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What is the Drexel University Ranking?

The Drexel university ranking will vary by source and depend on what kind of evaluation criteria each site uses. There are three prominent sources for national college rankings: the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and U.S. News.

College rankings offer a good starting point to see how different colleges on your list compare to one another. Below we have the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and US News college rankings for Drexel University.

First, we have the Forbes college rankings. The Drexel University ranking in Forbes is #168 among America’s top colleges. Furthermore, Forbes college rankings has Drexel University ranking #91 among private colleges and #66 in the Northeast overall.

Next, we have U.S. News’ list of best schools in the country. The Drexel University ranking in U.S. News is #105 among national universities. Additionally, US News college rankings have Drexel ranking #2 for internships and co-ops.

Lastly, the national Drexel University ranking in Wall Street Journal is #115. But what about the Drexel University ranking in world college lists? The Wall Street Journal college rankings put Drexel university in the top 300 colleges across the world.

As you can see, each Drexel ranking varies. Nevertheless, we see Drexel ranking consistently high on college lists. Across different sources, the Drexel University ranking places it among the top 10% of the nation’s over-2,000 four-year institutions.

What is Drexel University known for?

There are over 80 Drexel majors and almost the same number of minors. However, the most well-known Drexel majors are in STEM fields, especially engineering and computer science. Let’s take a look at the Drexel ranking for engineering and the Drexel University ranking for computer science.

According to U.S. News, the most respected college ranking source, the Drexel ranking for engineering is #82 in the country. On a list of over 200 schools, the Drexel ranking is in the top half of this category.

In addition, U.S. News puts the Drexel University ranking for computer science at #74. This makes the Drexel ranking quite impressive in this category. 

The favorable Drexel University ranking for computer science and other STEM fields speaks to Drexel’s leadership in these areas. Indeed, Drexel University is known for being a tech-forward institution and one of the first with a prominent online program. Even today, many Drexel courses and degrees are available online.

In addition, Drexel University is known as a research powerhouse and one closely tied to industry. With an R1 status for intensive research activity in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions, Drexel also promotes industry engagement. Its location within Philadelphia allows for partnerships with local organizations and businesses for students to conduct and apply their research.

Is Drexel a good university?

When compared to schools such as Havard or Princeton, the Drexel University ranking may not seem impressive. However, Drexel is still a good university, as evidenced by its high placement within certain majors and specialty lists. Furthermore, the Drexel university ranking in world college lists speaks to its high caliber.

Specifically, Drexel is renowned for its cooperative education, or co-op, program. When launched in 1919, it was the first of its kind; today, Drexel University ratings universally praise its co-op system. Across Drexel majors, nearly every undergraduate participates in a co-op and gains valuable career experience. Moreover, co-ops can place students within Fortune 500 companies, providing not just experience but networking opportunities.

Remember, the makings of a “good university” lie in more than college rankings. Program offerings, career development opportunities, and campus life are all important factors that may not be reflected in every by the numbers lists.

Most reliable Drexel rankings

College rankings are only one part of researching schools you may want to attend, but they are undoubtedly important. There are many ways to interpret rankings, so many that there is a CollegeAdvisor guide on the entire topic. To summarize, rankings provide a broad overview of a school’s performance according to several criteria. When a ranking agency’s criteria align with yours, rankings can be extremely useful in determining a school’s fit.

The three Drexel University ratings come from three of the most well-known ranking agencies today. Their reliability is bolstered by a reputation that also stands on a foundation of transparency. In the early days of college rankings, many lists were informal, based largely—or solely—on peer reviews or word-of-mouth. Now, reliable ranking agencies publish methodology annually, including their individual weighted criteria and evaluation techniques.

The Forbes college rankings consider criteria like alumni salary and debt, graduation and retention rates, and return-on-investment. Broadly speaking, Forbes prioritizes graduate financial success and security as well as, to a lesser extent, academic performance on campus. 

In comparison, the US News college rankings give more weight to campus and academic life, including student-to-faculty ratios and academic reputation. Similarly, the Wall Street Journal college rankings consider resources, engagement, outcome, and environment—three of four pillars considering on-campus experiences. With their greater focus on academic performance and student experiences, these two lists provide a different perspective from Forbes.

The Drexel University ranking in U.S. News and the Drexel University ranking in Wall Street Journal are similar. While the Drexel University ranking in Forbes is comparatively lower, their ranking focuses more on financial success than campus life. Consider these differences in perspective when comparing schools and their rankings.

Drexel University Ranking vs. Best Colleges in PA 

The Drexel University ranking is high among the hundreds of schools in the state of Pennsylvania. According to U.S. News, the Drexel ranking is #7 among schools statewide. At the top of the list are schools like the University of Pennsylvania and Carnegie Mellon University. The Drexel University ranking puts it right below Pennsylvania State University. Moreover, U.S. News has Drexel University ranking #4 among colleges within the city of Philadelphia.

Drexel University ranking highly means the school is academically rigorous and has a good return on investment. At the same time, many students may still want to enroll at a highly-ranked private university like UPenn. Others, especially Pennsylvania residents, may prefer a state school for lower tuition. In that case, Penn State may be another great choice as a high-ranking public school.

With that said, Drexel is located in—not outside—the city of Philadelphia, and it is less selective than nearby UPenn. Its location within an urban center allows Drexel to offer students exciting academic opportunities with the conveniences of the city.

College Rankings & Your College List

With so many college ranking lists and criteria to consider, compiling a college list can feel overwhelming. Understanding how college rankings factor into college research is the first step to simplifying the process.

Before researching colleges or ranking lists, it’s prudent to know what you want out of college. Some students already know their intended major and want the best college in that field. Others may want in-state scholarships, or a big sports school, or experiential learning programs. Developing your own personal criteria will help guide your use of college rankings.

College rankings, especially those geared towards a specific location or factor such as internships, offer a general overview of schools. From there, research interesting schools to learn about their unique features, programs, and their overall fit for you. Before finalizing your list, make sure you have a good mix of “safety,” “match,” and “reach” schools. You can rank schools based on how you compare to their average admitted student profile and their acceptance rate.

Ultimately, the Drexel university ranking varies based on each ranking agency’s criteria. Each ranking, therefore, provides a different perspective on Drexel’s strengths and weaknesses. Consider each Drexel ranking with your own considerations in mind to decide if Drexel is a good fit for you!

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*Average cost after financial aid for students receiving grant or scholarship aid, as reported by the college.

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