Exploring Extracurricular Activities and Their Impact on College Admissions

Join our insightful webinar, “Exploring Extracurricular Activities and Their Impact on College Admissions,” tailored for high school students and their parents navigating the college application process. This webinar will delve into the crucial role extracurricular activities play in shaping a well-rounded college application.

Presented by Former Admissions Officer Anna Vande Velde, here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Understanding the Importance: Explore why extracurricular activities matter in the college admissions process and how they contribute to a holistic application.
  • Strategic Selection: Gain insights into choosing extracurricular activities that align with your interests, showcase your skills, and make a positive impression on admissions officers.
  • Demonstrating Leadership: Learn how to effectively highlight leadership experiences within your extracurricular involvement to stand out in the competitive college admissions landscape.
  • Impact on Personal Growth: Understand how participation in diverse activities fosters personal development, resilience, and valuable life skills that colleges value.
  • Building a Compelling Narrative: Discover how to weave a compelling narrative around your extracurricular experiences in your college application essays and interviews.
  • Parental Guidance: Parents, understand your role in supporting and guiding your child through their extracurricular journey without adding unnecessary stress.

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of extracurricular activities and gain valuable insights that will empower you in the college admissions process. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of what colleges look for beyond academics.

Date 02/06/2024
Duration 46:13