Q&A with a Former Admissions Officer

Are you a high school student or a parent of a student preparing for the exciting journey of college applications? Join us for an insightful and informative webinar, “Q&A with a Former Admissions Officer.”

In this webinar, we bring you a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and expert advice directly from our former admissions officer Chelsea Holley. Chelsea has years of experience in the college admissions process and will share her knowledge, tips, and strategies to help you navigate the competitive world of college applications with confidence.

This webinar will be an interactive Q&A session, allowing you to directly engage with the former admissions officer and get answers to your burning questions about the college admissions process.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in your college application journey. Register now for our “Q&A with a Former Admissions Officer” webinar and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful college application experience.

Date 07/13/2023
Duration 58:37