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Georgetown Supplemental Essays 2023-24

Supplemental essays are an important part of every college application, and Georgetown is no exception. Each Georgetown essay is an opportunity for applicants to share something unique about themselves with the admissions team. Especially when applying to such a competitive university, the Georgetown supplemental essays could be a deciding factor in your application. However, don’t let the Georgetown supplemental essays stress you out! The best way to write an outstanding Georgetown essay is by preparing early and following some useful guidelines. 

In this guide to the Georgetown supplemental essays, we’ll go over how to respond to each Georgetown essay. We’ll also fill you in on some of the other Georgetown requirements you’ll encounter during the application process. And, we’ll provide some insight into just how much weight these Georgetown essays hold when it comes to admissions decisions. 

But first, let’s learn a little bit more about the university!

Georgetown Admissions: Quick Facts

Georgetown University Quick Facts

  • Georgetown Acceptance Rate: 12% – U.S. News ranks Georgetown University as #22 in its National Universities list.
  • Requirements for the Georgetown Supplemental Essays: 
    • 1 half-page (~250 word) essay
    • 1 full-page (~500 word) essay
    • 1 full-page (~500 word) school-specific essay
  • Georgetown Application Note: All Georgetown essays will be submitted through the university’s application portal. Georgetown applicants will not use the Common Application or Coalition Application when applying. 
  • #1 Georgetown Essay Tip: Use each Georgetown essay as an opportunity to highlight a new personal trait, value, skill, or talent. Your Georgetown supplemental essays should provide new information and important context to your application narrative.

Does Georgetown have supplemental essays?

Yes! There are three required Georgetown University supplemental essays. Each of the Georgetown essay prompts allows students to further expand on a new theme. The word count for each of the Georgetown University supplemental essays varies from half a page to one full page (single-spaced). 

Later, we’ll get into the Georgetown essay prompts in more detail. For now, keep in mind that each essay should showcase why you’re a perfect fit for Georgetown. So, you’ll want to think about all the reasons why you’re interested in this university specifically. Then, you’ll want to find ways to relate them to your own unique experiences and skills. 

How many essays does Georgetown require?

georgetown essay

As we mentioned, there are three Georgetown supplemental essays that all applicants are required to answer. Since Georgetown has its own application (they don’t use the Common App or Coalition App), students will need to write all new essays. What we mean by that is you won’t be using your personal statement from the Common App. However, that being said, there is a Georgetown essay prompt that is similar to the personal statement. So, you may be able to adjust your personal statement essay and incorporate these topics/themes into your Georgetown essay. 

The remaining two Georgetown essay prompts may seem familiar as they are similar to many other college essay prompts. One is a school-specific essay where you might draw on aspects from a “why major” or “why school” essay. Ultimately, the prompt you respond to will depend on your major of choice, as each school has a different one. 

The other Georgetown essay is similar to an extracurricular activities essay. Students will need to dive deeper into their interests, values, and goals in order to comprehensively respond to this prompt. 

Georgetown Essay Prompt – Talents & Skills

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Georgetown Essay One asks you to reflect on your skills and talents, along with your background and identity. That being said, this is not the only Georgetown essay prompt where you can touch on these aspects of your personality. Thinking about your unique skills and talents and how they’ve shaped your future educational goals will be beneficial to answering all of the Georgetown supplemental essays. 

Remember, there is no personal statement in the Georgetown application, and that is simply because they don’t use the Common App. However, there is a similar prompt in which students are asked to write a personal or creative essay. Let’s take a look at the actual prompt. 

Georgetown University Essay Prompt #1

As Georgetown is a diverse community, the Admissions Committee would like to know more about you in your own words. Please submit a brief personal or creative essay which you feel best describes you and reflects on your own background, identity, skills, and talents. (approximately 1 page, single-spaced)

This essay could be qualified as a cultural diversity essay, a talents and skills essay, and even a personal statement. There are certainly many routes applicants could take when writing this Georgetown essay—one of those is expanding upon their unique skills and talents. 

Additionally, students will need to write a school-specific Georgetown essay. Below are the Georgetown essay prompts for each of the schools.

Georgetown University Essay Prompt #2

Georgetown College:

A liberal arts education from the College of Arts & Sciences involves encounters with new concepts and modes of inquiry. Describe something (a class, a book, an event, etc.) that changed your thinking. (Applicants to the sciences, mathematics, public policy or languages are encouraged to include examples related to that field.)

School of Health:

Describe the factors that have influenced your interest in studying health care at Georgetown University. Please specifically address your intended major (Global Health, Health Care Management & Policy, or Human Science).

School of Nursing:

Describe the factors that have influenced your interest in studying health care. Please specifically address your intended major Nursing.

Walsh School of Foreign Service:

The Walsh School of Foreign Service was founded more than a century ago to prepare generations of leaders to solve global problems. What is motivating you to dedicate your undergraduate studies to a future in service to the world?

McDonough School of Business:

The McDonough School of Business is a national and global leader in providing graduates with essential ethical, analytical, financial, and global perspectives. Please discuss your motivations for studying business at Georgetown.

As with Essay One, this essay will be approximately 1 page, single-spaced. When completing the school-specific Georgetown essay, you’ll want to consider your academic skills and talents. How do they apply to the major and school of your interest? Why do those unique abilities make you a perfect candidate for that school?

Next, you’ll see how the Georgetown Short Essay prompt also allows you to consider your interests, talents, and skills. 

Georgetown Essay Prompt – Summer Activity

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The shortest of the Georgetown supplemental essays is the summer/extracurricular activities essay. Applicants will have approximately half a page to expand upon a school or summer activity that has played an important role in their lives. Here is the prompt: 

Georgetown University Summer Activity Essay Prompt

Briefly (approximately one-half page, single-spaced) discuss the significance to you of the school or summer activity in which you have been most involved.

It’s important to comprehensively respond to each of the Georgetown essay prompts. For example, this Georgetown essay needs to show the meaning behind the activity in which applicants have been most involved. Basically, even though you may have had an extremely impactful experience volunteering at an elderly home one afternoon unless it’s something you consistently do, you won’t want to write about it here. 

When brainstorming, start with your biggest commitments. What activity have you been the most involved in? Why has it been so impactful to you? Think about what made you commit so much time to this particular activity. What have you gained from it? Has it shaped your future education and career goals? What skills have you acquired from taking part in the activity? 

If you’re curious, involved, and have something you’re passionate about, the challenge in writing this essay won’t be answering these questions; it will be doing so in just half a page. Keep in mind that Georgetown has a large club culture on its campus. So, they’re looking for students who are going to get involved and take advantage of the hundreds of organizations on campus. In your essay, aim to show that you’re an active participant in your particular community. 

How to write the Georgetown supplemental essays

georgetown essay

Think of each Georgetown essay as a piece of a puzzle that when put together will complete your application narrative. A well-written Georgetown essay will provide new information while answering each of the Georgetown essay prompts in its entirety. When considering how to write the Georgetown supplemental essays, and ultimately how to get into Georgetown, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to dedicate to each of the three Georgetown essay prompts. 

Looking at Georgetown essay examples (or any college essay examples) will also help you get inspired before writing. When reading Georgetown essay examples, you’ll note there is no singular formula for answering these prompts. You can read a Georgetown essay example here and find prompt-specific tips in our previous Georgetown University Supplemental Essays guide

Now, here’s some advice for how to approach each of the Georgetown Essay prompts.

Responding to the school or summer activity essay

If you have an extracurricular activity that you’ve been doing for a long time, then this may be an easy Georgetown essay for you to write. You’ll want to explain why the activity has been so meaningful to you. This means diving deep into its significance in your life. 

Have you found out that you love writing by working on the school newspaper? Or maybe you’ve been able to fuel your intellectual curiosity through having been a member of the robotics team. Perhaps you will focus on your summers spent working as a camp counselor and the leadership skills that you gained from doing so.  

Go beyond the superficial with this (and every) Georgetown essay. The impact of the extracurricular activity is much more important than the activity itself. Truly consider how it’s shaped your personality, values, skills, or goals. And, if you feel like it is central to your experience, consider touching on a challenge you’ve faced or a specific opportunity you took advantage of.

Responding to the cultural diversity or “personal statement” essay

This one-page Georgetown essay will be similar to the personal statement in the Common App. However, you won’t have multiple essay prompts to choose from. Essentially, this Georgetown essay will be a combination of a cultural diversity and personal statement essay—a sort of hybrid take on each. Let’s take a look at the prompt again: 

As Georgetown is a diverse community, the Admissions Committee would like to know more about you in your own words. Please submit a brief personal or creative essay which you feel best describes you and reflects on your own background, identity, skills, and talents. (approximately 1 page, single-spaced)

Consider the important aspects of you as a person that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to highlight within your application. What would you like to mention and how will it make you an even more competitive candidate? Consider your personal experiences, background, culture, identity, skills, and talents. What has had a large impact on shaping you as a person? How will you bring what you’ve learned from those experiences to the “diverse community” at Georgetown? Make sure you speak to something that has been meaningful and impactful for you. A successful Georgetown essay will exude passion—and that can’t be faked!

Rather than writing about something you think admissions wants to hear about, write about something that is truly important to you. Note that the prompt specifies you can write a “creative essay.” So, if you love writing, then let your creativity and imagination go wild here. However, don’t get so carried away that you forget to stay on topic and answer the prompt. 

Responding to the school-specific essay

These Georgetown supplemental essays are an opportunity to explain what has drawn you to a specific course of study. Again, you’ll need to answer the school-specific Georgetown essay prompt that pertains to you. However, almost all of them will want you to reference certain experiences, skills, or interests that have led you to your school of interest. 

This essay is a combination of a “why major” and “why school” essay all in one. Why do you belong in that particular school and program at Georgetown? If you know your specific major interests and career goals, feel free to mention them! 

Looking at Georgetown essay examples and tips may help you in crafting your own essay. Additionally, you might want to check out these Georgetown majors before starting this school-specific Georgetown essay.  

Does Georgetown care about essays?

georgetown essay

So just how important are your Georgetown supplemental essays when it comes to your “how to get into Georgetown” gameplan? Put simply—they’re very important. Georgetown admissions really does care what applicants write in their Georgetown essays. Georgetown is a top-ranking, competitive university with a low acceptance rate. Therefore, the candidate pool is full of many academically high-achieving students who can’t all be accepted. Most everyone will have impressive GPAs, rigorous course loads, ample extracurriculars, and high test scores. 

This is where each Georgetown essay can play a pivotal role in the admissions process. The Georgetown essays are opportunities to show the admissions officers just what makes you stand out from the crowd. These Georgetown supplemental essays should be uniquely yours—they shouldn’t read as though any student could have written them. This unique insight into your life helps admissions imagine the contribution you’d make on campus. Basically, with a holistic admissions process, they are an important factor in the admissions decision process. 

What is Georgetown looking for in essays?

Georgetown admissions does note that one of the most important criteria they consider is in fact academic performance. However, as we’ve mentioned, many academically high-achieving students apply. So, how can you set yourself apart from the rest?

Admissions carefully looks for students who will add to and benefit from the Georgetown campus community. They want students who care about being a part of something bigger than themselves. They place importance on traits such as motivation, resilience, and ambition when considering applicants. This is why with each Georgetown essay you’ll want to take your responses deeper than simply surface-level.

Go beyond the what of your experiences and think about the why behind them. Truly consider the meaning, significance, and impact that the experiences you choose to write about have had on you. This will help you to write impressive, passionate, and authentic Georgetown essays that can help to set your application apart.  

When is my Georgetown application due?

Even if you write incredible Georgetown supplemental essays, it won’t matter if you don’t submit your application and all of the Georgetown requirements on time. Applications have a tendency to sneak up on students, especially during a busy senior-year fall. So, when is the Georgetown application deadline? Well, that depends if you are applying early or not. 

Here are the Georgetown deadlines

  • Early Action: November 1
  • Regular Decision: January 10 

Consider that you need to complete all of the Georgetown requirements by the application deadline of your choosing. Since Georgetown has its own application portal, applicants will first submit a quick application that takes only a few minutes. Within a day of having done so, applicants will get instructions on how to submit the supplements and the rest of the application. 

Check out a full list of the requirements, deadlines, and decision result dates in order to best plan your application process. Additionally, read this article for important information about the application process at Georgetown. 

How do I make my Georgetown essays stand out?

georgetown essay

With a 12% acceptance rate and a #22 spot on the National Universities list, you’re competing with top candidates when you apply to Georgetown. So, your essays are what will truly let your personality shine and allow admissions to envision you on campus. That is, of course, if you write some stellar Georgetown essays. 

The Georgetown University supplemental essays have distinct prompts. However, while the content may be completely different, the best Georgetown supplemental essays will accomplish similar things. So, how can you wow admissions with your Georgetown University essays?

Here are 3 tips for writing a memorable Georgetown essay:

Tips for A Memorable Georgetown University Essay

1. Demonstrate skills that admissions values.

Admissions explicitly says on their website that they value students who show resilience, ambition, and motivation. Use your essays to demonstrate these qualities. Of course, don’t make up experiences or try to push yourself into a box trying to impress admissions. Draw on your personal experiences to show personal reflection, curiosity, and passion. 

2. Choose your topic carefully.

This goes for every one of the Georgetown essay prompts. It doesn’t necessarily matter what you write about, but rather what it means to you. Brainstorm ideas to come up with topics that show who you are. You’re aiming to impress admissions, but you also want to be authentic. Choose topics that excite you and display your unique qualities. 

3. Get creative.

Ideally, you’re captivating your reader right from the start. Spend time coming up with a hook or choosing an engaging anecdote to immerse the reader in your essay. The Georgetown supplemental essays shouldn’t read as an objective, academic essay. Feel free to get creative and show off your writing skills; just make sure that you fully answer the prompt!

CollegeAdvisor has plenty of resources to help you prepare for application season! Check out this webinar in order to better understand what Georgetown looks for in applicants. You’ll get helpful tips on how to complete your application from former admissions officers. 

Georgetown Essay – 5 Takeaways

georgetown essay

In this Georgetown Essay guide, we’ve gone over the required Georgetown essay prompts that all applicants will need to complete. If you’re considering how to get into Georgetown, know that academics and the Georgetown supplemental essays play an important role in the admissions process. No matter your approach, the best way to get ahead and write a captivating Georgetown essay is by giving yourself plenty of time to do so. 

Since we’ve covered a lot of information in this Georgetown Essay guide, here are 5 Key Takeaways:

5 Key Takeaways for a Georgetown University Essay Guide

1. Georgetown University has its own unique application portal.

This means that your school-specific, personal, and extracurricular activities essay will each be submitted via the university’s application portal. Make sure you submit the first part of the application as soon as possible in order to be able to set up an account and get started on your supplements!

2. There are 3 required Georgetown essays.

While all students will respond to two of the same Georgetown essay prompts, the third will vary depending on the school you’re applying to. However, you don’t need to be 100% sure of your major to write a great school-specific essay. The purpose of this Georgetown essay is mainly to learn more about your academic interests and future goals.

3. Georgetown is a competitive institution.

This means every part of your application matters! Yes, academics and extracurriculars are important, however, so are your essays. Be mindful of the topics you write about in your Georgetown supplemental essays. Each Georgetown essay should add new information to your application that complements your candidate profile. 

4. Complete all the application requirements.

No matter how wonderful your Georgetown essays are, it won’t matter if admissions never reads them. Make sure that you know all of the requirements needed to complete the application. Give yourself plenty of time to get letters of recommendation and write your Georgetown essays. 

5. Be you!

Your Georgetown supplemental essays should reflect who you are. Be genuine when writing your essays. Show you are a self-reflective, ever-evolving, and curious human being. Of course, think carefully about what traits, values, and experiences you want to highlight in your application. Show the best parts of who you are and how you’d enrich the campus community.

Writing the Georgetown University supplemental essays can be a stressful part of the application process. But, you’re certainly not alone! CollegeAdvisor has plenty of Georgetown-specific resources such as this webinar to help you craft a competitive application. Remember that reading Georgetown essay examples will help you get inspired to write your own. Of course, when reading Georgetown essay examples, personal statement examples, or any other essay examples, don’t try to mimic stories or ideas. Simply use them as inspiration and motivation in order to tell your story.

We hope this guide has given you some helpful insights into how to craft your Georgetown supplemental essays – good luck!

This essay guide was written by Sarah Kaminski. Looking for more admissions support? Click here to schedule a free meeting with one of our Admissions Specialists. During your meeting, our team will discuss your profile and help you find targeted ways to increase your admissions odds at top schools. We’ll also answer any questions and discuss how can support you in the college application process.