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6 min read In this article, College Admissions Expert KiKi details the importance of a personal narrative and the role it plays in completing a student’s college application. For more guidance […]

7 min read In this article, Admissions Expert Meaghan shares tips for how students can take steps to plan for a future after college. For more guidance on planning […]

11 min read In this article, Admissions Experts Theodore and Abbie define college acceptance rates and the role they play when creating a college list. For more guidance on […]

8 min read Check out the article below for tips from’s Admissions Experts on how to write a great college essay. For more guidance on personal essays and the college […]

In this Yale Financial Aid Guide, Admissions Expert Zoe (Yale ‘16) walks us through how she paid for Yale University, from beginning the application process to graduating from Yale. […]

Photo courtesy of Williams College Once I clicked close on the tab that congratulated me for my final college commitment, relief flooded my body. Twelve years of schooling had let […]

Photo courtesy of Williams College In this Williams College financial aid guide, Admissions Expert Nadiya walks us through how she paid for college with the help of financial aid. […]

Image: Student appearing stressed | Photographer: JESHOOTS.COM | Source: Unsplash Here at, we know that college admissions are a lot to deal with. The stress of picking schools, writing […]

During the first year at Harvard, there is so much to see and to do. Every experience feels new, and there are so many people to meet! It can be […]

Photo courtesy of The University of Chicago In this UChicago financial aid guide, Admissions Expert Arielle breaks down the process of how she paid for college: from applying to […]

Raise your hand if you’re a high school senior, and your college applications to-do list looks more like a to-do tower – shadowing over you with seemingly endless tasks and […]

Photographer: Brayden George | Source: Unsplash With over 5,000 colleges and universities in the U.S, it can be very nerve-wracking to determine which institution is the right one for you. […]

What is the difference between a quarter and a semester system? Traditionally, universities and colleges will have one of two academic calendars: a traditional semester system or a quarter system. […]

As a prospective Georgetown student, there’s a good chance that you’re at least curious about taking one or two Government classes. As a student, I loved the flexibility of the […]

With just about two weeks until most regular decision deadlines are due (January 1), we’ve put together a quick college application checklist to help you feel as confident as possible […]

Photographer: Kelly Sikkema | Source: Unsplash In this article, Admissions Expert Becky Weinstein will walk you through the “extracurricular hook” – developing your extracurriculars into a hook for college […]

First off, if you’re reading this because you just got accepted or are planning on attending Brown, congrats! Brown is such a great place that fosters and promotes creative expression […]

COVID-19 brought unprecedented changes to the airline industry, closed millions of businesses, and now, it’s shaping the future of college admissions. Phil Roeder | CCY BY 2.0 In April, the […]

Photographer: J. Kelly Brito | Source: Unsplash In this article, former admissions officer and Head of Advising at Lauren Lynch shares how students can showcase their unique traits and […]

Preparing for College by Completing Two Years of Dual Enrollment in High School Photographer: NeONBRAND | Source: Unsplash In this article, Admissions Expert Zoe Edington shares her experience with […]

Motaz Fallata was always encouraged to pursue higher education by his father, but, like many international applicants, he had a hard time figuring out the American college application process. Of […]