Emory University ranking

Emory University Ranking – Introduction

Are you considering applying to Emory University and wondering how it ranks in comparison to your other dream schools? In this article, we will provide an overview of the Emory University ranking and how you can use this information in your college application process.

Emory University is a highly respected private research institution located in Atlanta, Georgia. Established in 1836 as “Emory College,” it is the second-oldest private university in Georgia. Currently, the university has a student body of 8,197 undergraduate students and offers over 80 undergraduate majors. The Emory University ranking places it amongst other prestigious higher education institutions in the United States.

Emory University has consistently been ranked highly by various national college ranking sources. In this article, we will explore Emory’s rankings in Forbes, US News, and the Wall Street Journal. We will also discuss the Emory University ranking in world and compare it to other schools in Georgia. Additionally, we will discuss where you can find reputable national college ranking sources. Before getting into these rankings, let’s take a look at Emory University.

What is the Emory University Ranking?

Many sources release their own national college rankings annually, and nearly all colleges receive a ranking from at least one of these sources. However, the Emory University ranking may vary depending on which source you consult. As is the case with most national college rankings, there is no definitive Emory University ranking. 

Below, we will review the Emory University ranking according to three of the most trusted sources for national college rankings: Forbes, US News, and the Wall Street Journal. 

Emory University ranking in Forbes

Forbes releases its annual college rankings which rank the top 500 colleges in the United States. The Forbes college rankings consider variables including alumni salary, debt, graduation rate, return on investment, and the Forbes American Leaders list. 

In 2023, the Emory University ranking in Forbes was #66 on the list of Top Colleges. Additionally, the Forbes college rankings place Emory at #41 in Private Colleges, #52 in Research Universities, and #15 in the South.

Emory University ranking in US News

US News is a reputable publication that releases annual national college rankings, with the Best National Universities list being the most popular. The US News college rankings account for factors including graduation and retention rates, social mobility, graduation rate performance, undergraduate academic reputation, and financial resources per student. 

For 2022, the Emory University ranking in US News is #22 on the Best National Universities list. US News college rankings also put Emory University ranking in world at #72. 

Emory University ranking in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal also publishes annual national college rankings. The Wall Street Journal college rankings evaluate based on a school’s resources, student engagement, outcomes, and the school environment

In 2022, the Emory ranking in Wall Street Journal was #20 out of 796 universities in the United States and #82 in their World University rankings. 

Is Emory a top university?

Emory University ranking

According to the three main sources for national college rankings—Forbes, US News college rankings, and Wall Street Journal—the Emory University ranking is among the top universities in the country. The Emory University ratings are generally in the top 25 of National Universities. The Emory University ranking in world is also quite impressive, sitting at #72 according to US News. This makes Emory a great option for any prospective student. 

Emory is a particularly great choice for those interested in business or health-related careers. The Emory rankings are consistently in the top 5 for best nursing schools, best undergraduate and graduate biomedical engineering programs, and best public health schools and programs. The Emory University ratings have also been in the top 15 for best undergraduate business programs. These rankings demonstrate that Emory University is a highly respected and competitive institution. 

You can find more specific information on Emory University rankings by program on their website.

How do I interpret college rankings?

Different sources rank colleges based on different criteria. For example, here at CollegeAdvisor, we rank colleges based on academics, athletics, campus, diversity, value, and party scene. These individual components add up to an overall grade. The Emory ranking is an A+ overall grade according to CollegeAdvisor, making it a great option for students.  

While college rankings can be a useful tool in your college search, it’s important to remember they are only one factor to consider. Emory University’s consistently high rankings across various lists suggest it is a top-quality school, but it’s important to do your own independent research as well. You can start by looking at a school’s website to learn more about their programs, campus, and student life. You can also review college rankings from multiple sources and keep a detailed college list to record your findings.

It’s also important to keep in mind that a school’s acceptance rate can give you an idea of its selectivity. In the case of Emory University, the acceptance rate of 13% suggests it is a competitive school. This might mean that Emory is a “reach” school for many applicants. 

Ultimately, it’s important to consider a range of factors when creating your college list and deciding where to apply. While college rankings can be helpful, they should not be the sole determining factor in your college choice.

Emory University Rankings you can trust

Emory University ranking

With all the different sources of college rankings out there, it can be confusing to determine which Emory University rankings to trust. The Emory ranking may be higher on one list than another. Below, we will discuss the ways you can determine reputable sources in order to be a well-informed applicant. 

The Emory University rankings may vary from source to source. However, you can generally trust the most popular and reputable sources of national college rankings. Examples include those used above—Forbes, US News, and the Wall Street Journal college rankings. However, it is important to note different sources may use different criteria to determine rank. 

Transparency is key

To determine which Emory University rankings you can trust, look for sources that are reputable and publish their methodologies publicly. All three sources mentioned above publish their selection criteria, data collection, and overall methodologies used in determining national college rankings. You should consider lists that rank based on factors that are important to you, such as retention and graduation rate.

It is important to keep an open mind when considering college rankings. You should also consider the ranking of particular programs in the school you are interested in, such as the Emory ranking computer science. Use these lists as tools rather than a deciding factor on which schools to apply to or attend

Emory Ranking vs. Other Top Universities in Georgia

CollegeAdvisor is a useful resource to help you learn how Emory University compares with other Georgia universities. In addition to Emory, let’s also consider two universities in Georgia: the University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology. To see how Emory University compares with these two other institutions at a glance, check out the table below. Here, you will see how Emory’s ratings compare to those of other colleges in Georgia, using CollegeAdvisor as the source for ratings and US News college rankings for the ranking data.

Emory University vs. Other Georgia Schools

Emory UniversityA+Academics, Diversity, Value (A+)Athletics (B-)#22
University of GeorgiaA+Academics, Athletics, Campus, Party Scene (A+)Diversity (A-)#49
Georgia TechA+Academics, Diversity, Value (A+)Campus (B)#44

According to the overall statistics, Emory University’s ratings are higher than those of other universities in Georgia. In the areas of academics, diversity, and value, Emory University receives an A+ rating from CollegeAdvisor.com, which is on par with other major Georgia colleges. The only area Emory ranks lower than the other Georgia schools is in athletics, for which Emory receives a B- rating from CollegeAdvisor. 

Overall, Emory is ranked higher than other major Georgia-area universities such as the University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology. For resources on how to get into Emory University, you can refer to CollegeAdvisor’s articles on Emory Essays that Worked and the How To Get Into Emory Guide. 

It’s important to note Emory University’s rankings may fluctuate over time, depending on the criteria used by the ranking organizations. However, the Emory University ranking has consistently been within the top 25 of the Best National Universities according to US News, ranking 20th in previous years and 22nd currently.  

While overall rankings can be useful, it’s also important to consider specialized rankings in areas that are relevant to your interests and goals. For example, if you are interested in a specific program, you may want to research the Emory University ranking in these areas, such as the Emory ranking computer science. 

When building your college list, it’s important to consider not just the overall national rankings. You should also think about the specific rankings of programs and departments that are most relevant to you.

Emory Ranking and Your College List

Emory University ranking

We have covered the basics of college rankings and provided you with an overview of the Emory University ranking in Forbes, US News college rankings, and the Wall Street Journal college rankings. Now, you should have a better understanding of what an Emory education might be like and how competitive your Emory application needs to be. As you continue to explore your college options, you may want to refer to some of our additional resources to aid you in the application process. Keep in mind the Emory University ranking is not the only factor to consider in your college decision. Think of each Emory ranking as one piece in your college admissions puzzle. 

When applying to your dream college, it’s important to consider the cost of attendance. One option for funding your education is to apply for merit-based scholarships. These are awarded to students who have demonstrated excellence in a specific area, such as academics, art, sports, or another field. If you are a resident of Georgia, the HOPE Scholarship is a merit-based option that is specifically available to students in the state. 

The HOPE Scholarship is based on your high school GPA and is designed to help academically talented students who may not be able to afford college attend higher education. It was also established as an incentive program to encourage academically-minded students to stay in the Georgia education system and to improve the prestige of the state’s universities. The HOPE Scholarship can be a valuable resource to help you achieve your goal of attending Emory University.

Emory Ranking – Final Takeaways

The Emory University ranking is consistently high across various college ranking websites, including US News, Forbes college rankings, and the Wall Street Journal. According to US News and the Wall Street Journal, the Emory ranking is within the top 25 colleges in the United States, while Forbes college rankings has Emory at #66. These Emory University rankings demonstrate that Emory is considered a top school, not only in Georgia and the South, but also nationally. 

Emory University’s high rankings on various college ranking websites are certainly noteworthy. However, it is more important to ensure the school is a good fit for your individual interests, academic and career goals, and personal preferences. While Emory may be a top-ranked school, it may not necessarily be the best fit for you. It is important to do your own research and consider your own needs and goals before making a decision to apply. To learn more about Emory University, you can visit the school’s website and explore their programs, campus, and student life. 

If you are searching for your dream school, CollegeAdvisor has tips to help you. Even though the college admissions process can be challenging, we have resources to support you. For more information on how to get into Emory University, check out our guide. If you are struggling with the Emory essays, you can read our step-by-step guide to writing the Emory supplemental essay. Good luck!

Emory University Ranking

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