UCSD Application
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UCSD Application – Introduction

Are you thinking of applying to the University of California- San Diego? Look no further. In this “UCSD Application” guide, we’ll walk through:

  • Why you might want to submit a UCSD application 
  • How to apply to UCSD
  • Submitting your UCSD application early
  • How to check your UC San Diego application status
  • UCSD application deadlines, and other important dates

Are you applying to college and have already decided to apply to UCSD? Take a look at our guide on how to get into UCSD. Otherwise, keep reading our UCSD application guide to learn how to ace UCSD admissions and join the UCSD enrollment.  

Why apply to UCSD?

UCSD is a public research university in San Diego, California. It is one of the University of California schools. UCSD enrollment is high, with nearly 32,000 undergraduate students and almost 7,000 graduate students. Moreover, UCSD offers over 140 degree programs, more than 500 student groups, and a slew of Division II titles. UCSD receives billions in research funding for students and professors across disciplines from oceanography to computer science.

Both nationally and internationally, factors like value, research, and social innovation have UCSD ranking near the top. U.S. News gives a UCSD ranking of #34 on their National University list. In fact, it’s 8th best U.S. public university according to the Center for World University Rankings. With a UCSD ranking so high, its acceptance rate of 38% is no surprise.

Is this top-rated, selective university the school for you? Check their website to find out more. UCSD Admissions provides a great introduction to the campus culture and offerings.

How do I apply to UCSD?

Unlike some other college applications, you complete the UC San Diego application through the UC application, UC Apply. UC Apply opens on August 1.

Those applying to college through the UC application can apply to other UC schools, too. So, apply to multiple schools through UC Apply to increase your chance of acceptance.

The UCSD application requirements are typical of a college application:

  • Transcript and academic history
  • Extracurricular activity information
  • Annual income
  • Personal insight questions
  • UCSD application fee

Test scores are optional and, in fact, not reviewed by UCSD or other UC schools. UCSD admissions are test-blind, so the school won’t consider submitted scores as part of your college application. The UCSD application fee is $70, but fee waivers are available.

Once you’ve registered on UC Apply, you can access the UCSD application portal. There are multiple sections of UC Apply, from basic demographic information to those Personal Insight Questions. You can save your UC San Diego application status and return to the UCSD application portal at any time. Even so, make sure you start filling the UC application out long before the November UCSD application deadline.

Sections of UC Apply

Firstly, the UC application asks about you and your background. These don’t influence admissions, but help the UC system compile statistics.

Secondly, you can select the campuses and majors you’re applying for. Don’t worry, there’s an “undecided” option! The UC San Diego application is unique in its college ranking system. UCSD has seven residential colleges. When you apply, you must give a UCSD ranking for each one.  

Then, make sure you have your transcript for the academic history portion of the UCSD application. Your academic history must match transcripts exactly to meet the UCSD application requirements. Additionally, the school requires you to take certain courses. Most U.S. public school students will fulfill these UCSD application requirements by the time the UCSD application portal opens.

After that, you’ll fill in your activities and awards. Here is where up to 20 of your extracurricular activities and accolades can shine, from sports to community service. You get 500 characters for each entry, so make them count!

Next, you should select any scholarship programs you’re eligible for. This section of the UC application is short but important. Applying to college and searching for scholarships often go hand in hand.

Finally, there are the Personal Insight Questions. The PIQs are the UC system’s essay section. Every college application asks about you, and the UCSD application is no different. If you want to know how to get into UCSD with great essay responses, check out some great examples.

Does UCSD offer Early Decision?

If you’re applying to college, you’ll know early applicants often have a higher chance of getting in. 

However, the UC San Diego application does not have an Early Decision option. You can submit a UCSD application through the UCSD application portal before the UC application deadline. However, submitting earlier than the UC application deadline won’t change your chances of UCSD enrollment. UCSD admissions posts decisions by March 31. Prospective first-year students must accept UCSD enrollment by May 1.

How To Check UCSD Application Status

So you’ve finished with the UCSD application portal, paid the UCSD application fee, and submitted before the UC application deadline. What now? 

You can check your UC San Diego application status after submission. In November, you will receive an email invitation to an Applicant Portal for each campus you applied to. After signing up, you can check your UCSD application status.

The UCSD application portal will give you several checklist tasks to complete. Until January 31, you can update your campus choices and other minor items through the UCSD application portal. There are also messages on the UCSD application portal regarding your UCSD application status. Admissions decisions will appear in late March and your UCSD application status will update accordingly. Make sure you accept your UCSD enrollment offer before May 1.

UCSD admissions does offer selected applicants a spot on the waitlist. If your UCSD application status is “waitlisted,” you must accept by April 15. This is a great time to demonstrate continued interest to boost your chance of UCSD enrollment. 

When is the UC San Diego application due?

The UC application deadline for 2022 is November 30. It’s always a good idea to complete and submit your college application well before the UCSD application deadline. Following submission, there will be a checklist on your Applicant Portal. Keep a close eye on your UC San Diego application status after this date through that UCSD application portal. 

UC San Diego Application—Final Thoughts

UCSD is a high-ranking, selective institution that both attracts and produces global talent. Accordingly, it’s no easy feat to be accepted. The first step is knowing how to apply to UCSD.

In this guide, we covered the basic steps when you apply to UCSD. The UC application has several sections, including short essay questions. Don’t overlook the $70 UCSD application fee, and apply for a fee waiver if possible. The UCSD application deadline for 2022 is November 30, but you should submit your UCSD application before then. When acceptance letters go out in late March, be the first to know by checking your UCSD application portal.

Ready to apply to UCSD? Head on over to our guide on how to get into UCSD for great tips on crafting your UCSD application.

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