into Wellesley College? As a small school with competitive academics and an excellent reputation, your plan should include many different approaches. First, you should focus on strengthening your GPA. You should also invest extra time in studying for the SATs. The extra time you spend will help you surpass the average Wellesley College SAT score. You should also ask your counselor and teachers for strong recommendations. In addition, your “how to get into Wellesley College” plan should include starting your application process early. If you start early, you will have plenty of time to develop your Wellesley supplemental essays. 

Although this sounds like a lot, don’t get overwhelmed! With tips from this guide, you can make the most out of your Wellesley admissions journey.

Is it hard to get into Wellesley College?

Learning how to get into Wellesley College means being realistic about the Wellesley admissions odds. With the Wellesley College total enrollment of 2,280 undergraduates, the college has only a few precious spots to offer prospective freshmen each year. For the class of 2025, the Wellesley acceptance rate was just 16%. This means that of 7,920 hopefuls, fewer than 1500 received offers of admission.

With numbers like this, Wellesley admissions is a bit of a gamble for almost all applicants. Even for the students who exceed the average Wellesley College GPA, there will be an element of luck and unpredictability. For this reason, it is important to enter the Wellesley admissions process with a contingency plan. Don’t place all of your eggs in one basket! 

With that said, the Wellesley acceptance rate is not unattainably low! With a strong GPA that matches the average Wellesley College GPA, a solid Wellesley College SAT score, and stirring Wellesley supplemental essays, you have a real chance in Wellesley admissions. This is why your “how to get into Wellesley college” plan is so important.

What is the required GPA for Wellesley College?

It’s no secret that a high GPA is a vital part of your “how to get into Wellesley College” strategy. Unlike other parts of the application, your GPA isn’t something that can be finessed at the last minute. As such, it’s important to build the foundation for a strong Wellesley College GPA early in your high school career.

Along these lines, students often wonder if there’s a minimum Wellesley College GPA they must meet to gain admission. Firstly, rest assured that there is no minimum Wellesley College GPA that you must meet—at least not officially. 

Though the college doesn’t report the average Wellesley College GPA, we can assume that it is at or near 4.0 for most admitted students. Wellesley College reported that for the Class of 2025, 87% of incoming students were ranked in the top 10% of their class, and 96% were ranked in the top 20%.  This indicates that the average successful applicant received mostly As in high school. As a highly competitive school, Wellesley wants to see that you have the academic chops to succeed in their classes. 

So, is there a minimum Wellesley College GPA? There is not! But given the low Wellesley acceptance rate, you should strengthen your GPA early on. Challenge yourself in your classes and pass the “Wellesley College GPA” check with flying colors.

What does the Wellesley college application require?

If you’re wondering how to get into Wellesley College, you’re probably curious what components the school will actually look at. Wellesley College allows students to apply via one of three portals: Common Application, Coalition Application, or the Questbridge Application

Once you have picked an application portal, you will need to submit the following:

  • Wellesley supplemental essays
  • High school transcript
  • 2 teacher evaluations
  • School report
  • Wellesley College SAT or ACT scores (optional for Fall 2022)

We will discuss the Wellesley supplemental essays later in this article. Everything else should be done as early as possible to avoid any missing pieces before the Wellesley admissions deadline. Sit down with your guidance counselor and teacher evaluators early. Be sure you understand how evaluations and the school report will get submitted so there are no surprises. 

If you choose to submit SAT or ACT scores, remember half of all Wellesley College SAT scores fall between 1350-1520. This equates to an ACT score of 31-34. If you’re planning to take either exam, leave enough time. This way, you can take the exam more than once if need be. Studying for standardized tests and maximizing your score is a very effective way of boosting your academic profile. Also, be sure to send your Wellesley College SAT or ACT scores through the corresponding test platform before the Wellesley admissions deadline.

What extracurriculars do I need for Wellesley College?

Can you use extracurriculars to optimize your “how to get into Wellesley College” strategy? Yes and no. 

Some students make the mistake of thinking there’s a perfect set of extracurriculars that will get them into their dream school. They try to check the right boxes. They do a little bit of all the things they think will boost their chances—playing an instrument, leading a club, doing community service. All of these things are fantastic, but there’s a difference between pursuing the activities you’re passionate about and pursuing the activities you think colleges want to see. 

Wellesley admissions officers are trained to sense authenticity. What does this mean? It means there is no perfect applicant. Instead, choose your activities based on what lights you up inside! The Wellesley admissions team wants to see you doing the things you’re passionate about. They prefer to see you take these activities to new heights than see you dabble in many things. 

Challenge yourself, take initiative—but do so within the scope of your interests. The authenticity and passion that Wellesley admissions officers are seeking will come naturally from this approach. This authenticity is how to get into Wellesley College.

What is the acceptance rate at Wellesley College?

The Wellesley acceptance rate is, of course, a key number to take into account if you’re wondering how to get into Wellesley College. Remember, the school is on the smaller end for colleges, with the Wellesley College total enrollment capped at around 2,280. 

As a result of the small Wellesley College total enrollment number, Wellesley College does not offer many spots in each round of admissions. In fact, the class of 2025 saw a Wellesley acceptance rate of just 16%

Because the Wellesley acceptance rate is so low, your academic profile will be a big factor in thinking about how to get into Wellesley College. Your ability to meet the Wellesley College SAT average and Wellesley College GPA are the two primary factors Wellesley admissions officers use to determine your ability to succeed at the school. Maximize your scores to stand out from the pack in Wellesley admissions, beat the odds of the low Wellesley acceptance rate, and, hopefully, you’ll be counted as part of the Wellesley College total enrollment figures!  

Want to learn more about acceptance rates? Check out our expert guide.

How do I write a Wellesley supplemental essay?

For many students, matching the Wellesley College GPA and test scores is an obvious strategy when considering how to get into Wellesley College. However, the Wellesley supplemental essays are often overlooked as being equally if not more important in your efforts to stand out in the Wellesley admissions process. 

In addition to the Common/Coalition/Questbridge personal statement that you’ll have to provide, Wellesley admissions asks applicants to write two paragraphs on which two items from The Wellesley 100 are most exciting to them. Note that the Wellesley supplemental essays (your personal statement and college-specific essay) are a required part of the Wellesley admissions process. 

The small Wellesley College total enrollment figure means that Wellesley admissions looks for a few things in the Wellesley supplemental essays. Firstly, the college wants to make sure you’ll fit the on-campus dynamic well. Secondly, it wants to make sure you are really, truly interested in attending their school. The Wellesley supplemental essays are your chance to be thoughtful about conveying your excitement for Wellesley while putting your own personality into the spotlight. 

Remember that the Wellesley supplemental essays are a valuable opportunity to show more personality and substance than other application components allow for. Don’t underestimate the value they hold in the Wellesley admissions process—ignoring these may hurt your “how to get into Wellesley College” strategy. Instead, put time and thought into picking your two items from the list and crafting a persuasive response. 

How does Wellesley College review applications?

What’s the secret sauce behind the Wellesley acceptance rate? How does Wellesley take its 7,000+ hopefuls and choose the students who will ultimately fill the small Wellesley College total enrollment figure?

Students are often curious about the behind-the-scenes of how to get into Wellesley College—the process between when they finish dotting the I’s of the Wellesley supplemental essays, send their Wellesley college SAT score, and hit submit…and when they get their decision letter.

Let’s de-mystify Wellesley admissions. 

Firstly, each application is assigned to a Wellesley admissions officer based on the geographic region of the applicant. After a first read, applications go to a committee for discussion. At this point, committees will reach a decision about the applicant as a group.

Wellesley admissions reviews applications holistically, reading and weighing each part of them before making a decision. This means no one element—your Wellesley College SAT score, Wellesley College GPA, Wellesley supplemental essays, or anything else—will be the sole determining factor.

Hopefully, knowing the path your application takes through the Wellesley admissions department helps shed some light on how to get into Wellesley College. 

Will Wellesley college consider my social media?

Students who are wondering how to get into Wellesley College sometimes worry about their social media presence, concerned it will be weighed in the Wellesley admissions decision process. While it’s good to weigh all potential factors, few schools take the time to search for applicants online before making a decision. There is simply not enough time to do so.

This doesn’t mean you should post without concern for your online presence. We advise using your best judgment when deciding what to post. Even if Wellesley College doesn’t check your social media profiles, future employers may do so. Moreover, in rare cases, ill-informed posts do reach admissions offices and lead to rescinded offers. Because there is such a small Wellesley College total enrollment and the college cares a lot about character, it’s not worth taking any chances.

In conclusion, while it is highly unlikely that your social media will be a factor in Wellesley admissions, use your judgment when deciding what to post.

Is Wellesley a good school for me?

Some students are so concerned with how to get into Wellesley College that they don’t stop to ask if it’s the right school for their needs. Let’s talk about what makes this school unique.

Wellesley has been a women’s college since its founding 150 years ago. If you are concerned about a lack of gender diversity, this may not be the school for you. By contrast, if the thought of being surrounded by female role models is exciting to you, this school might be ideal. To find out more about the unique benefits of attending a Women’s College, check out this webinar.  

In addition, with a Wellesley College total enrollment of just 2,280 students, Wellesley offers an intimate liberal arts experience. Students who would feel limited by such a small environment may not enjoy this experience. On the other hand, students who feel they would thrive in a tight-knit community where you can get to know all the faces on campus might love the small size!

Without a doubt, Wellesley College is not a fit for everyone. But the students who feel energized by the more unique parts of the college are in for an incredibly rewarding four years.

Additional tips to get into Wellesley

If you’re still concerned about how to get into Wellesley College, we suggest you get started as early as possible. 

Early on in high school, you should focus on strengthening your GPA, taking advanced classes, and deciding which hobbies you will prioritize and pursue. Get to know your teachers so that they can write strong, persuasive recommendations for you. All of these will boost your chances of acing the Wellesley admissions process, despite its low acceptance rate.

Closer to the Wellesley admissions deadline, focus on deciding how to write the Wellesley supplemental essays. So much of the application lies in knowing how to tell your story in the most persuasive, evocative way. This will make the rest of the application a breeze.

Finally, keep perspective: the success of the rest of your life does not lie in gaining admission to Wellesley or any other school. Focus on finding and building a good list of colleges to apply to. Then, wherever you attend, do your best. Don’t get so caught up in the college craze that you forget to make time for fun, friends, and most importantly, health.

This guide was written by Becky Weinstein. If you want to know how to get into Wellesley, we’ve got you covered.’s network of 300+ Admissions Experts (and former admissions officers) includes Wellesley graduates. Create your free account or schedule a free advising consultation by calling (844) 343-6272.