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Elon Supplemental Essays 2023-24

All applicants to Elon University must complete the Elon supplemental essays. Moreover, each Elon application essay helps you craft a strong application. Every year, Elon admissions reviews thousands of applications to identify the candidates who will thrive within their educational environment. Your Elon supplemental essays can be the defining factor that determines the overall success of your Elon application.

Elon University, located in the picturesque town of Elon, North Carolina, is recognized as one of the nation’s top-tier universities. Beyond its idyllic setting, Elon University also boasts a rich history of academic excellence with a focus on undergraduate programs. The university is ranked #1 in Learning Communities, First-Year Experiences, and Best Undergraduate Teaching. With a strong commitment to fostering a vibrant campus community, Elon attracts a diverse and dynamic student body. 

If you’re eager to learn how to get into Elon University, you’re in the right place. So, let’s get started.

In this comprehensive guide to the Elon Supplemental Essays, we will:

  • Explore Elon University requirements
  • Analyze Elon essay prompts
  • Offer valuable insights to assist you in crafting outstanding Elon supplemental essays

By the end of this guide, you will be well-prepared to submit your Elon application. Better yet—an application armed with compelling Elon supplemental essays that will leave a lasting impression on admissions.

Are you ready to discover how to write your Elon supplemental essays? If so, let’s get started!

Elon Admissions: Quick Facts

Elon University Admissions: Quick Facts

  • Elon University Acceptance Rate: 74% – U.S. News ranks Elon University as a moderately selective school.
  • Elon University Essay Requirements:
  • 1 (~650 word) Common Application Personal Statement: Choose from Common Application 2023-2024 prompts 
  • 2 (~200 word) Elon Supplemental Essays: Who Are You Essay and Cultural Diversity Essay
  • 3 (~75-150 word) Elon Short Response Questions: Hometown Suggestions, Three Songs From Playlist, and Your Top 5
  • Early Action: November 1st
  • Early Decision: November 1st
  • Regular Decision:  January 10th
  • Elon University Essay Tip: Although the Elon essay prompts are fun, remember your audience as you start thinking of ideas. Consider what your responses communicate about your passions, values, and character. Feel free to answer honestly and authentically, but be sure your chosen topics are also appropriate and professional.

Please note that essay requirements are subject to change each admissions cycle, and portions of this article may have been written before the final publication of the most recent guidelines. For the most up-to-date information on essay requirements, check the university’s admissions website.

Does Elon have supplemental essays?

Yes, Elon supplemental essays are part of Elon’s application requirements. Each Elon application essay, moreover, serves as a valuable opportunity for applicants to showcase themselves beyond their academic statistics. Applicants are encouraged to take creative risks and let their individuality shine through in their Elon application essays. With this in mind, understand there is no one “correct” way to answer the Elon essay prompts.

How many essays does Elon have?

elon supplemental essays

In total, Elon has five supplemental essays. (If that sounds like a lot of writing, don’t worry! In reality, these “essays” are all brief reponses.) Keep in mind these school specific essays are required in addition to your Common App personal statement essay. So, you’ll actually need six essays total to have a complete Elon University application.

There are two relatively traditional supplemental essays with Elon essay prompts focused on getting to know you. Then, there are three fun Elon essay prompts that allow applicants to share their personal preferences and interests. 

Next we’ll discuss the Elon supplemental essays and later the Elon short answer essays. First, we’ll explore the Elon essay prompts. Then, we will break down how to write an Elon essay that will impress the admissions team. 

Elon Supplemental Essays

elon supplemental essays

In the previous section, we explained that Elon University has two fairly traditional Elon supplemental essays. Both of these Elon essay prompts limit responses to 200 words max, so your essays must be clear and concise. One of the two Elon essay prompts is labeled a get to know you essay. The other is a cultural diversity essay. 

Elon Supplemental Essays #1

Who are you? Describe yourself. (200 words)

This Elon application essay gives you free range to share anything you want about your identity. You can highlight personality traits, life experiences, hobbies, extracurriculars, values, or passions. Essentially, your essay can include any detail that helps paint a complete picture of who you are. Overall, you’re aiming for an Elon essay response that is authentic, reflective, and engaging. So, you’ll want to provide specific examples or anecdotes that illustrate your self-description.

Elon Supplemental Essays #2

What cultural traditions, experiences, or celebrations are important to you? How have they influenced your understanding of self? (200 words)

This Elon application essay prompt invites you to dive even deeper into a specific aspect of your identity. You’ll need to explore the cultural aspects of your identity while also describing how they’ve impacted your personal growth. This is a common essay prompt amongst top colleges and can be called the cultural diversity essay. 

Share cultural experiences that have shaped your perspective, whether through family trips, volunteer work, or interactions with culturally significant individuals. Describe your active involvement in traditions, events, or activities and explain how they’ve created a sense of belonging. Most importantly, reflect on how these cultural elements have influenced your self-understanding, shaping your values, beliefs, and worldview. 

Elon Essay Tip:

When brainstorming ideas, save any discussion/details regarding your cultural background for the cultural diversity Elon application essay. That way, you can avoid repeating information from Elon essay #2 in Elon essay #1!

How to write the Elon supplemental essays

Crafting exceptional Elon University supplemental essays can help you make a lasting impression on the admissions committee. Each Elon application essay allows you to reveal your true self and share your life experiences. Moreover, they can articulate how you would contribute to and thrive within the vibrant community at Elon University. Here are some helpful strategies to keep in mind when writing your Elon University supplemental essays:

Embrace Authenticity

Approach your Elon supplemental essays authentically. Instead of choosing a topic you think sounds impressive, choose something that has genuinely helped shaped your identity and aspirations. Avoid generic responses and emphasize what sets you apart as an individual.

Craft Engaging Narratives

When drafting your Elon supplemental essays, keep things interesting by developing captivating narratives. Your Elon application essay should include vivid and descriptive language that will fully engage your reader. You’ve likely heard this advice before, but it’s always worth emphasizing: show don’t tell

Elon Short Answer Essays

elon supplemental essays

So far, we have explained how to get into Elon using the more traditional Elon supplemental essays. Now for the fun part! As shared before, in addition to the Elon supplemental essays, Elon also requires applicants to complete Elon short answer essays.

In this section, we’ll break down the Elon essay prompts for the short answer Elon application essays. Remember, not all of these Elon short answer essays are actual essays. One Elon application essay is a short, 75 word essay. The second Elon application essay, however, is simply a list. And the last Elon application essay is a list accompanied by a short, 150 word explanation.

Elon University Short Answer Prompt #3

We’re in your hometown. Where should we go and what should we do? This is a chance to tell us more about your hometown. Our staff may even take your suggestions when they are in the area! (75 words)

This Elon application essay gives applicants a unique opportunity to showcase their knowledge and pride in their hometown. In just 75 words, your goal is to convey your passion and familiarity with the place you call home. Consider discussing local attractions, historical sites, cultural events, or community activities that are important to you. You can also infuse your connection to these places, sharing stories or memories that reflect their personal significance.

Elon University Short Answer Prompt #4

Name three songs from your perfect playlist. We look forward to creating a Spotify playlist from your answers.

This prompt may be the most fun of the three short answer Elon essay prompts. This Elon application essay invites you to share your musical tastes and preferences. The songs you share in this Elon application essay should be meaningful to you, reflecting your emotions, experiences, or moods. So, consider selecting songs that hold sentimental value, have inspired you, or convey an important message. You can also use this opportunity to showcase your musical diversity by choosing songs from various genres.

Elon University Short Answer Prompt #5

Tell us your top 5. Take this opportunity to let Elon Admissions know more about you. Your top 5 should be something unique to you and will give us a glimpse of who you are. Be creative! You may choose any theme for your top 5. Do you love cooking? List your top 5 recipes. Are you enthusiastic about anime? Name your top 5 characters. Do you watch or participate in a lot of athletic events? Name your top 5 moments.

Explain why these are your top 5. (150 words)

Your final Elon application essay allows you to showcase a unique aspect of your personality, interests, or experiences. You have the creative freedom to choose any theme for your “top 5.” Consider what sets you apart and what you’re passionate about. Whether it’s your top 5 books, travel destinations, movies, hobbies, or achievements, ensure that each item is explained with depth and context. Share why these five items are significant and how they have influenced your life or shaped your identity.

Tips for approaching Elon Short Answer Essays

elon supplemental essays

The short answer Elon essay prompts are unique and may cause some indecision. It can be stressful to narrow down your interests into a top three or top five list! Below, you’ll find two specific recommendations for each Elon application essay to help you answer the Elon essay prompts.

Prompt 3: We’re in your hometown. Where should we go and what should we do? 

Choose Unique Spots

Suggest unique and meaningful places or activities that represent your hometown well. Avoid generic tourist destinations.

Personal Connection

Share a personal connection or memory associated with the places you recommend. Think of this as an extra opportunity to provide a glimpse into your experiences.

Prompt 4: Name three songs from your perfect playlist. 

Diverse Selection

Choose songs from different genres or moods to reflect the diversity of your musical taste. If you don’t really listen to music – think outside the box! A catchy commercial jingle, video game theme, or film score can all count in your playlist.

Keep it Clean

Although there are great songs across genres that discuss more adult themes, remember this is still an Elon application essay. If you wouldn’t discuss the lyrics in a professional job interview, it’s probably not appropriate for this particular playlist.

Prompt 5: Tell us your top 5. Take this opportunity to let Admissions know more about you. 

Select a Unique Theme

Choose a theme representing your passions, interests, or experiences. This could be anything from favorite books to travel destinations to life lessons.

Provide Context

For each item in your top 5, explain why it’s significant to you. Share stories or anecdotes that illustrate their importance.

Considering the limited word limit, the most important tip for each Elon application essay is to be concise. Remember to stay within the specified word limits for each prompt and make every word count. Overall, each Elon application essay is a relaxed opportunity to showcase your personality and uniqueness. Choose topics you’ll have fun writing about!

Does Elon care about essays?

elon supplemental essays

Yes, Elon cares about your essays. Elon University takes great pride in its admissions process, valuing a holistic approach beyond traditional academic metrics. While academic achievements are essential, Elon University also recognizes the significance of additional materials, such as the Elon supplemental essays. That is why these essays are a part of the Elon University requirements for admission.

Elon’s test-optional policy also reflects the university’s commitment to evaluating applicants on more than just standardized test scores. For students who choose not to submit test scores, Admissions must rely on other parts of their application. This means your high school transcript, secondary school report, and Elon supplemental essays hold even more value. 

The attention given to Elon supplemental essays underscores the university’s commitment to identifying students who resonate with their values. These Elon essay prompts allow the admissions committee to gain a deeper insight into what makes you an excellent fit. This includes assessing applicants’ alignment with the university’s mission and their potential to contribute positively to the vibrant campus community.

How do I make my Elon application essays stand out?

Crafting exceptional Elon supplemental essays can significantly enhance your application. These Elon essay prompts provide a valuable opportunity to convey how you would contribute to and thrive within Elon’s community. To ensure your Elon supplemental essays stand out, consider the following strategies:

Immerse Yourself in Elon’s Culture

Before delving into your Elon University supplemental essays, have a clear picture of what attracts you to Elon. Take the time to immerse yourself in the university’s core values, distinctive programs, and campus culture. 

Conduct Thorough Research

Remember the importance of research when working on your Elon supplemental essays. If you encounter difficulties, use the abundant online resources, such as Elon’s YouTube channel, to aid your understanding. For more help on the writing process, be sure to check out CollegeAdvisor resources on writing supplemental essays.

Proofread and Polish

Before submitting your Elon supplemental essays, meticulously edit them to ensure your writing is free of grammar and punctuation errors. A polished essay shows Admissions you take pride in your work and can communicate your ideas clearly and effectively.

Elon Supplemental Essays – 5 Takeaways

elon supplemental essays

As one of the top colleges in North Carolina, the admissions process for Elon University can be competitive. Crafting compelling Elon University supplemental essays is a crucial step towards gaining a greater chance of acceptance. Here are five key takeaways to remember while completing the Elon University requirements and crafting your Elon supplemental essays: 

1. Holistic Admissions Process

Elon University values a holistic approach to admissions. They place significant importance on Elon supplemental essays to get to know applicants beyond their academic records.

2. Authentic Expression

Elon encourages applicants to be authentic and showcase their unique qualities, experiences, and aspirations through their Elon supplemental essays.

3. Diverse Essay Requirements

Elon University requires several unique essays. There are two traditional supplemental essays that delve into personal identity and cultural diversity. There are three shorter, more creative responses that allow applicants to share personal preferences and interests.

4. Short Essays Are Opportunities to Shine

The shorter Elon essay prompts like the “Hometown Suggestions” and “Top 5,” offer opportunities for applicants to make an impression. Even with a limited word count, be sure to take your time crafting and editing your responses.

5. Thorough Research Is Key

It’s essential to immerse yourself in Elon’s culture and research the university before writing your essays. That way, you can be sure to demonstrate your genuine interest and why you’re a great fit for Elon.

Now that you know how to get into Elon University, it’s time to access your Elon application and apply. We wish you the best with your application and writing your Elon supplemental essays. Good luck!

elon supplemental essays

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