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Iyanu D.
Recently accepted to Yale, Stanford, Columbia, UPenn, and Brown
My experience with CollegeAdvisor was amazing. As an international student balancing various application cycles, I entered the US cycle quite late. However, when I reached out to CollegeAdvisor they were still willing to support me with their program and helped through everything step by step. They were very accessible, reliable and helpful. Then I was matched with my mentor. I could not have had a more dedicated, inspiring and talented person and mentor to help coach me through my essays. She helped me realise my best fit schools and find my authentic voice through my passions, experiences and challenges. She encouraged me to weave them together through my essays which made them stand out. She went above and beyond to support me through the stressful time and I am so appreciative of how this program supported me into getting into some amazing schools. I can't believe it! I want to thank the whole CollegeAdvisor Team for helping students like me have a chance at actualising their academic potential at inspiring institutions.
Sofia N.
Recently accepted to Brown University
Working with CollegeAdvisor was amazing. As an international student who was not very familiar with the American university system, having the advising team made me feel confident in my applications and in the essays I submitted. They helped me put my best self forward, both on paper and with my interviews. My advisor was my cheerleader when I needed it the most, and she knew when to push me and when to let me rest. Lastly, a distinctive feature of CollegeAdvisor is the ability to chat with students who attend the universities I wanted to apply to. They helped me with things like motivation when hearing about how amazing their school was and how great certain classes are. They also talked with me about other aspects of college applications such as ideas for my school specific essays. I believe knowledge is power, and with CollegeAdvisor I always felt that I was encouraged - as it was so available and therefore easy - to research and learn about schools and the logic behind admissions. And at the end of the day, it worked! I got into my top choice school!
Kurt E.
Recently accepted to Brown, Stanford, and UCLA
I feel that getting one-on-one advising really sealed my application together. As a student who comes from a disadvantaged community, combined with the fact that I had no family members who attended a US college, I was lost in the writing process. Before getting an advisor, I never really knew the "hidden rules" that applicants should try and follow like having a theme with your essays, or how to write in the college essay style writing. After months of Zoom sessions, I feel that my advisor really helped me amplify my voice through the essays in an intelligent, yet personable way.
Avery M.
Recently accepted to Boston, UCLA, USC, Villanova, and more!
My experience with CollegeAdvisor was excellent. My advisor, Carolyn, was always available for help and kept me on track with a well planned out timeline. She helped me refine my essay ideas and was fantastic when it came to editing and helping me clarify my ideas through my writing. My college application experience would have been much tougher had it not been for CollegeAdvisor. I definitely recommend!
Raine B.
Recently accepted to Dartmouth College is a phenomenal network of diligent individuals who have gone through the college application process and are willing to facilitate the process for high schoolers. I was paired with an amazing advisor, Rouhin Ghosh, who helped me with my essays and aided my planning process for my college applications. He made me appreciate the value of CollegeAdvisor, and I would definitely recommend them to any student looking to bolster their college admission chances.
Kalyani V.
Recently accepted to UCLA, Columbia, George Washington, and more!
CollegeAdvisor's tremendous resources and committed advisors helped make the application process stress-free. I was able to customize the service and create the environment in which I work best. Through hours of essay editing, not only did I grow as a writer but I became more self-aware, learning the value of my experiences. As a look back, I am proud of all the work my advisor, Zoe, and I were able to accomplish together.
Elena H.
Admitted to Dartmouth Early Decision
I was ecstatic when I received the decision from my top choice! It was a moment I have been looking forward to for years. My advisor provided so much support with essay brainstorming, editing/revising, and mock interview preparation. She was always available to meet as soon as I needed to and left feedback within a day or two of receiving my drafts. And when I informed my alumni interviewer of my acceptance, he said I was the best applicant he had interviewed in the past two years!
James W.
Accepted to Penn, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, USC, and Johns Hopkins provided me with all the resources and advice that I needed to succeed during my college application process. What would’ve been a hectic process on my own turned into a methodical, efficient procedure due to my advisor’s knowledge and experience. CollegeAdvisor is also unique in the way that I had access to all of the advisors on the network, an opportunity I used extensively to receive more personalized feedback from alumni of schools I was interested in. My advising sessions covered everything, from planning a school list to tailoring essays for certain scholarships. I would recommend CollegeAdvisor to anyone who wants to have a calm and structured application period
Kevin M.
Recently accepted to Stanford, Columbia, USC, and UC Berkeley
CollegeAdvisor is a truly noble business making college counseling affordable!
Jyoti R.
Attending Stanford University in 2021
My advisor, Zoe, was an essential part of my journey and so was the whole Advising Team. CollegeAdvisor is my first recommendation to other students - I learned to be a better writer and look forward to perhaps someday even working as an advisor for CollegeAdvisor.
Maria L.
Accepted to Northwestern University in Qatar
Receiving my very first admission was a life changing moment for someone who, like me, has always dreamed of studying abroad. My grandmother did not have access to education in her life, so it is breathtaking to have the opportunity to go to Qatar and attend an amazing school such as Northwestern. I am extremely thankful to Marissa, my advisor, for giving me the confidence to apply to this school, and making me see the college admissions process from a whole new perspective.
Lily Z.
Recently accepted to Columbia, University of Washington, Northeastern, + more!
Looking back, I was just a non-experienced senior who knew nothing about college applications. With my advisor, I crafted great application essays and discussed so many application questions. It's a great honor to have help through the platform of CollegeAdvisor and work with the most experienced advisors during this year's application season. When I initially I heard about CollegeAdvisor on YouTube, I didn't expect that this team could offer me so many amazing services. I am so proud to introduce the CollegeAdvisor Team to all of my teachers and can confidently say my essays were as good as they were because I had an amazing group of people to help me edit them. I've actively recommended CollegeAdvisor to juniors in my high school. I truly enjoyed what was supposed to be a tough journey in my life. I love CollegeAdvisor and I appreciated the opportunity to work so closely with my advisor. Throughout the admissions process, I encountered many difficulties and sleepless nights. But when I worked with my personal advisor from CollegeAdvisor, I enjoyed it. My advisor was always so calm and so professional whenever emergencies happened and when I was freaking out. I would confidently argue that I had the best advisor! I am beyond grateful have had a successful application cycle and to have received admission to so many great schools. I owe a lot of credit to my advisor and the whole CollegeAdvisor community. I cannot wait to go to Trinity College Dublin in Ireland and Columbia University to make my dream of becoming the next justice Ginsburg true!
Nick G.
Accepted to Dartmouth, Columbia, Tufts, and Northeastern
Throughout my college applications, I received ton of help from my advisors, Grant Riew and Ellie Underwood. I just heard back from a combined BS/MD program between a small college in Albany and Upstate Medical University in Syracuse NY, and I got into the program that has a less than 1% acceptance rate! I wouldn't have been able to do it without Grant and Ellie's help. Throughout the college process, I learned a ton and am so thankful for the advice and support my Advising Team gave me.
Joshua W.
Recently accepted to Georgia Tech, Michigan, Northeastern, and Texas
CollegeAdvisor provided me with all the resources and advice that I needed to succeed during my college application process. What would’ve been a hectic process on my own turned into a methodical, efficient procedure due to my advisor’s knowledge and experience. CollegeAdvisor is also unique in the way that I had access to all of the advisors on the network, an opportunity I used extensively to receive more personalized feedback from alumni of schools I was interested in. My advising sessions covered everything, from planning a school list to tailoring essays for certain scholarships. I would recommend CollegeAdvisor to anyone who wants to have a calm and structured application period.
Olvin B.
Recently accepted to Dartmouth College
CollegeAdvisor’s experts are some of the most encouraging people. The fact that they gave time out of their day to help us was really amazing. My advisor not only helped me with my college applications, we also talked about how to adapt to the campus and how to study better. It’s one thing to get into those colleges, but it’s another to do well in them.
Youssef A.
Recently accepted to Northwestern University
I had some friends who were willing to read my application essays and help me work on my applications, but it was so much better to have an actual professional to help me out. I never felt awkward sharing my essays with my advisor, and that was a really valuable thing for me. When I got my first round of essay feedback and made corrections, I reread my essay and knew I could send it off to colleges and feel confident in my work. I felt like I could stand out. I don’t think I ever could have come to those corrections if my advisor hadn’t read it.
Chinedu S.
Recently accepted to Darmouth College
Going into the college application process, I was worried that I wouldn't stand out from the crowd even if my stats were what they needed to be. My advisor, Claire, guided me through every aspect of the admissions process and ensure that my voice stood out in my essays. She encouraged me to make my essays concise and specific. CollegeAdvisor is a really great program that helped me with both in the big picture for the whole college application process as well as with the details of my supplemental essays.
Nav R.
Recently accepted to UNC, NYU, USC, Cornell, and more!
CollegeAdvisor is an excellent service with over the top commitment to ensuring that students succeed and reach their goals. I couldn’t be happier with the process! Best investment of my life.
Rohan K.
Recently accepted to USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and more!
I think my experience as a whole was a success. I got a lot of constructive feedback from my advisors and it really helped me with my applications. I really appreciate all the help and support I received. In the end, I am happy that I chose CollegeAdvisor and would definitely recommend it to others!
Amanda N.
Recently accepted to University of Pennsylvania
CollegeAdvisor was extremely helpful throughout the college application process. My advisor guided me through the mental aspect of the application journey as well as provided incredible feedback on my essays. Thank you so much!
Buse B.
Recently accepted to Syracuse, Temple, Penn State, and more!
My experience with CollegeAdvisor was amazing. My advisor, Carolyn, was the best. She helped me with everything about the application process and everything was so organized. I can say it lifted a lot of weight off my shoulders because she was very helpful in guiding me through the process.
Ben C.
Recently accepted to Washington, Cal Poly SLO, and RPI
I found about CollegeAdvisor from an affiliate link in a college admission YouTube video. At first, I didn't think much of it since there are plenty of college advising services, and I wasn't sure what I would get out of them. However, after doing more research, making some goals, and discussing with my parents, I decided that CollegeAdvisor would make me feel more confident about my applications and decrease my stress about the process. It made me accountable and constantly want to improve. I learned a ton from this process. This investment is worth the money, from having a network of advisors from multiple universities to the essay suggestions, activity list edits, and interview preparation. And the most important thing: having a personal mentor. To my advisor Lily, Thank you for all your support and for answering my countless questions! This college advising experience has been invaluable to me. You are so skilled and passionate in this field. I wish you all the best!
Laila R.
Recently accepted to George Washington, UF, USF, and more!
I worked with Pam and she completely saved my application! I’m extremely satisfied with my results and would definitely recommend CollegeAdvisor to other students. We worked together on individual essays and she truly cared about my application. I’m so grateful to get accepted to Cornell and it wouldn’t have been possible without CollegeAdvisor.
Yash C.
Recently accepted to Rochester, Northeastern, Rutgers, and more!
I had a great experience! My advisor was extremely helpful in helping me decide between colleges, what major would best suit my interests and profile, and writing all the supplements. She was always there to answer any questions I had and gave extremely helpful feedback on my work.
Sam N.
Recently accepted to College of Wooster and St. Louis University
First off, it was a very easy and smooth flowing process to enroll and receive an advisor that was fit for my needs and aligned well with my goals. The price is affordable, especially considering the amount of work and time that is received. There are frequent progress checks that help you realize the amount of work you've accomplished and what you need to do next. When writing my college essays, my advisor did not do the work for me but rather helped guide me to success. Ultimately, I would highly recommend all students planning on attending college to use this recourse to help write their essays and greatly increase their chances of getting accepted into their dream college.
Recently accepted to Michigan, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and more!
My college admissions process was an amazing experience. With the help of my advisor, Julia, I learned a lot. I realized I could be a good writer, to appreciate my life experiences, to never give up on my dreams, and to believe in myself. If I do those things, I can accomplish my goals. Thank you so much for everything!
Allison G.
Recently accepted to Michigan, UCLA, UC Berkeley, and more!
My advisor made a genuine effort to get to know me, which made the essays that we worked on together that much more strong and authentic. Working with CollegeAdvisor helped build my confidence in my college applications!
Victoria R.
Recently accepted to Rutgers, Fordham, and Maryland
I had a wonderful experience with CollegeAdvisor. My advisor worked with me for hours and got to know me. They did a great job helping and supporting me through the whole application process - from essays to interviews and the decision process as well.
Junhyung J.
Recently accepted to NYU, Rutgers, and Indiana
CollegeAdvisor keeps you on task and their team really puts on an amazing effort into helping students pursue their goals and get in to the college of their dreams!
Adam B.
Recently accepted to VCU, RIT, UC Boulder, and more!
I wasn't sure how much this service would help me when I began my college application process, but I was surprised by how helpful it was. I had gotten behind and was struggling to even narrow down my list of schools, but with the help of my advisor I began making good progress. CollegeAdvisor helped to make this process much less stressful for me. My advisor, Pam Walton, was amazing as well. She not only was a huge help with developing my essays, but also pushed me to get things done and keep on schedule. I think this service would be very helpful for people in all sorts of situations and was certainly very helpful in mine.
Rohan G.
Attending Washington University in St. Louis in 2020's (formerly Bullseye Admissions) services were fantastic for fine-tuning my college essays. Each essay that helped me on was an essay that I felt confident to send out to colleges.
Zoe S.
Princeton University Class of 2024
My (formerly Bullseye Admissions) advising team helped me tremendously in editing essays for clarity, voice, grammar, and more; figuring out where to apply for what admissions cycle (EA vs ED vs RD); building a scholarship list; and interview preparation. I loved's personalized approach to college admissions preparation. I really connected with my advisor and felt like she was able to really help get my message across in essays without detracting from my voice at all.
Shresta K.
Attending University of Pittsburgh in 2020
I like how easy (formerly Bullseye Admissions) made the college process. College essays were one of my biggest concerns and my advisors made the process simple and effective.
Maggie W.
Attending U Penn in 2020
I liked the efficient and effective meetings I had with my advisor. From our conversations, I felt my advisor really cared about getting me into my dream universities. I loved the personalized application strategy.
Yonas G.
Attending Bowdoin College in 2020
The support I received from (formerly Bullseye Admissions) was personalized, unique, and supportive. The advisors made sure that my voice was heard through my writing and assessed me on different aspects of the essay like grammar, diction, organization, and so on to make my essay the best it could be.
Victor Y.
Attending University of Southern California in 2020
My advisor has been by far the most knowledgeable and supportive mentor I have met. She is passionate about helping students reach their full potential beyond high school! Her drive to help you every step of the journey is admirable; she makes sure you meet milestones that alleviate stress from future deadlines with the college app process.
Luke R.
Attending Stanford University in 2020
My advisor was awesome! She gave me awesome advice that I believe made my essays more personable and relatable to an admissions officer. She walked me through every step of the application process, and I couldn’t have gotten into Stanford without all her help.
Aaron Y.
Attending Yale University in 2020
My advisor is super hardworking and diligent. She has such a knack for diction choice and grammar and gives extremely detailed feedback!
Tracy S.
Parent of Zoe Simon, Princeton '24
We could not be more pleased with the guidance that (formerly Bullseye Admissions) provided our daughter during her college admissions process. We were very impressed that she was able to benefit from the perspectives of a number of counselors instead of being limited to one person. Most importantly, with the excellent feedback she received on her essays, she was confident that her voice came through in her application and that she was presenting her most genuine self. The counselors took the time to know and connect with her in a way that many of her peers who used other services did not receive. We are delighted that our daughter will be attending Princeton University this Fall and that she had many wonderful universities to choose from. Thank you!

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Rohan G.

Attending Washington University in St. Louis in 2020

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Attending Harvard University in 2020

Zoe S.

Attending Princeton University in 2020

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Attending Northeastern University in 2020

Rohan G.

Attending Washington University in St. Louis in 2020

Cecile S.

Attending Brown University in 2020