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Davidson, NC
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Where is Davidson?

Davidson College is a small, prestigious liberal arts college. Some may wonder: where is Davidson?

Davidson College is situated in Davidson, North Carolina in Mecklenburg County. The Davidson College address is 405 North Main Street. Where is Davidson in relation to major cities? The suburb of Davidson is only 19 miles from Charlotte, North Carolina, one of North Carolina’s major cities. 

As a suburban campus, Davidson offers a tree-lined, quiet living experience with ample small college-town charm. However, with its proximity to Charlotte, students can access the nightlife, arts, and diversity of a bigger city that is home to many other university campuses.

Where is Davidson College located?

The answer to the question, “Where is Davidson college located?” is Davidson, North Carolina, a suburb of the city of Charlotte. If you search “Davidson College address, 405 North Main Street,” you’ll see just how central it is to the town. In fact, the town of Davidson was built around the college itself, which was founded in 1837. Explore the area through this interactive Davidson College campus map.

When considering the question “Where is Davidson College located?”, it is important to consider many aspects of its location. For one, Davidson is located in a small town, with a population of only about 15,000 people. The town is mainly composed of young adults and young professionals. Racially, the town is 86% white.

Davidson is located in close proximity to Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte’s population is 880,000 and includes a much larger percentage of Black (35%), Hispanic (15%), and Asian (6.5%) individuals. Charlotte is known for several attractions, including the U.S. National Whitewater Center and the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

Some may also be curious to ask, where is Davidson located in relation to natural resources? Davidson College’s Lake Campus contains 110 acres of recreational facilities bordering Lake Norman, the largest human-made lake in North Carolina. Davidson College students can enjoy boating, hiking, and fishing on Lake Norman. 

For students who want to explore beyond the 665 acres of Davidson’s Main Campus, the school offers 150 study-abroad programs in 50 countries worldwide.

Is Davidson, NC a good place to live?

Where is Davidson in the context of the United States? Davidson is a suburb of a major Southern city. Politically, the area is considered a mixture of ideologies, but is generally moderate. 

Where is Davidson in North Carolina? Davidson is in the center of the state and close to the border of South Carolina. The area is known for moderate weather, meaning the seasons are mild. For those looking for a temperate climate that still sees seasonal changes, such as summer heat, winter snow, fall leaves, and spring flowers, Davidson could be a great place to live. 

Where is Davidson’s campus within the town of Davidson? If you look at the Davidson College campus map, you’ll see that it’s just a short walk to the center of town. Davidson’s Main Street is lined with restaurants, gift shops, and other boutique stores. Davidson is also a pedestrian and bike-friendly suburb, allowing those with and without cars to easily get around. Thanks in large part to Davidson College’s presence, the town has an intellectual and community-driven culture.

What is Davidson college known for?

Davidson College is in a beautiful location. But, some may wish to know: where is Davidson College in national rankings?

The Davidson College ranking is high according to several reliable sources. Nationally, U.S. News ranks Davidson #15 amongst liberal arts colleges and #3 for undergraduate teaching. Forbes ranks Davidson #13 amongst liberal arts colleges and #69 of all schools nationally. Additionally, Forbes highlights that 74% of students pursue research or internships and 78% study abroad.

Davidson College is also a great place for athletes. In fact, the Davidson Wildcats are NCAA Division I athletes in 21 sports. Financially, Davidson is an excellent choice of college. Davidson College was the first liberal arts college in the nation to guarantee students would graduate without loans. The school meets 100% of demonstrated needs through grants and merit scholarships, thanks to the Davidson Trust. This fact undoubtedly contributes to the Davidson College ranking, as affordability is a key factor in many ranking systems.

As a result of all it has to offer, Davidson College admissions is competitive. The Davidson College acceptance rate is just 17%

What other colleges are near Davidson?

Before deciding to enroll at Davidson, it may be worth considering: where is Davidson College located in relation to other North Carolina universities? 

Undoubtedly, there are many great schools in North Carolina. A couple hours’ drive away is Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. Duke is a private school ranked #10 by U.S. News. 

Durham is part of the Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill metropolitan area, where you’ll find many excellent schools. In Chapel Hill, you’ll find another great school – the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. UNC-Chapel Hill is the state’s flagship public institution. North Carolina State University is another competitive public institution located in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

For those seeking a less bustling environment, similar to Davidson’s, Elon University could be a great option. Elon University is a private school located in the small town of Elon, North Carolina, an hour-and-forty-minute drive from Davidson. Luckily, Elon’s admissions are also less competitive than Davidson College’s admissions. Indeed, Elon’s acceptance rate is 77% compared to the Davidson acceptance rate of 17%.

Planning your Davidson Visit

Exploring the question “Where is Davidson located?” is the first step in planning your Davidson College visit. The next step might be finding the Davidson College address, which is listed on the school’s visitor page along with several Davidson College campus maps. For easy reference, here is the Davidson College address: 405 North Main Street, Davidson, NC 28035. Take note that this is the entrance to campus and not a mailing address.  

Besides knowing the Davidson College address, planning a visit requires important steps like scheduling appointments with admissions officers or booking a tour. It’s also important to make a list of questions to ask that will ensure your visit to Davidson College addresses all your priorities. Being prepared for your visit will guarantee that you have all of the information needed for your college search.

Davidson College Admissions

Acceptance Rate 18%
Acceptance Deadline January 7

Davidson College Tuition

Average Cost* $21,042
Average Total Aid Awarded $53,152
Students Receiving Financial Aid 51.8%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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Student Faculty Ratio 10:1

Davidson College Online

Offers Online Courses Yes

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