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Elon, North Carolina
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Elon Acceptance Rate

Acceptance Rate 78%
Acceptance Deadline January 10

Working out what college acceptance rates mean for your Elon University admissions strategy can be tough. So, let’s break down the Elon University acceptance rate. We’ll discuss:

  • What college acceptance rates are
  • The acceptance rate for Elon University 
  • How the Elon University acceptance rate relates to Elon University admissions
  • Other parts of Elon University admissions to consider alongside the Elon acceptance rate, including the Elon University size, Elon University SAT scores, and informal Elon GPA requirements

College acceptance rates–what do they mean?

College acceptance rates are a ratio between the total number of applicants and the total number of accepted students. If 100 people apply to a college and 10 are accepted, that college acceptance rate is 10%.

Never assume that a lower acceptance rate means a higher quality of education. Alongside the rigor of the degree, a number of factors influence acceptance rates, such as the size of the college. Often, the smaller private schools will have low college acceptance rates. However, this is not always true—the Elon acceptance rate is quite high despite the small Elon University size of 6,302 undergraduates.

Universities are aware that some students pick their schools based on acceptance rate alone, choosing only those with the lowest college acceptance rate. In order to reduce the fixation on acceptance rates, many schools will no longer publish their acceptance rate figures. 

For your Elon University admissions process, it is useful to know the acceptance rate for Elon University. But you should also consider the Elon University acceptance rate in the context of other factors. 

What is the Elon acceptance rate?

The acceptance rate for Elon University for the class of 2025 is 78%. Elon University admissions received 17,834 applicants, and they admitted 13,859 students. According to U.S. News, this Elon University acceptance rate makes it a “more selective school.”. 

Note that only a fraction of admitted students enrolled— 1,591 to be precise. Given the small Elon University size, Elon University admissions sets its college acceptance rate on the basis that around one in ten students will enroll.  

Furthermore, the Elon acceptance rate for Early Decision is 90%. As you prepare your Elon University admissions strategy, consider whether this acceptance rate makes Early Decision a good option for you.  

Elon Admissions 

So, what does the Elon University acceptance rate mean for Elon University admissions? And how should the acceptance rate for Elon University play into your application strategy?

It would be easy to look at the Elon acceptance rate and assume that Elon can go straight onto your list of “safety” schools. With a college acceptance rate of almost 80%, it’s hard not to. 

But remember, acceptance rates are only part of the story. Although there are no formal Elon GPA requirements, the average GPA for the class of 2025 was 4.07.  Additionally, the average Elon University SAT scores were 1250, and the average ACT score was 27. 

In conclusion, the Elon acceptance rate doesn’t mean Elon University admissions is a breeze. The school takes your academic record, high school class rank, and letter of recommendation very seriously. So prepare your Elon application with great care!

Elon University Cost

Average Cost* $38,122
Average Total Aid Awarded $22,047
Students Receiving Financial Aid 32.9%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Elon University Academics

Student Faculty Ratio 12:1

Elon University Majors

Most Popular Majors
  • Finance
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Kinesiology and Exercise Science
  • Business
  • Public Administration
  • Parks
  • Recreation and Leisure Studies

Elon University Online

Offers Online Courses No

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Elon University Students

Full-Time Undergrad Enrollment 6,302
Part-Time Undergraduates 167

Elon University Advisors

Aliyah Turrentine
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Hello! My name is Ms. T and I am a Senior College Advisor here to serve you! I have a B.A. in Hispanic Linguistics and Psychology from UNC-CH and a M.Ed. from UNC-C. I am a first generation college student and have experience serving as an in school college advisor for two years. I have advised over a thousand students in their post-secondary plans and look forward to working with you too! Some of the students I have served have been accepted to Duke, Emory University, Columbia, Harvard, UNC-CH, Georgia State, U-Penn, UVA, and that's just to name a few! Where would you like my assistance getting into? Lets connect today!

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Jordan Williams
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Jordan has a Bachelor of Arts in English, with concentrations in Literature and Creative Writing and minors in Business Administration and Women's, Genders, and Sexualities Studies. Her academics were just as diverse as my extracurriculars, where she was involved in a number of activities from working as a tour guide and a Resident Assistant to doing research and volunteer work. After graduation she took what she learned and worked as a personal tutor and a Creative Writing teacher so writing and teaching are still huge passions of hers! In addition to working, she loves to read, write, and manage a relatively successful TikTok account where she teaches Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity content.

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