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Christopher Stafford
Duke University

I am a former college counselor and college admissions consultant. Throughout my career, I have worked with well over a thousand students and help them get admitted to Cornell University, Duke University, University of Rochester, Tufts University, Emory University, Lafayette College, Gettysburg College, New York University, Lawrence University, and many more. I enjoy supporting students and families through the entire college process and look forward to working with you.

Grant Schutzman
Dartmouth College

I received my B.A. in Linguistics from Dartmouth College in 2016, where I graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, and as a James Freedman Presidential Research Scholar. I later completed my Master's at the University of Oxford in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation, graduating with distinction. I have worked in three countries with the Peace Corps, Ethiopia as an Secondary School English teacher, and Burkina Faso and Mozambique as a Community Health Agent focusing on HIV/AIDS and malaria treatment and prevention. I have additionally worked at New York University's Institute of Human Development and Social Change as a Grants Administrator, providing support for research projects that received millions of dollars in funding from private and public grants.

Having recently gone through the both the undergraduate and graduate admissions processes, I am well aware of how opaque the application process can be, and I am enthusiastic about helping students and parents navigate that process as smoothly as possible. I greatly enjoy helping people discover and explore their passions, and wish to help applicants show exactly what it is that makes them unique and frame it in a compelling and comprehensible way.

Grace Traore
Cornell University

I hold my B.S. from Cornell University, where I majored in Industrial and Labor Relations, graduating with a Global Scholars distinction, minors in Psychology and Law & Society, Chi Alpha Epsilon, and selected as a Degree Marshal (out of 250). I am a second-year law student at Cornell Law School. I've mentored high school students through the college application process for 2 years, with acceptances to Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Southern California, Emory University, Grinnell College, Hunter College, Northeastern University, Tulane University, etc. I have worked with students who major(ed) in STEM, Finance, and Law-adjacent majors. I am intimately familiar with the college application, having applied to 24 schools as a first-generation student during my senior year of high school. I am also well-versed in navigating applications during the pandemic, having applied to graduate school during COVID.

I am passionate about helping students find their voice and the best way to communicate what makes them unique. I believe the small details are what make an application extraordinary. I look forward to highlighting the nuances of each prospective college applicant throughout every aspect of the application. I have and will continue to support students throughout the entire application cycle, from brainstorming a college list to financial aid applications to developing a matriculation plan after college decision day. I will prioritize getting to know students and meet them where they are, providing a serious pep talk, a shoulder to cry on, or comedic relief when appropriate. I will balance the gravity of college admissions with the sympathy needed by someone going through what can be a stressful process, especially during a pandemic.

Anastasja Moynihan
Cornell University

I hold my B.S. from Cornell University, where I studied Global and Public Health Sciences in the Division of Nutritional Sciences. I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Biological Sciences from Miami University (Ohio) in partnership with Project Dragonfly's Global Field Program.

My career in education started with Cornell University's Upward Bound program as a college success counselor, where I spent 4 years advising first-generation students on college applications, personal statements, and financial aid. While there I developed and facilitated a two-week summer program designed to support seniors in completing the Common Application and their accompanying essays. Several graduates of the program went on to gain acceptance to highly selective schools, including Yale and Cornell, along with Ithaca College, NYU, and a variety of SUNY schools; many were also awarded scholarships to support the cost of tuition. I am very familiar with what it takes to compete at highly selective institutions.

For the past four years, I've served as K-8 Science Teacher in New York City. Currently, I work at Avenues: The World School, a highly rigorous, dual-immersion language international private school, as a Grade 6 Head Science Teacher and Curriculum Developer. I am deeply passionate about science education and environmental advocacy. Furthermore, I recently completed a writing course with author Haley Jakobson and am working towards my goal of reading 52 books this year! In my free time, you can find me hanging out in Central Park with my Goldendoodle, Chompy.

Jonathan Goode
Rice University

I hail from a small town in central Texas called Waelder with a population of 1,075. Actually, I grew up seven miles outside of Waelder on my grandparents farm, but Waelder was the nearest town.

I have a B.A. from Rice University in Houston, Texas, and am currently working on my Masters in Sociology part time. After attending Rice, I worked at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado as an admissions counselor then as an assistant director of admissions focused on recruiting underrepresented students from across the state and the country. I traveled extensively doing many high school visits, attending many college fairs, and doing many presentations for prospective students and their families.

I also read thousands of applications from prospective freshmen, served as a committee leader and a member of the norming committee, the committee tasked with making sure each reader’s and each committee’s decisions were consistent with our goals. After five years at Colorado State I took an associate director of admission position at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My role was similar to my role at CSU, but now with more responsibility as a member of the office leadership team. This also gave me the opportunity to see the holistic review process at a highly selective institution. I continued my roles as a first and second reader of freshman applications, and leading subcommittees, but also helped supervise and train all of our more junior readers.

After a couple of years at CC I jumped to the other side of the desk and worked as a high school based College Counselor at the International Department of the Beijing Bayi School in Beijing China. This gave me great experience with building long term relationships with students and families, and gave me greater insight into the world of international admissions. After two years in China I moved back to the US to be closer to family and took a role as Associate Director of College Counseling at a small private school in Austin and have been there for the past four years.

I've helped students apply and successfully be admitted to many colleges and universities ranging from large public research universities to highly selective colleges including MIT, Cornell, Georgetown, UCLA, UVa, NYU, Tufts, Rhodes, Sewanee, Cal Poly.

I enjoy helping students and their families embark on the great adventure that is the college admissions process, and hopefully learn new insights about themselves and some new skills that will serve them not only as high school seniors but throughout their life

Anesha Grant

My name is Anesha Grant and I have over 14 years of experience working in college access and success, supporting students through the college admissions process, and ensuring success through their first year. I am a first-generation college student. I love working with students as they learn more about themselves during the college application process. I look forward to learning more about you, working with you to help you realize your college dreams, and finding the school that will be the best fit for you!

Brandon Nyswaner

I am a proud alum of Rollins College, where I majored in International Business with minors in music and Spanish. After graduation, I decided to work in the Office of Admissions for my alma matter. I specifically worked with students in the greater Orlando area as well as CT and IL. Rollins provided me with the experience and mentorship of understanding how the admissions process works for a liberal arts college. I would work with students and their families to explain the benefits of attending a smaller institution as well as expanding on my academic, cultural, and social experiences as a student myself. I found myself loving the work I was doing, especially connecting with students to help make their college dreams a reality. I actively reviewed Early Decision and Regular Decision applications where I would take and present students to the Admission Committee for revival.

The relationships I built on the road eventually led me transferring to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. I worked as an Admissions Officer at this highly selective University for 3+ years where I learned what it takes to get into a top 15 University. In this role, I worked with students and families across CA, specifically Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as students from OR, WA, and UT. Once again, I found myself loving the experience of helping students realize they have the potential to apply and be admitted to a selective institution like Vanderbilt. In this role, I focused on Early Decision rounds 1 & 2 as well as Regular Decision and Quest Bridge applications where I would present students to the Admission Committee. Helping students tell their story was the best part of the job.

As education has always been a priority for me in my life, I decided to go back to school for my MBA. I was fortunate enough to attend USC Marshall School of Business where I specialized in marketing. I now work for Mattel here in El Segundo, CA and have been loving my new career in sunny California! Although I am no longer working in Admissions for a university, I am so excited to be a part of CollegeAdvisor and to continue working with students and families reach their higher education goals.

Jordan Adams-Campbell
Johns Hopkins University

I have catered my college admissions advising experience to assist first-generation/low-income students and students with developmental or learning disabilities. These students have had little access to the resources necessary to ensure their admissions and collegiate success. I aim to assist them in overcoming barriers such as searching for financial aid and adequate test prep, undergoing career & academic advising, personal essay drafting & editing, and working through personal obstacles (such as impostor syndrome) during the process.

My advising method involves refining aspects of college applications and strengthening the personal development of students. I firmly believe that college advising goes beyond the admissions process. Students should have a strong foundation and plentiful preparation (both academically and personally) when entering their first semester in college.

I am also an expert in all things at Johns Hopkins University. I have assisted prospective and incoming first-year students in navigating and receiving resources from the university. My connections with faculty and staff at the university may prove beneficial for any student whether or not you are interested in attending Hopkins.

Christina Sia
Johns Hopkins University

I am pre-med graduating senior at Johns Hopkins University. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science for Molecular and Cellular Biology with Honors, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Visual Arts minor.

I have four years’ experience spent mentoring and tutoring high school and pre-med college students from various backgrounds with a focus on underrepresented or disadvantaged populations with the goal of promoting educational equity. I have worked with students interested in a diverse array of majors and students unsure of who they want to be, and in both cases I have made sure to support them throughout their journey to give them a space to grow and to ensure their voice is heard. I have also worked with students who come with more complicated backgrounds, whether that be recent immigrants to the US or having parents who are not US citizens, and supporting them through their unique financial aid process.

I aim to empower students through personalized support that can help them overcome potential barriers and stressors of the college admission process, this can be a limitation in finances, information, understanding, or accessibility. Each student and their family have unique backgrounds and I want to give them the tools and support they need to ensure their loved one is able to matriculate into a college that fits them financially, academically, and socially. This process is not easy, and it can come with many barriers, so I hope to help share resources that can alleviate the cost of college and provide opportunities to help support the trajectory of their future.

Jean Erickson
Emory University

I hold a B.A. from Emory University, where I graduated summa cum laude with a double major in International Relations and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. After my undergraduate education, I served as an Admission Counselor at my alma mater for three years, recruiting exceptional prospective students and advising families about college options and the ins and outs of the application process. Additionally, I read applications and sat on the review committee for Early and Regular Decision admission and merit-based scholarships.

Later, I served as an ICT Education Specialist in the United States Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Having fallen thoroughly in love with work in the education sector, I went on to spend over a decade as a high school English Language Arts teacher and College Counselor at an accredited bilingual school in Santo Domingo. In addition to teaching, I supported students through the college admissions process, including school selection, personal branding and storytelling, essay writing, interview prep, career exploration, and scholarship and financial aid applications. My time on both sides of the proverbial college advisor desk has given me a clear picture of the academic and extracurricular profiles needed to succeed in competitive university admissions while also reinforcing my belief that the college selection process should center around the best fit for a given student.

Currently, I am enrolled as a Master of Clinical Social Work student at Boston University with the intent of further honing my capacity to offer guidance and resources to young people and their families as they build life skills, navigate major transitions, and set goals for the future. I believe that the college admissions process is not an end in itself, but rather a powerful way for students to grow in self awareness, practice lifelong learning, and develop capacities that will allow them to define and achieve success on their own terms. I am passionate about supporting students, parents, and guardians with care, humor, and curiosity–I look forward to learning about the unique experiences and gifts each applicant has to offer in college and beyond!

Anissa Waterhouse
Tufts University

Specialties: International Baccalaureate Advising, Students of Color, First Generation, Students with Accommodations

Proud Jumbo here! As a first generation, low income, mixed race, Black woman, I was accepted into the school of my dreams (an absolute reach) Tufts University through the BLAST (Bridge to Liberal Arts Success at Tufts) Scholars Program in the spring of 2013. I became a dedicated member of the Tisch Scholars for Civic Life early on which presented a space to challenge myself and further drive my ambition toward social justice.

In the academic sphere at Tufts, I gained perspective on how my passions and curiosities for the world and people's engagement within the society around them could be channeled as form of study, building frameworks to recognize patterns in society. My course of study allowed me to align all my passions by further connecting my sociology major to the study of social inequalities embedded within patterns of society.

Daunted by the rigorous academic curriculum yet supported through a plethora of resources and opportunities, my time at Tufts, though challenging, was both life changing and life defining. Having been award one the highest honors in the University, The Presidential Award for Civic Life, was a testament to community of people and peers who unconditionally upheld, uplifted, and empowered me to persevere amongst rigorous academic pursuit.

I could not have graduated from Tufts University without the resources and support systems I had access to, and upon graduating in 2017, I eagerly joined the Americorps Service Program, The College Advising Corps at Boston University (CAC-BU), where I served at an International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Boston, MA.

During my two years of service with CAC-BU I received over 600 hours of college advising training engaging with all aspects of the college application and matriculation process. We received in depth training for leaders across higher education in the East Coast region, gaining perspective on admissions trends across the country.

In my IB school placement, I managed a caseload of 100+ upperclassmen, providing both individual and group advising by teaching the 11th and 12th grade advisory classes and coordinating and leading more than 20 college campus visits per year. In my second year of service I took on a more direct leadership role on the program development side of CAC-BU as the chair of the Adviser Training Committee. In this role, I facilitated 15 college adviser workshops and was selected to give a presentation on near-peer advising with vulnerable student populations during the College Advising Corps national conference.

I continued to work for the school and the Boston Public Schools District, until June 2020, when I relocated to my current location in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have continued providing college advising support in different capacities and now work at a racial and gender equity centered non-profit organization.

Kathy Dalle Molle
Brandeis University

I received my B.A. from Brandeis University with a double major in Psychology and Italian. I then went on to get an Interpreters degree in Italian and French from Georgetown University and then a Masters degree in International Affairs and Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. I have worked at the United Nations, for the Italian government and as a free-lance interpreter and translator. For a number of years I have been working as an independent college counselor working both with international and American students and I now look forward to collaborating with CollegeAdvisor and to continue helping students navigate the college admissions process.

Kristen Wright
Yale University

I have two B.S. degrees from Yale University in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and Psychology (2018). I am also a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. I hold a M.S. in Medical Sciences from Boston University (2020) and am currently an M.D. Candidate at the University of Vermont.

During my undergraduate years, I worked within Yale's Admissions Office as a Student Counselor, where I interacted with prospective students and provided education and insight into Yale College and the application process. I also spent two years as a Matriculate Advisor volunteer, and provided similar college application advising services to several students. I spent time reading, reviewing, and editing personal statements and secondary application essays, conducting mock interviews, providing SAT/ACT/AP tutoring, and financial aid education and review. As a QuestBridge scholar, I also helped my students through the QuestBridge application process, and did oral presentations at schools about the program. My students were accepted to highly selective institutions, including the Ivies, MIT, Stanford, Northwestern, the UCs, and more. I am familiar with what it takes to compete and be accepted to high these prestigious institutions.

I am well-versed in the Pre-Health/Pre-Med track and understand the curricular demands and extracurricular expectations of students in these disciplines. Additionally, I have worked with students majoring in the Humanities, Computer Science, Business, Engineering, and other majors, and thus am familiar with these disciplines.

I aim to be a guide for students and help them achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I help students present their best characteristics and values, and aid them in showcasing their talents. I spend time with my students exploring and identifying these qualities, and weaving them into their college applications so they can shine. I enjoy working with parents and will counsel them throughout the admissions journey.

The process of applying to college is a journey I hope to share with my students and their families. There will be plenty of work to do, and it is my mission to help students put their best foot forward and have a smile on their face throughout this adventure.

Helen Liu
Columbia University

Born and raised in New Mexico, I came to New York City in 2017 to study biology at Columbia, and stayed after graduation for the diversity, art, and availability of late-night boba. My love for reading, writing, and debate made law school seem like a natural choice, but after gaining experience in corporate law, neuroscience laboratory research, and - most recently - HIV/AIDS clinical research, I have since pivoted towards preparing for medical school. Openness to exploration, pursuit of a greater understanding of self, and drive towards personal growth regardless of whatever subject of study or career one may pursue form the core of my philosophy towards applying to college - or anything, really. That is why I look forward to helping students find schools that fit their interests, craft essays that bring out the best in every experience they've had, and ultimately approach the college admissions process with a sense of confidence, clarity, and excitement.

Michael Aspinwall
University of California – Los Angeles

Michael attended UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film, and Television, and while there, he studied performance primarily, in John Hall’s Musical Theatre Workshop. He appeared in John’s productions of Andrew Lippa’s The Wild Party and West Side Story (not by Andrew Lippa). He was the 2004 recipient of the Carol Burnett Award for Outstanding Male Performer.

In 2005, Michael earned his Master’s degree from UCLA’s TFT under the guidance of Dr. Pat Harter. He created a program that paralleled the California Arts Bridge program, using theatre and art to help younger students access the core curricula.

Michael began teaching high school English in 2006 in addition to working as an actor. He has kept both careers alive, and currently works at public charter school in Southern California as a college and career counselor. In 2021, he earned a second master's degree in education and autonomous school leadership.

Naraya Price
University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

I am a current educator and recent graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University. As Robertson Scholar attending two elite institutions, I graduated with Highest Honors, a Phi Beta Kappa Honors Society member, and author of an award-winning senior honors thesis research study.

Michael Pham
University of California – Berkeley

Michael Pham is a first-generation scholar and Bay Area native who graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology and a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Management and Policy Analysis at California State University - East Bay. Michael is currently a Masters in Business Administration candidate with a healthcare management concentration at Johns Hopkins University - Carey Business School. While pursuing higher education, Michael worked for Alameda County Health Care Services Agency and Apple Inc. In addition, Michael is proud to have impacted 150+ scholars get into top university and job placements and serves as the youngest member on developmental disabilities boards at the city, county, and state levels. Now, Michael is an administrative fellow at Stanford Health Care. Michael is passionate and truly enjoys helping scholars achieve their educational and professional goals.

Brandon Mack
Rice University

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Political Science from Rice University. I also hold a Masters in Education from the University of Houston in Higher Education Administration and Supervision. I am currently working on a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Houston.

I started my career in college admissions at Rice University in 2009. I worked my way up from an Admission Counselor to Associate Director of Admission. I have over 12 years of experience in advising students through the college admission process. While I represented Rice University, I have always viewed my job as being a representative of higher education. Therefore, I have assisted students in their college admissions journey whether their final destination was Rice or any other college or university. I have also conducted workshops on highly selective admission practices, essay writing, and mock admission committee case studies. I served as an admission committee chair for all areas of study including international student admissions and transfer admissions. I have served at the national level as part of the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Anti-Racism Institute Faculty and the Guiding the Way to Inclusion Conference Faculty

My approach is to serve as a guide and a coach. The college admission process should be an amazing time in your life in which you get to dream big and think about the environment you want to spend your time in. My job is to help guide you to places that will help fulfill your dreams, places that will provide the environment where you will feel happy, healthy, and supported, and places that will open you to new opportunities/possibilities. This process can seem daunting, but it truly isn't. Together we will put together your best application, hit submit, and take a deep breath as you watch the admission doors open.

Jennifer Moreno Modenoza
University of Notre Dame

Hello! My name is Jennifer Moreno Mendoza and I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May of 2022 with a major in Marketing, a supplemental major in Latino Studies, and a minor in Theology. While at Notre Dame, I worked in roles related to marketing, communications, and community engagement. I also participated in an organization that connects college students with high school juniors and seniors, and guides them through the entire college application process. As a part of this program, I guided students through experiences such as navigating their very first college exploration research session to ultimately making an informed college matriculation decision. I enjoy working with students to discover their best fit colleges and navigating the important steps that lead to their enrollment. Previously, I’ve also held roles in financial services, most specifically in Control Management. As a first-generation college student, I understand how complex and overwhelming it can feel to begin the college application process and I’m very excited to continue working with motivated high school students!

Chikaodili Okaneme
Cornell University

Hi, my name is Chika and I'm from New York! I graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Science and Technology Studies, and I was a Cornell alumni ambassador for their admissions team for over 10 years. I've always enjoyed learning about math and science, and my favorite activity in college was being a part of an international science organization called "The Triple Helix". In my career, I have worked as a K-12 tutor and as a high school advisor. Through these experiences, I helped a number of students overcome academic challenges and get into some of the best high schools in New York City. I'm now a Freelance Academic Support Specialist, which means I provide a variety of online tutoring and advising services to students across the country.

I'm a skilled advisor, editor, planner, and researcher who can greatly improve your college admissions experience. I take note of each student's interests and goals so I can provide helpful feedback and effective strategies for success. My goal is to make everyone's future brighter, so let's work together and make that happen!

Mary Katheryn Whittington
University of Notre Dame

Hello! My name is Mary Katheryn, and I graduated from Notre Dame with my Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in Business Economics. After graduation I worked as a Corporate Recruiter at a tech company before returning to Notre Dame to work as an Admissions Counselor in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. I have 6 years of experience evaluating applications for admission and counseling high school students through the admission process. I'm passionate about access to higher education and helping students find their fit. I know how stressful this process can be for students and parents alike. I have extensive knowledge of highly selective admissions and look forward to taking some of the stress out of college applications!