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Northwestern University

My journey to where I stand today, ready to mentor and inspire as an advisor at, has been as unique as the students I aim to guide. Bringing my love for technology and a bit of entrepreneurial flair into the mix, I believe I can leverage my diverse background and perspective to help students navigate the challenging college application process. I, too, have once struggled with finding my true voice in essays, deciding on majors, and choosing the right school. Therefore, I am eager to lead the next generation of innovators to their perfect match school with empathy and insight.

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Stanford University

I currently attend Stanford University where I am studying History and Economics. I have worked for the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, studying education inequality from post-war legislation. During my time on campus, I serve as Associate Editors for multiple student-run publications, including Caesura Literary Journal and the Stanford Undergraduate Economic Review. I serve on the executive board for Stanford Women in Finance, VP of Marketing for Stanford Women in Business, and am an analyst for a student-run hedge fund. I also worked for Curious Cardinals, an institution where I mentored students of all ages in starting businesses and gaining valuable skills. My love for education and mentorship stemmed from my own lack of these opportunities coming from a small, rural town in Nebraska. I have often wanted to serve as the college mentor I never had, helping students to navigate the complexities of the process. I look forward to working with your student!

Stanford University

Hi! I’m Adonis, a 3rd-year PhD student studying Immunology at Stanford University School of Medicine. I graduated from Stanford in 2021 with a degree in Biology, focusing on microbes and immunity. Initially, I entered college as a pre-med student and completed the first two years of pre-med coursework before discovering my passion for biomedical sciences and deciding to pursue a PhD. Throughout my undergraduate years, I conducted research on viruses and vaccines at renowned institutions, including Stanford, the Pasteur Institute in France, the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub in San Francisco, and Genentech. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of the field and a global perspective on biomedical research. Before joining CollegeAdvisor, I worked at CollegeVine for two years, where I helped students secure admissions to prestigious schools like Stanford, Brown, and UC Berkeley. I’m here to answer your questions about the college application process, campus life, interviews, internships, studying abroad, and more. I’m excited to meet you all and am committed to being highly accessible as we work together to find your dream school!

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Florida State University

I received my Bachelor's degree in Instrumental Music Education from Florida State University. I also received my Master's degree in Music Performance, with a Euphonium concentration, from Carnegie Mellon University. With over nine years of experience working in college admissions and advising, I am deeply committed to providing tangible support and resources to marginalized populations through an intersectional lens. In my time at Florida State University, I served in multiple roles involving university admissions and student enrollment advising. I served on the Student Board of Advisors (BOA), and provided specialized academic advising to new freshmen and transfer students to the FSU College of Music. Additionally, I served the CoM Admissions Office as an admissions administrator. In this role, I was the first point of contact for undergraduates, guiding students and their families through all aspects of the admissions process including: program information, application procedures, audition days, and ensuring that students met all requirements to be admitted into the university. I continued working in admissions during my graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon, as a graduate assistant. My responsibilities in this position were the same as my previous roles, but also allowed me to also meet one-on-one with families to lead information sessions on the School of Music's undergraduate and graduate degree programs. After completing my graduate degree, I continued working as a freelance musician while also serving as a Senior Admissions Coordinator for the University of Pittsburgh's School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS). I was the first point of contact and application administrator for prospective undergraduate and graduate students at the 30 programs offered at SHRS. I guided applicants through each phase of the admissions process, prescreened application materials, hosted virtual admissions meetings with applicants and families, and distributed final decision letters. Additionally, I collaborated closely with SHRS academic leadership on using data-driven research to implement best practices for holistic admissions. I currently serve as co-founder and Director of Operations for Chromatic Brass Collective: a nonprofit organization for brass musicians that celebrates, performs, and educates in an effort to increase the visibility of racially and ethnically underrepresented women and gender non-conforming people throughout the brass world.

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University of Chicago

I am a UChicago student studying molecular engineering (on the pre-med track!), and I am passionately committed to education, volunteering, and the intricate world of the microscopic. My journey began in the rural landscapes of Idaho and has led me to the vibrant academic environments of New York University (NYU) and, now, the University of Chicago. I graduated high school in three years, earning distinction at the top of my class. Currently, at the University of Chicago, I am delving deeper into the complexities of molecular engineering, driven by a research-rooted mindset focused on optimizing systems from the smallest components up to help rural communities with healthcare challenges. I now research biosensing devices to heal skin and detect diseases. To further help with medical issues in my rural community, I have interned in a spine clinic, which has also allowed me to address critical gaps in rural healthcare. Beyond my internship with the same clinic, I initiated an occupational medicine screening program for local forest service workers. Education has always been a cornerstone of my life as a student and an advocate for accessible STEM education. I grew a nonprofit, Growing the STEM, from under 100 students to over 800, serving 1/3 of my school district. This program, now self-sustaining through grants and a dedicated program director, reflects my dedication to creating opportunities for others to explore and thrive in STEM fields. Volunteering has also been a significant part of my journey. At Gigi's Playhouse, I led a team of volunteers to launch a transition program for students with Down Syndrome, helping integrate them into the workforce. Beyond my academic and volunteer efforts, I am passionate about water polo, photography, videography, nature, and opera. These interests balance my life and inspire creativity and resilience, qualities I bring into my academic and professional endeavors.

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University of Texas – Austin

I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a certificate in Manufacturing and Design. I have also passed the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam, becoming a certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT), the first of two steps to becoming a licensed professional engineer (PE). While at UT, I was employed through the Equal Opportunity in Engineering program as a Student Office Assistant where I was able to mentor current engineering students as an Engineering Peer Leader as well as recruit & engage K-12 students to the Cockrell School of Engineering. I am also a national ambassador for TECHNOLOchicas, a Televisa Foundation sponsored program committed to supporting and fostering passion for STEM with the goal of creating a more inclusive STEM future for all. As an undergraduate student I participated in the Texas Research Experience (TREX), a paid research placement for upper division students to join in undergraduate research. I also participated in an international internship program whilst studying abroad in Chile. Most notably, I was hired as a Ride & Show Engineering Intern at Universal Studios Hollywood, supporting the Universal Creative team on development, management, and execution of new theme park projects. My latest professional industry experience has been as a Product Development Engineer for a toy company in Los Angeles where I help conceptualize & create new preschool toys. My dream is to combine my passion for art & innovation with my background in theatre and dance in order to create impactful experiences in the entertainment industry. I aspire to be a trailblazer for Latinas in STEM and a constant advocate for marginalized communities in engineering. Outside of academia & industry involvement, I love dancing, crafting, and spending time with my orange tabby cat, Whizzer.

07/22- Present Director of Recruitment, Wesleyan College Macon, GA

  • Institutional Enrollment Manager
  • Organizational Capability Facilitator
  • External Relations/Public Affairs Leader
  • Appointed Official for the Office of Athletics
    10/21-07/22 Regional Admissions Counselor, College of Coastal Georgia Brunswick, GA
  • Talent & Retention Manager/Minority Affinity Student Academic Liaison
  • South Atlanta & Middle Georgia Regional Recruitment Manager
  • External Relations/Public Affairs Leader
    12/18-10/21 Enrollment and Academic Support Counselor, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Tifton, GA
  • Expert Talent & Retention Specialist
  • Communications & Social Media Leader
  • Georgia and South Carolina Talent & Recruitment Manager
    10/17-12-18 Pharmacy Technician, Lindsey’s Hometown Pharmacy Nashville, GA
  • Medication and Durable Medical Equipment utilization, and safety training facilitator .
    08/18-12/18 Marketing and Outreach Intern, ABAC Stafford School of Business Tifton, GA
    10/15-10/17 Customer Experience Coordinator/Alpha Captain, TJ Maxx Companies Tifton, GA
  • Customer Service Capacity Leader
    09/15-12/19 Student Administrative Assistant, ABAC Dean of Students Office Tifton, GA
Howard University

Hello there! I'm Ertrell Harris, and I'm excited to introduce myself as a Senior Advisor. Originally from South Carolina, I've always believed in the power of education to transform lives. Growing up as a first-generation college student in a low-income household, my journey to higher education was driven by my determination to overcome obstacles. My educational path began at Howard University, where I pursued my undergraduate studies and discovered my passion for higher education and college access. Building on this, I earned a master's degree in sociology from George Washington University. Drawing from my own experiences, I've spent over a decade empowering students like myself to navigate the academic landscape. Throughout my career, I've been privileged to work with two college access programs dedicated to supporting minority and economically disadvantaged students. My students have received scholarships from organizations like Questbridge, Posse, the Gates Scholarship, and more, and have attended a diverse range of colleges, from local community colleges to prestigious institutions like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. Additionally, I've gained valuable insights from working in three different admissions offices, where I've assisted students in making crucial decisions about their future—choosing a college that aligns with their goals and financial circumstances. In my roles, I've been deeply committed to helping students pursue higher education while minimizing financial barriers. What I find most fulfilling is establishing meaningful connections and empowering students to realize their full potential.

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Wake Forest University

My experience in higher education is from working as an Assistant Dean of Admissions at Wake Forest University. I reviewed thousands of applications, served as a voting member on application review committees, and interviewed hundreds of applicants. I aided in the implementation of several systems to create an equitable review process to give all applicants a fair chance. While working in Undergraduate Admissions, I made it my mission to offer the best support to families and counselors while navigating the college application process. I educated families on the uniqueness of a liberal arts education and how the holistic nature of it can be beneficial. As a first-generation college graduate and woman of color, I provided extra support to students of underserved backgrounds to help them understand the college application process and help them on their journey. I now even mentor some of those enrolled students to this day! Higher education is something that I'm truly passionate about. I look forward to working with all families from all walks of life!

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Mikayla is an Associate at Soul Equity Solutions, a firm that specializes in recruiting executive talent for middle-market private equity firms, including deal teams, business developers, operating partners, and value creation teams. Mikayla is primarily responsible for recruiting, supporting, and placing Analyst-Vice President candidates on the internal deal team of middle-market private equity firms nationwide. As the first full-time employee at Soul Equity, Mikayla has played an instrumental role in building the company from the ground up. To maintain her college counseling/admission reading skill set, Mikayla has spent the past two reading cycles as a Seasonal Admission Reader for New York University. Before launching her career in recruiting, Mikayla was a former Assistant Director of College Counseling with extensive experience leading prospective college students through the college process from early exploration through post-graduation matriculation. Mikayla is a dedicated leader with a proven track record of building robust relationships with clients and colleagues and has served her candidates well. Mikayla graduated from Denison University in 2018 with a B.A. in Biology and Psychology Minor. She is from Cleveland, OH. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, hot yoga, traveling, and spending time with her new husband.

University of Maryland – College Park

Over the past decade, I've immersed myself in guiding college-bound students from across the country through the admissions process. With experience from institutions like the University of Delaware, University of Maryland College Park, and George Washington University, as well as working with Johns Hopkins School of Nursing at the graduate level, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of education. My journey is fueled by a passion for fostering inclusivity and accessibility in higher education. Through workshops, outreach events, and personalized guidance, I empower students from diverse backgrounds to navigate the admissions maze with confidence. Working closely with the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing deepened my understanding of the challenges faced by aspiring healthcare professionals and reinforced the importance of mentorship. As I reflect, I'm grateful for the relationships formed and lives touched. My dedication to empowering students remains steadfast, driven by the belief in the transformative impact of education and the boundless potential within every student.

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Hello! I graduated Cum Laude from Harvard University in 2020 with a bachelor's in economics and will start my J.D. program this fall at Harvard Law School. While in college, I helped high school students with standardized test prep, application essay edits, and resume edits. Having gone through two stressful application cycles (college and law school) myself, I know how helpful it can be for students to have support on their applications to achieve their full educational and professional potential. I believe I can especially be helpful for students interested in Business and/or Law, as I have professional experience and aspiration in those fields. Before transitioning to law, I worked for three years as a management consultant in Washington D.C. Outside of academic and career interests, I enjoy trivia, soccer (in all forms), spikeball, and playing piano.

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My journey in higher education started at my undergraduate institution, Stony Brook University, where I worked as a tour guide for 3 years. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Immediately after, I earned a Master of Arts in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. I have over 7 years of experience working in both undergraduate and graduate admissions. While completing my Master's program, I simultaneously worked at Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. I have also worked at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs, Baruch College, and Vassar College. Through my roles, I have always been a champion for increasing and retaining students of underrepresented backgrounds. I served on various committees for diversity recruitment and pioneered campus-wide programming highlighting the unique aspects of each institution. Outside of work, I like to spend my time with my family. I enjoy traveling, visiting quirky bookstores, and trying new food. I've been to 17 countries so far. I'm a native New Yorker and can tell you without a doubt, we have one of the best food scenes around! My goal is to equip students and families with quality and valuable information to make the best decision regarding college selection. This is an exciting time, yet it can also be overwhelming. I work hard to demystify the admissions process to make it as seamless as possible. In my role, I will assist you in finding the college that best aligns with your values and goals, and preparing the best application that best represents you.

Darryl Tiggle has acquired more than three decades of expertise in his field, with 20 years of experience working in college admissions before moving on to lead a successful college counseling office at Friends School of Baltimore. Previously Darryl was Senior Associate Director of Admissions at Tufts University where he gained valuable insight into the world of highly selective college admissions. He began his career at Union College (NY), his alma mater, in 1992 as an admissions counselor and rose to the leadership role of Associate Dean. Darryl is nationally recognized for his expertise in every aspect of the college admission process. Throughout his career, he has been featured in several admissions publications including the NY Times best-selling book, “Who Gets in and Why.” In 2021 he was recognized by The Colleges that Change Lives (CTCL) organization as a Counselors Who Change Lives. Darryl has an extensive network of college admissions professionals with whom he continually collaborates. He has sat in on admissions selection for a variety of highly selective institutions, including colleges in the Ivy League and NESCAC like Dartmouth College and Middlebury College. Darryl has also served on selection committees for prestigious scholarships at Davidson College and Lafayette College. He regularly trains new admissions professionals and conducts presentations and workshops for organizations including The College Board and the National Association for College Admission Counseling. Mr. Tiggle is a regularly invited guest on admissions podcasts including The Admissions Beat and College Guidance Network. Mr. Tiggle is called upon often for his insights on topics in college admissions. He sits on the advisory board for the College Board’s College Counseling Advisory Group (CCAG) and their Counseling Admissions Advisory Council (CAAC). Darryl is also a member of Southern Methodist University (SMU) advisory board. Darryl is passionate about sharing his knowledge to make the college admission process more accessible and less mysterious. He has a special interest in how the admission process is perceived from the student and parent perspective and is known for putting families at ease.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

As of 2024, I have earned a B.A. in Economics and German with a minor in Music from Kalamazoo College and a M.S. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW). I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Education Policy at Michigan State University (MSU). My career in college admissions began soon after graduating from Kalamazoo College in 2016. I served as a college advisor within Michigan College Access Network (MCAN), a statewide policy program affiliated with Americorps intended to boost postsecondary enrollment in the state of Michigan. In that role, I acted as the personal advisor for a high school of approximately 400 students for two years. I provided one-on-one meetings, lectures on student loans and financial literacy, organized scholarship nights, college fairs, resume building, essay writing, and much more. After my two-year term limit through Americorps expired, I moved to Madison, Wisconsin for two years to complete my M.S. in Economics where I also joined the UW-Madison admissions office as a Graduate Admissions Officer. At UW, I evaluated applications from around the world, provided customer services through phone, email, and in-person, and helped work recruiting events around campus. My time between both positions elucidated my understanding of the college admissions process from both sides and compelled me to take my knowledge and understanding towards research. The next logical step for that entailed beginning my doctorate at MSU in 2020, so in addition to working for, I am currently working on my dissertation at MSU. My dissertation topic concerns postsecondary access and equity in the United States, particularly in Michigan where I am using econometric and qualitative research methods to analyze the efficacy of various college access programs. As a returning college advisor and admissions officer, I loved my work then and I am excited to get back into it. Know that if you have me as an advisor or officer, I will work with you to the best of my ability to help you achieve your dreams both in college and beyond. As a college advisor, I worked tirelessly to make sure every graduating senior had a solid plan, and as an admissions officer, I made sure every question was answered thoroughly and applications were fully considered. It brings me joy when former students reach out to share something, ask for advice, or just say thank you. So, thank you for considering me and I look forward to working with you!

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Columbia University

In 2022, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Hispanic Studies. While at Columbia, I worked with graduating high school seniors and incoming Columbia first-years to improve their chances not only of getting into Columbia but thriving there once they were accepted. Some of this work included essay editing, a role with which I was very familiar, given my experience as the Senior Editor of the Columbia University neuroscience journal—Grey Matters. Other aspects of this mission included helping students decide what major they should choose, guiding students through course selection, and advising students on necessary steps for their career paths, both through and after college.

Having completed a double major in Psychology and Hispanic Studies and nearing completion of my Master's in Cognitive Neuroscience, I am very familiar with both the Humanities and STEM subjects. In my time at Columbia, I advised students who entered a myriad of disciplines such as Computer Science, Political Science, Human Rights, Medicine, Law, and Neuroscience. My mission as a Pre-Med Specialty Advisor is to understand the interests and goals of the student and to help them understand and complete the necessary steps and commitments that those goals will require of them. Every student is unique, and in working to highlight that unique potential, I strive to make this sometimes overwhelming process as clear and goal-oriented as possible.

As mentioned, I am currently completing my M.S. in Cognitive Neuroscience and soon will move to Texas to begin my new job in a psychophysiology lab at Texas A&M. I love what I do, and I have a passion for grounding science and medicine in a framework of cultural competency and social wellbeing. My ultimate goal is to complete my PhD in Clinical Psychology and work as a clinical neuropsychologist, and when I'm not working toward that, you can find me baking for friends and reading.

Howard University

I earned my degree in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, with Magna Cum Laude Latin Honors, finishing my program in three years. I am currently a PhD student at the University of California, Berkeley in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) department. My research focuses on the field of physical electronics, particularly optoelectronics. Optoelectronics is widely considered a sub-discipline of photonics, which refers to the study and application of the physical science of light.

My Passion for Advising Students:

In my own undergraduate college journey, I was accepted to over ten universities with $1 million USD in financial aid. Similarly, for my graduate school process, I was accepted to top universities for engineering with fully funded offers to pursue my PhD. During this process, I was on my own researching and applying to my schools of interest. I believe that my vast experiences in engineering will enable me to assist anyone to create their own story and achieve their collegiate dreams. This can be a difficult process to navigate, with many different hidden hurdles involved, and I am passionate about leveraging my experience to help students. Below, you will find a summary of my engineering experience!

Undergraduate Academic Experience:

During my three years at Howard University, I completed various hardware electronics projects. For my senior capstone project, I worked with The Aerospace Corporation on a project titled, “Machine Learning Based Sensing for Autonomous Robotic Manipulation”. I was also amongst a group of 30 students selected for a Google program called Hardware Product Sprint. In Summer 2022, I had a great experience working with Google engineers to learn about consumer electronics. Additionally, I have experience conducting undergraduate academic research projects in quantum materials science. In Summer 2023, I was one of three students selected for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Global Quantum Leap International Research and Training Experience Program at the National Institute of Materials Science in Japan. This project was supported by Cornell University. In Summer 2022, I was a research intern at the NSF Center for Integrated Quantum Materials at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Both these research projects had applications for advanced computing with the long-term goal of developing next generation electronic devices.

Engineering Leadership Experience:

Aside from my academic experiences, I am very involved in engineering leadership. At UC Berkeley, I am the professional development chair for the Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students, which is the graduate chapter for the National Society of Black Engineers. I also serve as delegate in the EECS Graduate Assembly, which is a student government that advocates for EECS graduate students. At Howard University, I was a resident assistant in a freshman dorm, I was the campus ambassador for Raytheon Technologies, I was the membership and academic excellence chair of the Howard University Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers, I was the programs chair of the Howard University Chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and I was the diversity representative of the Howard University College of Engineering and Architecture Student Council. Additionally, I am an initiated member of the DC Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi, which is an engineering honor society for students at in the top percentile of their academic year group.

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Johns Hopkins University

I am currently a graduating senior at Johns Hopkins University, majoring in Public Health while minoring in Psychology. I have had the pleasure to involved in various work and volunteer experiences throughout my undergraduate career. I am currently working as a research assistant at 21st Century Cities Initiative, where I contribute to various objectives of the organization. This includes conducting original urban research, organizing campus-wide urban events, and participating in policy outreach at different levels of government. Additionally, I engaged in civic activities aimed at enhancing Baltimore's community and released pertinent policy reports for urban policy discussions. I have also worked in healthcare administration, working with patients to help them submit SNAP and medical insurance applications. At Johns Hopkins, I have experience in club leadership, through my time as Vice-president and President of Salud, an organization that “works to improve the health of the Hispanic community by providing health promotion and education and eliminating the cultural and linguistic barriers that exist when seeking medical care.” I volunteer as a medical Spanish translator at the Baltimore City Immunization Clinic and volunteer at Johns Hopkins Hospital as a research assistant examining pediatric patients with bladder exstrophy and dysfunctional elimination syndrome.

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University of California – Berkeley

I am a higher education professional with over 10 years of experience specializing in college access, counseling, student services, and academic advising. In addition to my contributions to the positive learning outcomes of my immediate community, I am a lifelong advocate for the betterment of all youth. Above all, I consider myself a servant to young people everywhere. I have made a career in counseling high-achieving youth nationwide and currently serve as College Access Manager at Thrive Scholars. I am passionate about coaching and supporting young people through the application process, from building a college list to reviewing financial aid award letters to helping young people and their families decide where they will go next. I am a coach and use my managerial experience to build character and set high expectations for all my clients. I am a trained historian and often seek opportunities to create dialogue and share ideas in education, contemporary politics, popular culture, and music. Last but certainly not least, I am a musician with 15 years of experience producing and performing. I believe in using technology to build well-informed communities. I invite all art-medium creatives, future healthcare professionals, and potential clients interested in humanities to consider working with me to build a spectacular college application.

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University of Georgia

Hi! My name is Samantha, and I graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia in May 2022 with a Bachelor’s in History and a minor in Anthropology. After coming from a low-income background and working my way through college, I am proud to have graduated debt-free. During my time at UGA, I made sure to take advantage of all the on-campus opportunities I could find. I joined clubs that aligned with my interests and made lifelong connections. In addition to being in numerous clubs, I worked for the university in the campus bookstore and the university’s art museum. Working on campus made me feel like I was a part of a greater community, and it brought me great joy to welcome campus guests and share my love for the Bulldogs.

Post-graduation, I worked as an AmeriCorps College Adviser for underserved, low-income, and underrepresented student populations. As an adviser, I supported 1000+ high school juniors and seniors with college and career prep while individually advising over 600 students on the college admissions process. While working with students, I stressed the importance of college affordability as well as creating balanced college lists based on best match and fit. I assisted my students from the Class of 2022 in earning 27.1 million dollars in scholarships, so I love helping students secure funding to support their college endeavors. Impelled by my passion for college access, I am gearing up to start the Professional School Counseling master's program at my alma mater, and in the meantime, I am excited to be supporting students through the college admissions process!

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University of California – Los Angeles

I graduated from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) to obtain a Bachelor's of Science degree in Computational Systems and Biology with a concentration in Dynamic Modeling. Before my time at UCLA, I attended community college at Mount San Antonio College (Mt.SAC) with an Associates of Science degree in Biology. During my time at Mt.SAC I was involved in several societies such as the computer science club, ACES, COPE Health Scholars, and the Honors Program. When transfer season came along, I frequently visited the transfer center and gathered advice from the honors center in getting advice on certain techniques and things to look out for when applying to several schools. From these sources I was able to nurture my experience and strengthen my background to transfer to a university of my choosing. Prior to CollegeAdvisor, I spent time researching at the UCLA MCDB Pellegrini Lab which specialized in epigenomic research. Within my major, the main issues we tackle are biological problems and solving them computationally. During my time as a student researcher, I had the opportunity to explore different fields of research, including bird speech signals, canine ancestry, coral reef restoration, and biomechanics, among others. Each student came from a different concentration, such as Bioinformatics, Biological Data Sciences, Biomedical Systems, NeuroSystems, and Systems Biology. Despite taking specialized courses, I had the opportunity to study and collaborate with individuals majoring in Computer Science, Biology, Chemistry, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and other disciplines. I understand that the list of majors and titles can be overwhelming at times, and I hope to guide you throughout your application process to find your own major.

Apart from advising, I enjoy hiking, exercising at the gym and other niche hobbies like building mechanical keyboards.

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cal poly pomona