Decoding the ACT and SAT: Acing the Test

Don’t let the ACT or SAT tests overwhelm you! Mastering these exams is not just about being a whiz in English, Mathematics, Science, and Writing. It’s about understanding the tests’ structure, familiarizing yourself with the strategies, and arming yourself with the right techniques to answer questions accurately and efficiently. Join CollegeAdvisor for a helpful webinar, “Decoding the ACT and SAT: Acing the Test,” featuring Harvard University alum Maria Acosta Robayo. The webinar will feature: – Comprehensive overviews of the ACT and SAT, including the structure, question types, and scoring. – Proven strategies to enhance speed, accuracy, and confidence in each test section. – Insider tips to help you interpret and respond to complex questions effectively. – Q&A Session . Empower yourself with knowledge, strategies, and the confidence to excel in your ACT and SAT exams. Register today and join us on the path to acing the test! Your journey to college success starts here.

Date 12/12/2023
Duration 1:00:59