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Image: Editing an essay | The college admissions season is upon us with the launch of the 2019-2020 Common Application. The Common Application, or Common App for short, launches tomorrow, […]

Does Harvard discriminate against Asian Americans? This question was brought to trial in 2018, but it wasn’t just an attack on Harvard, it was a challenge to all top-tier institutions […]

Photographer: Scott Graham | Source: Unsplash In this informational essay, Lauren Lynch — former admissions officer and head of advising at — covers how college applications are evaluated. For […]

Phil Roeder | CC BY 2.0 If you are a parent or guardian of a high school student, you may find yourself wishing for the sleepless nights of infancy or […]

In this Harvard Financial Aid Guide, Admissions Experts Thuong (Harvard ‘24) and Jesper (Harvard ‘19) walk us through how they saved up and paid for Harvard University with the […]

Photographer: Van Tay Media | Source: Unsplash In this article, admissions expert Rashmi covers how to secure strong recommendation letters from your junior year teachers. For more guidance on […]

STEM Research at Stanford Stanford University is a world-renowned research institute ranking #2 on Forbes’ Top Colleges in 2019 and #2 on Forbes’ Research Universities lists. The university strongly believes […]

There are a lot of schools, more than 4,200 in the U.S. alone, to choose from. Building the list of colleges to apply to can feel like one of the […]

The trusty Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a mentor as a “trusted counselor or guide,” and having mentors in our lives is not a new concept. Some of us are lucky enough […]

Joining a club at Harvard can be intimidating at first. Some are extremely competitive and require students to either apply, audition, and/or comp. However, there are a number of clubs […]

Photographer: Kat Stokes | Source: Unsplash In the following article, Admissions Expert and admissions officer Nichole Reynolds answers frequently asked questions about the supplemental essays for college! For more […]

Are you wondering whether a school like Harvard is a good fit for you? Interested in studying Harvard economics? Curious about what the classes or professors are like and what […]

Photographer: Sterling Davis | Source: Unsplash In this article, admissions expert Becky weighs the pros and cons of attending a college on the east coast vs. the west coast. For […]

Image: Calendar to help track deadlines | Photographer: Eric Rothermel | Source: Unsplash So it’s time for you to seriously think about applying to college, and you’re starting to plan […]

Photographer: Waldemar Brandt | Source: Unsplash In this informational essay, Lauren Lynch — former admissions officer and Head of Advising at — covers what happens after students submit early […]

Photo courtesy of Duke University Although it’s been nearly 12 years since I applied to Duke University, the experience remains vivid in my memory. In this post, I’ll share my […]

There are so many decisions that go into choosing a college. Big school or small school? Rural or urban campus? One significant factor in your life as a college student […]

If you’ve been paying attention to any of the major headlines when it comes to the college admissions scandal, you’ll see words like: Money. Fraud. Blame. Scandal. Prosecution. Guilty. Image: […]

The Common Application has just announced that it will add an optional COVID-19 essay question for the 2020-2021 application. This global pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, and now […]

One Major, Endless Possibilities Image courtesy of Cornell University I always knew I wanted to apply to Cornell, but I was initially overwhelmed by their seven different undergraduate college options. […]

Photographer: J. Kelly Brito | Source: Unsplash In this article, admissions expert Finn provides an overview of the CommonApp Essay for juniors. For more guidance on building a college […]