Georgetown majors
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Georgetown Majors

Georgetown University is located in Washington, D.C. The university is home to 7000 undergraduate students and is ranked #22 by U.S. News. The university is also the nation’s oldest Catholic/Jesuit school. 

Georgetown boasts five undergraduate schools—the Georgetown College of Arts and Sciences, the Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS), the McDonough School of Business (MSB), the School of Nursing, and the School of Health. Each of these schools offers specific Georgetown majors that students can choose from. 

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into Georgetown University majors. But first, what is a college major?

What is a college major?

Before discussing the diverse Georgetown majors, let’s explain what a college major is. So, what is a college major, you ask? A college major is an academic area of study. Selecting a college major means choosing an area of interest to specialize in during your undergraduate degree. 

College majors shape the courses you will take. However, the majors at Georgetown University allow students to take classes in other academic areas, too. So, while you should choose the most compelling of the Georgetown University majors, you can still pursue other interests. 

Exploring Georgetown University Majors

With its rich history and strong academic reputation, Georgetown is home to hundreds of majors. Check out the complete list here

Georgetown majors range from Nursing to Culture and Politics. As noted above, Georgetown has five undergraduate schools. Consequently, Georgetown academics allow students to pursue diverse interests. Depending on your undergraduate school, Georgetown majors include Global Health, or Georgetown’s newest major in the MSB, International Business, Language, and Culture. The university offers college majors that enable students to specialize in various programs. 

Also, students admitted to Georgetown College, Georgetown’s oldest and largest undergraduate school, enter undeclared. Students at Georgetown College do not have to declare a major until the end of their sophomore year. 

Best college majors: What major is Georgetown known for?

You may wonder about the best college majors to pursue your undergraduate degree. However, the answer to that question depends on your academic interests. Georgetown has over 100 college majors. Therefore, the best college major is the one that aligns with your career goals and passion

Due to its location in the heart of Washington, DC, Georgetown academics reflect the vibrant perspectives of its students. Majors at Georgetown highlight the diverse backgrounds and experiences of students. 

Top five most popular majors at Georgetown

Students who study at Georgetown University major in academic programs within one of the five undergraduate schools. There is no official list of the most popular majors at the institution. Information from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Data USA indicates that the Georgetown University majors that remain most popular include:

  1. Government 
  2. Economics 
  3. History
  4. Finance
  5. International Studies and Relations (including majors across four of the undergraduate schools)

This list does not show you the best college majors at Georgetown. Instead, it provides examples of popular Georgetown University majors.

You may notice there is no Political Science major at Georgetown. However, Georgetown University majors sometimes have different names than other institutions. Georgetown University calls what other institutions consider Political Science a Government major. 

Georgetown has one of the oldest foreign service programs. Yet, you will not find Georgetown majors named International Relations or International Studies. Instead, Georgetown University majors in that area range from International Political Economy in the SFS to International Business Regional Studies in the MSB. 

Georgetown Academics: what to consider when choosing your major?

Since Georgetown majors span disciplines and fields, consider your passions and career goals. Visit the Georgetown University website to review Georgetown academics and degree requirements. 

Since majors at Georgetown live in one of the five undergraduate schools, visit the specific webpage for that school. Each school will list the relevant Georgetown majors and course components and requirements. Review carefully to consider the alignment between Georgetown academics and your interests and strengths.

Other factors to consider when reviewing Georgetown University majors:

Undergraduate School

When applying to Georgetown, you apply directly to one of the five undergraduate schools. Make sure that the Georgetown majors that spark your interests reside in the specific choice.

Academic Fit

Majors at Georgetown have academic requirements. If you do not want to study a foreign language, the SFS may not be a good fit!

Passion and Excitement

College majors should open up career pathways and ignite your passion. The best college majors align most with your interests personally and professionally. Choose a college major that will excite you!

Remember, the best college majors are the ones that fit your interests, skills, and passions. Georgetown majors highlight the diversity of their students’ academic and personal pursuits. 

There are hundreds of college majors at Georgetown. Create a list of college majors that interest you. Then, check if Georgetown University majors fit your list. If you locate Georgetown majors that seem like a good fit, use the program website to research!

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