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Where is TCU?

For students researching Texas Christian University, or TCU, a top question is, “Where is TCU?” It is located in Fort Worth, Texas. The TCU location in beautiful Fort Worth is a big draw for students looking to attend TCU

TCU was founded in 1873 as one of the Southwest’s earliest coed institutions. The TCU location is in a suburban setting, and the walkable university resides on a 302-acre campus. According to the U.S. News and World Report, the TCU ranking is #89 among American universities.  TCU admissions is considered more selective with a 54% acceptance rate. The TCU address is 2800 South University Drive, Fort Worth, TX, 76109. 

Again, for students wondering “Where is TCU university?” the answer is  Fort Worth. What’s Fort Worth like? Well, it’s known as “the most typically Texan of all Texas cities.” Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the country, but it retains the atmosphere of a small town. Fort Worth has a population of just under 100,000 people, and many TCU alumni settle in the historic city. For many in the TCU community, the answer to “Where is TCU?” and “Where is home?” are the same.

However, the TCU location wasn’t always in Fort Worth. If you asked “Where is TCU college located?” in 1896, the answer would have been Waco, Texas. TCU thrived in Waco. It was there that the monthly newspaper called the Horned Frog was first started. And, important things such as the school’s current mascot and colors were also first established in Waco. The TCU location remained in Waco until tragedy struck in 1910: a fire ravaged the campus, forcing the relocation of TCU. Many cities made a bid to entice the popular university to rebuild on their turf, and Fort Worth won out.

To recap: Where is TCU? TCU was formerly in Waco but is now located in Fort Worth, a city in North Texas.

What does TCU stand for?

TCU stands for Texas Christian University. TCU is the biggest Protestant Christian university in the United States. Despite its name, TCU is open to students of any faith. Within TCU, there are many student organizations, including volunteer opportunities and Greek life. 

The TCU location of Fort Worth is a classically “Texan” city. Logically, at TCU the student body vibe is often described as one of “southern hospitality.” And although TCU is a Protestant Christian university, students at TCU report a wide range of beliefs, making it possible for everyone to find a sense of community.

What is TCU known for?

When preparing a TCU application, there are many factors to keep in mind. TCU is not only known for the TCU location in Fort Worth, but also for its powerful athletics, school spirit, and prominent Greek life. 

Student athletics is a big part of life at TCU. More than 500 students compete at the D1 level, and the school is part of the Big 12 athletic conference. Many of TCU’s most successful alumni were athletes at the collegiate level, like Pro Football Hall of Fame running back LaDainian Tomlinson. However, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy sports at TCU. Spectating is also popular: you’ll often find TCU students in the stands cheering “Go Frogs!” for their peers. Though there are lots of different extracurriculars to pursue, students agree: Saturdays in the Fall are for football. 

Because of the prominent athletics program, school spirit is a big part of life at TCU. The TCU campus has the #2 ranked college dorms in the country. Indeed, this is good news for first and second-year students, who must live on campus. Dorm living helps cultivate a strong sense of community. Students can also head downtown to the TCU location of Fort Worth in their free time, taking advantage of the city’s many amenities.

In addition to sports, TCU is known for its Greek life. Greek life is a big part of TCU student life, with close to 40% of the student body involved in more than 30 fraternities and sororities. 

Schools Near TCU

The TCU location in Fort Worth, Texas, positions it near many other universities. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is the central hub of North Texas, home to 7.6 million people and several prestigious universities. Certainly, when asking “Where is TCU?”, it is important to note TCU’s proximity to other northern Texas cities such as Dallas. 

Where is TCU college located in relation to other universities? Top universities in Texas like Southern Methodist University and the University of Texas are located nearby in Dallas. In fact, these universities are some of the top 10 best universities in Texas. Students searching for Texas universities are often drawn to schools in this metropolitan area, and for good reason.

Southern Methodist University is a private university in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and has a more urban setting than TCU. It is ranked the #3 best college in Texas and is ranked #72 among universities nationally

The University of Texas at Dallas is a public university ranked #7 in Texas and #151 nationally. Like TCU, UT Dallas is a suburban campus, though it has double the enrollment with 21,382 students. 

For students that like Fort Worth but aren’t interested in TCU, they may consider Southern Methodist University and UT Dallas. Both are prestigious educational institutions with many academic and extracurricular opportunities. 

Planning your TCU Campus Visit

The TCU campus is 302 acres, nestled in a tree-lined neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. About half of TCU undergraduates live on campus. TCU boasts that even first-time visitors to the campus remark how TCU “feels like home.” 

For students wondering “Where is TCU university?”, a TCU campus tour is a good way to get to know the area. A tour of the TCU campus provides a window into student life, from walking to classes to exploring Fort Worth. Campus visits are strongly recommended as part of the college search process.

Before students punch in the TCU address and embark on their TCU campus tour, they should prepare some questions. How does it feel to be on campus? Would you feel comfortable navigating the TCU campus map? What aspects of the campus do you like and dislike? Would you be happy to live in this area for the next few years? 

With the TCU campus map in hand, however, self-guided tours of the TCU campus are entirely possible. The TCU address will lead curious prospective students straight to the campus, which is open to the public for walking and exploration. On the other hand, TCU also provides a campus tour video for those unable to visit.

Exploring TCU Campus

For students thinking of sending in their TCU application, there are many factors to consider. Where is TCU university? What is the TCU ranking? What are TCU admissions rates? When wondering “Where is TCU?”, the specific city isn’t the only important answer to that question. The campus atmosphere is equally important for a student’s decision to enroll at an institution. The TCU campus is walkable and serene, and students are able to take advantage of its many opportunities for studying and living. 

The TCU campus is “purple and green,” with a focus on sustainability. The TCU campus has 23 environmentally progressive LEED Gold Buildings, a centralized Energy Management system, and campus-wide recycling. Once known as the “prairie college,” TCU is now home to over 3,200 trees, earning it the title of a “Tree Campus USA.”

Since first and second-year students must live on campus, campus life is a big part of student life at TCU. And, to recap, the answer to “Where is TCU?” is Fort Worth. It is there that students will find a vibrant city, abundant with opportunities as well as a welcoming campus community.

TCU Admissions

Acceptance Rate 54%
Acceptance Deadline February 1

TCU Tuition

Average Cost* $39,942
Average Total Aid Awarded $36,515
Students Receiving Financial Aid 37.51%
*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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