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Zoe S.

Attending Princeton University in 2020

My CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) advising team helped me tremendously in editing essays for clarity, voice, grammar, and more; figuring out where to apply for what admissions cycle (EA vs ED vs RD); building a scholarship list; and interview preparation. I loved CollegeAdvisor.com's personalized approach to college admissions preparation. I really connected with my advisor and felt like she was able to really help get my message across in essays without detracting from my voice at all.

Victor Y.

Attending University of Southern California in 2020

My advisor has been by far the most knowledgeable and supportive mentor I have met. She is passionate about helping students reach their full potential beyond high school! Her drive to help you every step of the journey is admirable; she makes sure you meet milestones that alleviate stress from future deadlines with the college app process.

Jude R.

Attending Stanford University in 2020

My advisor was awesome! She gave me awesome advice that I believe made my essays more personable and relatable to an admissions officer. She walked me through every step of the application process, and I couldn’t have gotten into Stanford without all her help.

Rohan G.

Attending Washington University in St. Louis in 2020

CollegeAdvisor.com's (formerly Bullseye Admissions) services were fantastic for fine-tuning my college essays. Each essay that CollegeAdvisor.com helped me on was an essay that I felt confident to send out to colleges.

Aaron Y.

Attending Yale University in 2020

My advisor is super hardworking and diligent. She has such a knack for diction choice and grammar and gives extremely detailed feedback!

Shresta K.

Attending University of Pittsburgh in 2020

I like how easy CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) made the college process. College essays were one of my biggest concerns and my advisors made the process simple and effective.

Maggie W.

Attending University of Pennsylvania in 2020

I liked the efficient and effective meetings I had with my advisor. From our conversations, I felt my advisor really cared about getting me into my dream universities. I loved the personalized application strategy.

Yonas G.

Attending Bowdoin College in 2020

The support I received from CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) was personalized, unique, and supportive. The advisors made sure that my voice was heard through my writing and assessed me on different aspects of the essay like grammar, diction, organization, topic, and so on to make my essay the best it could be.

Tracy S.

Zoe Simon's Mom

We could not be more pleased with the guidance that CollegeAdvisor.com (formerly Bullseye Admissions) provided our daughter during her college admissions process. With the excellent feedback she received on her essays, she was confident that her voice came through in her application and that she was presenting her most genuine self. The counselors took the time to know and connect with her, and we are delighted that our daughter will be attending Princeton University this Fall.

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Rohan G.

Attending Washington University in St. Louis in 2020

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Attending Harvard University in 2020

Zoe S.

Attending Princeton University in 2020

Amara I.

Attending Northeastern University in 2020

Rohan G.

Attending Washington University in St. Louis in 2020

Cecile S.

Attending Brown University in 2020