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Babson College Supplemental Essays 2023-24

Do you have your heart set on attending Babson College? Well then, your Babson supplemental essay will be a critical part of your application. In this article, we will provide a breakdown of the Babson College essay prompts. We will also provide tips for how to write your Babson College supplemental essays so that they stand out from the thousands of applications Babson receives each year.

But what draws so many applicants to this school? Babson College, located just outside of Boston, is known for raising the next generation of entrepreneurs. Therefore, this private undergraduate institution mainly attracts students interested in business. An emphasis on career development and networking allows Babson graduates to have above-average earning potential and impactful careers. However, getting into Babson is not easy.

Indeed, Babson College admissions are competitive. This is. in part, due to the Babson College ranking. According to several sources, including Forbes and U.S. News, Babson College provides one of the best liberal arts educations in the country. Indeed, there are 24 Babson college majors. So while all students come to Babson with some interest in business, these concentrations give space for students to explore the intersection of business with other fields, such as environmental sustainability or visual arts. 

As you can see, a Babson education offers its students great opportunities. So, if you’re more in love with Babson than ever, your essays are crucial to gaining admission. But, before we get into how to write the Babson essays, let’s check out some “at a glance” facts about this unique college. 

Babson College Admissions: Quick Facts

Babson College Quick Facts

Babson College Acceptance Rate: 22%– According to U.S. News, Babson College ranks #1 in Entrepreneurship, and its acceptance rate places it among the most selective colleges in the nation.  

Babson College Essay Requirements:

  • 1 (~500 word) Why Major/Why Babson essay OR a 1-minute video on the same topic
  • 1 (~250 word) diversity essay

Babson College Application: Students must submit their Babson College application through the Common Application. Make sure to have all of your Babson College supplemental essays and other required application materials ready when applying. 

Babson College Application Deadlines:

  • Early Decision I/ Early Action: November 15 
  • Early Decision II: January 2 
  • Regular Decision: January 2

Babson Supplemental Essay Tip: Start early! There are multiple Babson supplemental essays, so having time to brainstorm, draft, and edit them well is critical in order to impress admissions at this competitive college.

Does Babson College have supplemental essays?

babson supplemental essay

Yes — there are two Babson College supplemental essays. In general, supplemental essays are additional essays that colleges ask for to provide more details about your unique interest in the school.  Each school has different supplemental essay requirements. However, there are a few common supplemental essay topics that you’ll likely see in various college applications. The most common are the  “Why School” and “Why Major” essays.

For the first of your two required Babson College supplemental essays, you will need to combine a Why Babson essay and Why Major essay into one 500-word response. You also have the option to submit a one-minute video that answers the prompt, in lieu of an essay. 

The second of the Babson College supplemental essays asks applicants to share more of their identity and background. Essentially, this is a diversity essay. In this essay, Admissions wants to learn more about what has shaped you–and, most importantly, how you will bring your unique experiences to campus.

In the next section, we will break down all the Babson essay requirements in greater detail, including these Babson College essay prompts. 

Babson College Essay Requirements

babson supplemental essays

In total, you must submit three Babson College essays. The first of these essays is the personal statement. Your personal statement is an essay that introduces critical aspect(s) of yourself to the admissions committee. You can submit the same personal statement to all of the colleges you apply to via the Common App. Applicants may choose one of the seven Babson College essay prompts for the personal statement. Check them out here

In addition to the Common App personal statement, you must submit two Babson College supplemental essays. 

Babson College Supplemental Essay #1: Why Babson Essay/Why Major Essay

Here is the first of the two Babson College supplemental essay prompts:

Babson College Supplemental Essay Prompt #1

The Babson education prepares students for all types of careers across business, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and more. Tell us about your interest in this area of study and in Babson specifically. (500 words maximum)

We invite you to submit your answer in either essay OR video format. If you choose to submit a video, please limit your response to a 1-minute video, which can be submitted via a shared link to YouTube or another video hosting website. Please ensure your video is set to public and is accessible to the Admission Committee.

Let’s discuss what this Babson essay is looking for. As we shared above, schools often want to know why you wish to attend their institution as well as why you want to study your intended major. In this 500-word essay, Babson College wants you to do both. 

Specifically, this Why Major essay asks applicants to shed light on their interest in entrepreneurship and business since that is Babson’s special focus.Additionally, as a Why Babson essay, admissions asks why you hope to study at the school. Responses to this prompt need to be specific. Now is the time to research programs, internships, professors, or any other opportunities only found at Babson. Be sure to mention what most interests you about studying at Babson.

This Babson College essay prompt is unique in that you can respond in written or video format. The video option offers the advantage of allowing those who express themselves verbally to shine. Regardless of the format you choose (whether the written or video option), you must answer the prompt fully.

Babson College Supplemental Essay #2: Diversity Essay

Now, let’s look at the second of the Babson College supplemental essay prompts:

Babson College Supplemental Essay Prompt #2

A defining element of the Babson experience is learning and thriving in an equitable and inclusive community with a wide range of perspectives and interests. Please share something about your background, lived experiences, or viewpoint(s) that speaks to how you will contribute to and learn from Babson’s collaborative community. (250 words maximum)

This Babson supplemental essay is a version of the diversity essay, another common topic for college essays. Keep in mind that diversity is a broad term. Beyond referring to race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, and other common dimensions of diversity, the term can also refer to any lived experience. For example, maybe you were the only female in a house full of men, or perhaps you lived in 13 countries as a child. In this sense, every person has many dimensions of diversity in their lived experience.

At Babson, diversity and inclusion are valued. As such, this Babson supplemental essay seeks to gather more information not only about your ability to be self-reflective of your experiences but also about how you will use those experiences to contribute to Babson’s inclusive, collaborative spirit.

Next, we will dive further into tips for writing your Babson supplemental essays. 

How to write the Babson supplemental essays

Now that we have broken down the Babson College essay prompts, let’s take a closer look at how to write the Babson supplemental essays. Here are some tips for writing successful Babson essays:

Four Tips for Writing Babson College Essays

babson supplemental essay

1. Start early

As we stated, there are three Babson essays you will need to complete – your personal statement and two Babson supplemental essays. Starting early is critical. Normally, essay prompts are released by August 1. However, you can begin brainstorming even before the prompts are released. Think about life experiences and personality traits that are central to who you are. In August, begin to work on your essay drafts. You will likely need several drafts of each essay and time in between writing them to give yourself breaks. These pauses within the drafting process can often provide greater clarity for final edits. 

2. Choose a written or video format

For one of your Babson supplemental essays, you have the option to submit a 1-minute video that encapsulates your response to the prompt. If you choose the video option, be sure to spend time drafting a script and planning out how and where you will film your video. Though the video may seem like the easier option, it presents different challenges such as ensuring you come across as positive and professional in your speech. Be sure to provide specific examples and details in your response to the question, just as you would in your essay.

3. Answer the whole prompt

The Babson College essay prompts are unique in that they ask multiple questions in one prompt. As we mentioned, the first of your Babson supplemental essays is a Why Major essay and a Why Babson essay. Be sure you answer both of the prompt’s questions clearly in your response. Look for specific details you can highlight in your Why Babson essay. Perhaps you want to highlight which of the 24 Babson college majors, also known as concentrations, interest you. 

In the second of your Babson supplemental essays, you must discuss an aspect of your identity that is important to you along with how it will inform your engagement with Babson’s campus culture. Reflect deeply on your life experiences before responding to your Babson College essay prompts.

4. Highlight Babson values

One of the unstated but underlying goals of the Babson supplemental essay prompts is to see how aligned you are with Babson’s values. To be successful in demonstrating that you understand them, familiarize yourself with the school’s standards. What does Babson mean when they say they value integrity, collaboration, diversity, innovation, and excellence? How do you align with these values? When choosing topics for your Babson supplemental essays, consider which of your experiences can most strongly demonstrate these principles.

If you follow these tips for writing your Babson supplemental essays, you will be off to a strong start in overcoming the low Babson College acceptance rate.

Are the Babson essays optional?

babson supplemental essay

No, none of the Babson essays are optional. You must submit your personal statement and your two Babson College supplemental essays to have a complete application.

While none of the essays are optional, you do have the choice to submit a video instead of the first Babson supplemental essay. If you choose to do so, make sure your video responds fully to the prompt and provides details and examples to flesh out your arguments. Prepare well for filming your video– make sure it is easy to see and hear you throughout.

You also have the option of applying to Babson early or regular decision. Within the early options, you may apply Early Decision I or Early Action by November 15. Keep in mind that Early Decision is a binding agreement, meaning that you are committing to attending Babson if they admit you. If you decide you need more time to work on your essays, consider applying Early Decision II or Regular Decision by January 2. This will allow you more time to develop a strong application. To learn more about application deadlines, including the benefits or disadvantages of each type, check out this article.

So, we’ve established that the Babson supplemental essays are not optional and have reviewed the deadlines for submission. But, just how big of a role do these essays play in admissions decisions? Let’s check out their importance when it comes to gaining acceptance to Babson. 

Does Babson College care about essays?

Yes! Babson cares deeply about essays for many reasons. Each year Babson receives thousands of applications but only admits 20% of applicants. As such, the Babson College acceptance rate is quite competitive. To distinguish between candidates who have similar academic records, Babson admissions officers use the essays and other factors to determine a candidate’s fit. This is part of Babson’s holistic approach to admissions, which takes many factors into account when evaluating a candidate. Through the Why Babson essay, admissions officers can tell how interested you are in Babson specifically. 

Additionally, Babson is first and foremost a liberal arts college. As such, Babson very much values the way that students think and express themselves, as this is a key part of a liberal arts education. In turn, the Babson essays are important in showing Babson admissions officers your critical thinking and writing capabilities. 

Lastly, Babson values diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the final Babson essay, you have the opportunity to express a part of your identity that may not be evident elsewhere on your application. By taking the time to write a reflective essay, you will convey how much you value this central part of Babson’s culture.

For these reasons and more, Babson College cares deeply about your essays. Take the time to make the most of each of your Babson essays. For some extra guidance, here are some writing tips that Babson provides.

How can I make my Babson College essays stand out?

Now that you know how important your Babson supplemental essays are, you might be wondering how you can make them stand out. In this section, we will provide specific tips for how to respond to the Babson College essay prompts:

Three Tips for Making Your Essay Stand Out

babson supplemental essay

1. Write a hook

Since Babson College admissions officers must read thousands of essays, one way to make sure your essay stands out is to start off with a hook. A hook is a literary term for an opening that captures the reader’s attention. Hooks can take many forms. Perhaps you start with a bit of dialogue, a vivid description of a scene, a thought-provoking question, or an unexpected idea. If you aren’t sure whether your hook is captivating, ask friends to read it and tell you if the opening makes them want to keep reading your essay.

2. Edit well

Speaking of support from others, make sure you get guidance throughout the editing process. Some writers say that editing is the heart of writing since it is through editing that you refine your voice and message. When you edit, consider the four Cs: 

  • Is it clear? Do my ideas flow and make logical sense? Are any details missing that would help make my story clearer? 
  • Is it grammatically correct? A grammatically correct essay demonstrates your writing abilities as well as the care you took to write a strong Babson supplemental essay.
  • Is it concise? Being concise is critical for a few reasons. First, you have limited space in each of your Babson supplemental essays. By removing nonessential words or phrases, you make more space for important ideas. Secondly, a concise essay is easier to follow. When sentences are too wordy, they can easily lose the reader’s attention. Read your writing out loud to see if each sentence can be read in a single breath. If you have to pause to take a breath while reading, your sentence is probably too long. 
  • Is it compelling? To answer this question with a confident “yes,” you will need to get a second or third opinion. Ask your reader to be honest about whether the essay topic and style make it interesting to read. If not, maybe you need to play with the essay format, sentence structures, or hook.

3. Be authentic

When answering the Babson college essay prompts, you should think about what topics are most important and relevant to you. Do not worry about what admissions officers want to hear, or what you think sounds impressive. Babson admissions officers admit that some of their favorite essays are the simplest ones that express a seemingly mundane activity or interest with great detail. By being yourself, you have a greater chance of telling an interesting story.

When writing your Babson supplemental essays, the best approach to take is one that allows you to be yourself. After all, these essays are an opportunity to share more about your unique skills, experiences, and values. By showcasing your personality, your essay is bound to stand out.

Babson College Supplemental Essays – 5 Takeaways

Getting into Babson College is not an easy feat. However, with effort and support, you can write Babson supplemental essays that propel your application to the top of the pile. By now, we have covered many aspects of writing good Babson supplemental essays. 

Here are 5 key takeaways you should keep in mind:

Babson College Essays Takeaways

babson supplemental essay

1. The Babson supplemental essays are a very important part of your application

Since the Babson College ranking makes it a very competitive school, your essays are the place to set yourself apart from other candidates.

2. There are two Babson supplemental essays you must write, in addition to your personal statement

Make sure you read the Babson College essay prompts carefully and answer every part of the prompt. Keep in mind that the Why Babson essay is also a Why Major essay – so make a case for which of the Babson College majors really draws you to the school.

3. You can submit a video for one of your Babson supplemental essays

Instead of writing a 500-word response, you can submit a video for your first Babson supplemental essay. Ensure that your 1-minute video is concise, compelling, and showcases your personality.

4. Take time to edit your Babson supplemental essays well

A well-edited essay that is clear, grammatically correct, concise, and compelling will be easier and more interesting to read. Make sure that you submit error-free essays.

5. Be yourself

Your Babson supplemental essays are the space to showcase who you are. While you want to highlight aspects of Babson that made you want to apply, you should also make sure you are writing about experiences that matter to you. And most definitely write in your own voice. 

Use these 5 takeaways to write Babson supplemental essays that stand out from the rest. Remember that writing essays is best done with support. Always seek help from a trusted individual, like a teacher, friend, or CollegeAdvisor admissions specialist. These individuals can help make sure you are answering the prompt fully and in a compelling manner.

Take the time to write Babson supplemental essays that showcase your voice and unique lived experiences. In time, you’ll reap the benefits of your honest hard work, whether you end up at Babson or another fantastic university. Good luck!

babson supplemental essays

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