Letters of Recommendation: Who to Ask and How to Ask Them

Are you a high school student preparing to apply to college? Do you find yourself wondering how to secure strong letters of recommendation that will support your college applications? Look no further! Our webinar, “Letters of Recommendation: Who to Ask and How to Ask Them,” is here to provide you with invaluable guidance on navigating this critical aspect of the college admissions process.

Designed specifically for high school students and their families, this webinar is presented by our admissions expert, Aaron Brown. Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of letters of recommendation and learn effective strategies for selecting the right recommenders and securing persuasive letters that highlight your strengths and accomplishments.

During this webinar, you will:

  1. Understand the significance of letters of recommendation: Learn how these letters can provide insights into your character, accomplishments, and potential, and how they can impact your college admissions prospects.
  2. Identify the right recommenders: Discover who to approach for letters of recommendation, including teachers, mentors, counselors, and coaches, and how to determine the best fit for your application.
  3. Learn how to establish strong relationships with recommenders: Gain insights into building rapport, effective communication, and maintaining a positive professional relationship with your chosen recommenders.
  4. Discover strategies for showcasing your unique qualities: Learn how to provide recommenders with relevant information about your goals, achievements, and experiences to help them write personalized and impactful letters.
  5. Understand the art of making a request: Learn how to approach recommenders with professionalism and clarity, including tips on timing, etiquette, and providing necessary materials.
  6. Receive guidance on crafting a recommendation letter packet: Understand how to assemble a comprehensive package for your recommenders, including your resume, personal statement, and any specific guidelines or requirements.
  7. Gain insights into what makes a strong recommendation letter: Learn about the key elements that make a letter stand out, including specific examples, anecdotes, and a genuine assessment of your abilities.
  8. Engage in a live Q&A session: Get the opportunity to have your specific questions answered by our panel of experts, ensuring you have the information and guidance you need.

Letters of recommendation play a vital role in showcasing your unique qualities and potential to college admissions committees. This webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the process successfully and secure compelling letters that will strengthen your college applications.

Don’t underestimate the power of a strong recommendation letter. Join us for the “Letters of Recommendation: Who to Ask and How to Ask Them” webinar and gain the insights and tools to secure impactful letters that will elevate your college admissions prospects. Register now and take a significant step towards securing your future!

Date 06/20/2023
Duration 1:00:16