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Our 400+ advisors and admissions officers graduated from or worked at the nation’s best universities, so they know first-hand what it takes to stand out in the admissions process.’s advisors include Rhodes Scholars, Fulbright recipients, first-gen college students, professional actors and musicians, startup founders, Google engineers, doctors, teachers and more – all rigorously screened and trained to support students and families on their college journeys.

Amber Lewis
Stanford University
Hi, everyone! My name is Amber, and I spent my previous two years working as an Undergraduate Admission Counselor at Stanford University. I have both a student and admission perspective of Stanford University, and graduated from Stanford in 2018 with a minor in Spanish and Portuguese. In the admission office, I reviewed applications from different parts of the country and the world, including Canada, California, Virginia and West Virginia; and I look forward to using my experience to encourage you along your own path to college admission soon!

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Arianna King
Brandeis University
I am doctoral candidate in the field of Urban Studies at Tulane University in New Orleans, LA. My research focuses on Urban Change in Africa and the socio-spatial dimensions of the built environment. I hold a Master’s Degree in Urban Studies from University of New Orleans (2015) and a B.A. in Philosophy & Fine Arts from Brandeis University (2006). I served in the U.S. Peace Corps in Ghana from 2009-2012 and recently returned from a year abroad as a Fulbright Grantee (2019-2020). I have a passion for helping students from all different kinds of backgrounds gain confidence in expressing their ideas through writing and achieving their higher education goals. Past advisees have been admitted to: Stanford, UCLA, UC-Berkeley, Northwestern, University of Virginia, Vanderbilt, USC, among many other top colleges and universities!

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Jesper Ke
Nice to meet you! Growing up in a Midwestern town of 10,000 people and not having any national awards in high school, I’ve been in a position where I felt like I couldn’t stand out in my college application. Despite this, I was able to receive full-tuition merit scholarships from University of Michigan and Vanderbilt University, in addition to an acceptance from Harvard. My experience showed me that how you craft your personal narrative in applications is key to success. I’d love to draw on my experience helping students gain acceptance to schools like University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Swarthmore, Wellesley and more to help you craft your personal story and stand out. And as an incoming medical student, I’m also happy to talk to you about what it’s like to be a pre-medical student should that interest you!

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Chi Chan
University of Virginia
Chi (he/him) is a first-generation college graduate from the University of Virginia, and holds a Master’s in Higher Education from the University of Pennsylvania. With 4+ years of experience in higher education, his work in student affairs and admissions seeks to support students from marginalized backgrounds excel in post-secondary education. Chi calls West Virginia home, and enjoys seeking new food sites, hikes, and anything sports.

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Angela Park-Pennington
University of California – Berkeley
Angela is an experienced admissions counselor based in Los Angeles, California who most recently served as an Associate Director of Admissions at the Marshall School of Business at USC. She has evaluated thousands of applications, from highly selective scholarship organizations like Questbridge and the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation to renowned universities like USC and UC Berkeley. She brings years of insight to students who seek to make their application stand out from the rest.

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Rohila Kusampudi
University of California – Los Angeles
I graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology with a focus on pre-medical sciences. For the last four years, I have been dedicated to clinical research, clinical and non-clinical community service, and student leadership at UCLA. I knew that medicine was my goal from a young age, but highschool and college experiences have been instrumental in affirming that interest. Currently, I am applying to medical schools across the country and I hope to matriculate next year.

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Jyoti Rani
University of California – Berkeley

CollegeAdvisor’s flexibility proved how much they really put their customers first. After speaking with the founder, I understood the personal story behind why CollegeAdvisor’s services are such a steal: incredible value at an affordable price! The college application process has now become one of the most valuable periods in my young life because the personal development and insight I gained are truly invaluable. My hearty thanks to my incredible advisor in shaping such a critical aspect of my journey and career.

Slade Natale
University of California – Irvine

First off, my experience was very straighforward and smooth. The price is affordable especially considering the amount of work and time that you receive, not to mention the benefits provided by each plan. There are frequent check ins so you can review the work accomplished you have accomplished and my advisor would be on top of planning next steps for me. When writing my college essays, my advisor did not do the work for me but rather helped guide me to success. I would highly recommend all students applying to college use this recourse.

Victoria Richard
Rutgers University- New Brunswick

I had a wonderful experience with CollegeAdvisor. My advisor worked many hours with me and did a great job helping and supporting me through the whole application process; this included everything from the essays, to the interviews, and finally the decision process as well.

Sam Schulman
Vanderbilt University

CollegeAdvisor ensured that the quality of essays, and the timing in which I submitted, were optimized. The results speak for themselves through my acceptance to my first choice school and endless stories of those same outcomes.

Shayan Shivji
University of Pennsylvania

Armaan Ramezani deserves an award for the amount of support and dedication he gave me to achieve my dreams. He kept me on track even when I was unmotivated and providing more than just college advice. Armaan has helped me grow as a person. CollegeAdvisor as an institution provides students with the best pairings of advisors who go beyond textbook definitions to invoke your true sense and self into your applications. I very much enjoyed this experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Maria Vaquero
University of Notre Dame

My experience with CollegeAdvisor was fantastic! I had an amazing counselor (shoutout to Clay!) who really helped me focus on the areas of my writing that could be improved. I felt very supported and the feedback I received made a huge difference. The system of weekly meetings we had in place helped me succeed during the college process. Thank you Clay and CollegeAdvisor!

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