Baylor Majors
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Baylor Majors

Baylor University has about 14,000 undergraduate students who choose from over 125 Baylor majors and minors to study during their time on campus. What college majors a university has can play a large part when applicants craft a college list. 

As Baylor is ranked as #77 in U.S. News Best Colleges list, it’s no wonder that the Baylor majors have caught your attention. So, let’s take a deeper look into the Baylor University majors to help you select your desired school or area of study at Baylor. 

College majors- Things to consider

You may be asking,  just what is a college major? It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the language of the college application process. However, don’t stress! We will explain what a college major is and break down the Baylor University majors for you below.

In order to decide your college major, you must first understand exactly what a college major is. A college major is the specific area in which you will study and become specialized. 

Most students enter college unsure of a major, so they decide their college major based on what classes they most enjoy. In some cases, you will have to decide a major during the application process. Check out the specifics on enrollment by program and major for Baylor.  

However, for the most part, you will complete your core curriculum classes before making a decision. There are many Baylor majors, so you will have a long list of college majors to choose from. 

Things to consider when making your list of college majors:

  • Specific university options. In this case, there are many Baylor University majors to choose from. Look at each school’s specific offerings to see what catches your eye as you apply to colleges.  
  • Your interests and passions. Don’t choose a college major based solely on lucrative career options. Try to choose something you love that will give you career options you’re excited about pursuing. 
  • Play to your strengths. You probably shouldn’t go into nursing if you don’t excel in science and the sight of blood makes you queasy. If your goal is to help others, then there are still many other potential options for your college major.  For instance, psychology. 

Baylor University majors list

Once you’ve got your list of ideal college majors, make sure they line up with the Baylor majors. With over 125 majors at Baylor, you’re sure to find your match. Remember, there are no “best college majors.” There are only the best college majors for you

Check out the full list of college majors at Baylor. Not sure of your college major but know you want it to be in the Arts & Sciences? Skip directly to college majors in that area. 

The list of Baylor majors is a varied and diverse one, so you’ll be sure to find the college major you’re passionate about at Baylor.

Choosing your college major is a personal decision. The best college majors for you will likely be different from those of your classmates. However, with so many Baylor majors to choose from, it may be helpful to know the most popular choices. 

Here’s the top five Baylor University majors from the U.S. News top ten list based on 2020 Baylor graduates. 

Top 5 most popular majors at Baylor: 

  1. Nursing
  2. Biology
  3. Communication
  4. Health/Medical Preparatory Programs 
  5. Accounting

Still wondering about popular college majors beyond Baylor? Check out this most popular list of college majors for Gen Z. 

What major is Baylor University known for?

Baylor majors are bountiful, and there isn’t necessarily one specific major the university is known for. However, based on the most popular list of majors at Baylor, we could venture to say that Nursing is at the forefront and Biology is a close second. 

Not a science fan? That’s ok! It’s not quite time to rule out Baylor yet. There are many top-ranked Baylor majors to choose from in the humanities and beyond. 

Baylor majors: Choosing the best college major for you

What are the best college majors? There’s no simple answer to this question. The best college majors are the ones that make you excited about learning. 

Take the time to make a list of college majors that interest you: those are your best college majors. You’re sure to find them within the Baylor University majors list. You can also get creative and personalize your experience through double majors or minors. 

Finally, enlist the help of people who know you best. Choosing your college major shouldn’t be stressful. It should be fun and exciting. There’s a whole world of possibilities out there, in the Baylor majors, and beyond!

baylor majors

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